College Is No Place For Women, We Must Re-Learn How To Be Wives & Mothers

downloadAmerica is facing a nation wide crisis, a build up over generations of children who have grown up motherless, neglected, or otherwise without the maternal influence a strong female figure brings to a household during healthy development. I went in to great detail over this particular pandemic in an earlier article, titled “New Study Reveals Damaging Psychological Affect On Children Not Raised By Stay-At-Home-Mothers.” In it, I described the issue in the point of view of the stay at home father, and the effect it caused on young, developing children. But that is not the only side to this issue.

Back in the 1960s, a movement began, called Women’s Liberation, or Women’s Lib, for short. The goal of this movement, in essence, was to help women gain a sense of equality among their male counterparts, so that they may have the same opportunities, both educational and employment wise. Women became tired of the status quo, in which their jobs as part of a family was to stay at home, raise children, cook, clean, and serve their husbands. They wanted the chance to go to college, without fear or judgement, and the opportunity to have full time jobs and fulfilling careers outside the home, instead of being homemakers their whole lives. They held protests, marches, organized meetings, burned their bras, and made an all around ruckus until the politicians of their day catered to their demands.

Fast forward to 2014, and it seems that the hard work of the woman during that movement has paid off. But as the saying goes, hindsight is 20-20, and it seems now that with new opportunities, come new challenges and problems as well. With the doors being opened to woman to obtain their goals as academic and career women, it seems that many of us have totally abandoned our natural role as mother, homemaker and caregiver. An estimated 72% of women today have recently been polled stating that they’d rather die than be a stay at home wife, and a whopping 87% of women say that they’d rather leave their partner at home with the children while they pursue careers and academic goals. A measly 8% of women polled said that they would find life just as fulfilling if they didn’t pursue any kind of job and let her man be the main bread winner of the household.

Beyond the issues children have been facing in trying to grow up in a loveless, motherless environment, there are serious, detrimental effects to the woman as well. Studies have shown that women, in a biological and emotional sense, are simply not equipped for long term academic pursuits. Their brains, being 8% smaller in mass than a man’s brain, means it cannot efficiently hold and retain useful information. Which means, no matter how hard you study ladies, you simply will not get the same grades as your male counterparts. Your brain was just not built for the pursuit of knowledge like men’s brains were.

download (1)As well, women are naturally more emotional than men. Which means that women are more prone to being stressed, and will act out more emotionally when they become stressed. Women tend to cry, scream, and make a general scene when pushed to her limits, causing all sorts of unattractive and unprofessional behaviors in the workplace. Most men are very uncomfortable working with women because of this, being quoted as feeling as if they have to “walk on egg shells” around female co-workers, for fear of setting them off and having to take extra time out of their busy work schedule to calm them down. This can negatively affect work morale, productivity, and performance. This also leads to women being fired quite often from their jobs, or at the very least being passed over when the opportunity for a raise or promotion comes along. Employers simply do not want to deal with overly emotional, unprofessional attitudes, and sadly that is what most working women bring to the table.

I am certainly not the only one who has noticed this issue. Last year, a Catholic website had published a study in which they stated that colleges aren’t for women, that we must forgo our extracurricular en devours to learn how to be a wife and mother again.  The article contained six key points for why college was not a suitable environment for young women. These key points were as follows;

1. She will attract the wrong types of men

That being men who are lazy and who want a mother figure more than a partner, one who will do all the work while he stays home and plays video games, and lives off of her money. The man is supposed to support the woman, not the other way around.

2. She will be in a near occasion of sin.

The environment that college students live in is far from wholesome. The partying, drinking, frivolous intercourse with people they had just met the same night, it’s all very sickening. A young woman is very impressionable, and to send her into that kind of environment is irresponsible and asking for trouble.

3. She will not learn to be a wife and mother.

As this article has made an effort to impress upon the reader, a woman who goes out into the world to pursue her own interests will have no interest for her children. She will not learn how to take care of them, and won’t be there to do so even if she does know how. Which will be detrimental to the development of her children in the long run. A woman’s role in life is a caregiver and a mother, not a business lady. Leave that to the men.

4. The cost of a degree is becoming more difficult to recoup.

Especially if that woman cannot get or keep a job due to her uncontrollable and frequent emotional outbursts due to her female brain.

5. You don’t have to prove anything to the world.

And you certainly cannot have your cake and eat it too. You’re a mother, that should be enough for you. It was good enough for God when he wrote it in the Bible, who are you to defy his wishes?

6. She will regret it.

This is a 100% guarantee. I have never personally or professionally come across a woman who has not regretted wasting her time in college to some degree, whether that be because she did not succeed the way she had planned, because she can’t find a job in her chosen field, or because of the time she lost at home with her children and husband.

Many women will protest that whether anyone likes it or not, we fought for the right to attend post secondary education and become career women if we choose. That it’s simply a sign of changing times and society’s advancement as a whole. That the world is “moving on” and they’re just fitting in with everyone else and following along with whatever their peers are doing. I will leave you with this reminder of what God has to say about trying to fit in with the world.

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what the good is, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God. 

Adora Bull

Adora Bull

Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She has recently been dubbed by her fans as the "Miley Cyrus of Journalism." She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball. Like Adora Bull's Facebook page or email her at:


  1. I mean… I’m assuming this is satire… but it’s so far removed from contemporary discussion that it’s not even particularly well done.

  2. I disagree with this because in my opinion the problem isn’t a lack of female parenting but TOO MUCH. The helicopter parent is a function of the baby boomer generation.

    Also the women should hold her own financially, this doesn’t mean the man should live off the women.

  3. So everyone is supposed to live according the the author’s religious beliefs? Bronze age beliefs to guide us through the 21st century? LMFAO!

  4. Adora,
    I wrote a book for women to learn how to be good wives…so far it is not very popular….maybe you can tell women about it, eh?

  5. Women are parasites, they parasite off of men’s money and success. Soon human women will be replaced by artificial wombs, female sex robots, and virtual reality porn. Women are an evolutionary mistake, a cancer on this planet. Soon women will go extinct with all of these new technologies.

  6. I respect your opinion and philosophy. Don’t let the nazis brings you down.

  7. This is undoubtedly satire. I wish I’d been able to post it on April Fool’s Day!

  8. ” Studies have shown that women, in a biological and emotional sense, are simply not equipped for long term academic pursuits. Their brains, being 8% smaller in mass than a man’s brain, means it cannot efficiently hold and retain useful information. Which means, no matter how hard you study ladies, you simply will not get the same grades as your male counterparts. Your brain was just not built for the pursuit of knowledge like men’s brains were.”


  9. I think your cat, Vincent van Furrball, has a brain 8% bigger than yours. If you graduated “top of your class” must mean you were on higher ground when the graduation ceremony took place. I still wonder WHO pays you (or your cat) to write ALL THESE NONSENSE ARTICLES!!! Now what? If you had died, Paul Walker wouldn’t be happy… I wish you, like the ancient spartans did, a long life.

  10. Excuse me but aren’t you a woman? Why are u insulting yourself? Do u hate yourself? #1 You have some self-confidence issues, #2 You might have depression problems to be so negative about yourself and for your own sake it might be a good idea to go to a psychologist to seek some help. (Hey just trying to help) I am strong enough to not let your words get to me and stick to my beliefs and my goals and dreams in life. My mom worked while raising me and I came out as a very strong woman because I have learnt that you might not always have a guidance figure there to pick you up every time you fall. It was a very good way to practice being independent. But for other readers out there, please do not let her Adora “BULL” get to you, be strong and stand up for your own believes, this is just her opinion, she is trying to down grade us and make us see the glass ceiling, well LADIES we can be whoever we want to be as long as we put our heart and faith into it, we can all be strong and independent so that we can also have the strength to take care of our family and house hold.

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