Disturbing New Feminist Trend: Free-Bleeding

HRQPc9EA disturbing new trend is on the rise, thanks to extreme feminist bloggers and activists everywhere. The trend is something called “Free Bleeding,” in which a woman who is menstruating chooses to use feminine products no longer, in exchange for allowing her blood to flow “freely” out of her body, staining her clothing and running down her thighs to wherever it may end up.

The idea behind this movement is two different ideas. One, is that a woman’s time of the month should not be considered something unclean and unnatural, something to be hidden and cleaned up hastily before it has the chance to offend anyone who may become privy to the fact that said woman’s body is evacuating her loins of unused baby blood. The second, being that tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are “man” made inventions, intended to inadvertently rape a woman during her period, thus furthering her victim status as a woman living in a world run by men. These two reasons combined, have produced the idea that women need to make a stand against the practice of wearing products which collect, absorb, and discard the menstrual flow. That by letting it run freely, is the way nature intended us to deal with our monthly.

For any normal woman, however, this idea is horrifying, and for equally as many reasons as the idea is spoken in favor of. If you’re like myself, a proud, intelligent, educated, and body-conscious woman of modern times, the reasons why this is a bad and ugly practice are quite apparent to you. But for those of you who are not blessed with the acute observational skills such as myself, I will gladly share my wisdom with you.

Firstly, this is not “how nature intended” us to deal with our menstrual discharge. If this was the case, nature would never have given us the enlightenment that we were to cover our bodies and shameful parts to begin with. Animals of lesser intelligence run around naked and without the use of proper tools to make their lives easier because they are just that, of lesser intelligence. Our vast knowledge gives us added perception as to what filthy creatures we truly are, and gives us the know-how on ways to rectify these obstacles. Nature intended us to be vastly intelligent, and to use our intelligence to overcome our flaws. Nature isn’t perfect, but it makes do. In our case, it has given us humans the advanced technological know-how to invent specific products to make our monthly easier to manage, in a more clean and discreet manner. Animals urinate, defecate, and bleed all over themselves and each other. We generally would like to think we’re above that kind of behavior. But not in the case of Feminists, it would seem. It’s apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that the Feminist’s true motive is to set the progress of our species backwards, not forward.

Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case. The female reproductive system alone is host to over 7000 types of bacteria, some of which are helpful to the system, but many of which are not. These bacteria work together to create the odor and excretions that the female genitalia has been notoriously known for. As women, we need all the extra help we can get to remain clean “down there,” both for ourselves and for our partners. Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up. The fact that Feminists see no problem with adding blood and other types of monthly discharge to the mix is not only disgusting, but alarming and unhealthy.

tumblr_m7or6jjpw81qcv7xao1_500I urge you to disregard and reject this new hardcore feminist trend, both for your own health and the health of those around you. If you happen to come in contact with a Feminist who tries to push this disgusting idea on you, throw a tampon at them and run away as fast as you can. It’s a proven scientific fact, that if two women stand around each other for a long enough period of time, and one of them is menstruating, the other one will sync their cycles up and will begin bleeding to. It could become a very dangerous situation indeed, if you’re caught with a Free-Bleeding Feminist without your own personal hygiene products available. Play it safe, lest you become a statistic, and remember to always carry a feminine pad or tampon in your purse wherever you go.

Adora Bull

Adora Bull

Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She has recently been dubbed by her fans as the "Miley Cyrus of Journalism." She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball. Like Adora Bull's Facebook page or email her at: adora.bull@modernwomandigest.com


    • As someone else pointed out to me. Blood carries pathogens and while this is not only gross it poses a huge health risk to us all.

      • LOL, huge health risk to us all… yeah if you live in some dettol world of anti-bacteria and have no immune system, how do you think humans lived in the past before tampons?

          • What the hell? Who in their right mind would want nasty period blood running down their legs. Seriously?! I could imagine the conversation with the person behind them in the grocery store. “Excuse me ma’am, you have a little blood..”
            “Oh I know. I love it too, it is empowering andiI think it is awesome even though it is nasty as shit and stinks but the odor makes it even better.” Sick fucks! Nobody wants to see your period stains. I don’t even like dealing with tampons and pads and feel disgusting when I am on my period. I feel like taking 20 showers a day, no way I would let it freely flow. Ugh!

          • It actually is a health risk. The blood carries bacteria that has excreted our body. Anyone who has an open wound on them is at risk. Even if they have a weak immune system. So, I wouldn’t laugh if I were you.


            A friend showed me this and I was horrified by it. How can someone encourage this? This is just down right disgusting.

        • Of course its a health risk idiot. Blood carries diseases and if the idiot woman is bleeding and walking around leaving traces of her blood everywhere than it is possible that someone with an open wound could come in contact with that and be infected with something.

          • Blood does not carry bacteria unless you have a raging bacteraemia, certain blood bourne viruses can be passes through blood but it would be quite difficult to pass on this way. No I will not be doing this any time soon it would be uncomfortable and I would ruin my clothes and the furniture but the amount of misinformation in this blog is astounding. Proven scientific fact! Really? Where is your evidence. Also the trend for extensive cleaning of the female genitalia actually leads to far more infections and offensive smells than it actually gets rid of.

          • Was calling Nikol an idiot necessary Jenny?! Hardly respectful on your part!

          • @Clo….the following sentence explains that the scientific evidence is in the Bible, obviously! Also, pretty sure that’s where this chick got her ‘shameful parts’ gambit from so we should almost definitely take her advice on being free as people right? #PatriarchalreligiousBS

          • Hey, fellow idiot. Have you heard of overpopulation and population control? Why is it only necessary means for other species? As far as I’m concerned, genetic variables controlling immunity capacity should get the say in who’s fit enough to survive. Also, I’d love to see ANY sources for this crazy close-minded author’s “known facts,” lol. Go to college, explore the world you live in. You’d be frightened, but I think it’d be good for us all.

        • YES, a HUGE health risk! If someone has hepatitis, for instance, using a tampon will stem the blood flow while allowing it to “flow freely” makes it a danger.
          You may choose to occupy the seat someone this stupid has just vacated on the bus but I’ll stand, thanks!
          This is beyond ridiculous. Radical feminism at its stupidest, kind of like your comment.

          • What about when they use a tampon and then don’t wash their hands? If someone has hepatitis (by the way, which KIND of hepatitis did you mean? In your great medical knowledge? A, B, C, D, the viral, bacterial or fungal strains?) you actually would have to practically bathe in their blood in order to contract it unless they walked right up to you and stuck an infected needle into a major vessel near a collection of lymph vessels, and even then they had better do it within 45 minutes of actively extracting the blood from their veins, or the virus would be dead anyway by the time it got to you. Most menstrual blood has probably been within the person’s body for about 20 mins by the time it actually leaves the stains you are so concerned about, so that shortens the window even more. Thank you for sharing your great microbiological ‘knowledge’ (otherwise referred to as blind, blatant prejudice) with us all. For the record, I am not a feminist, but I am a woman, and one of my degrees is in molecular biology.

          • “For the record, I am not a feminist, but I am a woman, and one of my degrees is in molecular biology.”

            For the record? You are anonymous here! You have no standing to lose, by fabricating “facts” and credentials! I’m anonymous, too, and I am a PhD. See how easy that was for me to type that? Oh, wait, I am a US Senator. By the way, hepatitis spreads easily via sex, and that is hardly a blood bath. The rest of what you said can be easily said by a college dropout with a keyboard, which should show you how much your alleged degree did not elevate the discussion.

          • What about over population, population control, and survival of the fittest by means of genetic variations that support a healthy immune system? This lady is crazy, humans are classified within Kingdom Animalia, along with our fellow MAMMALS, such as wombats, skunks, bears, and rats. Except we’re screwing them all over with our “intelligence.” Lol go to college, explore the world you live in, go to the factory that produces the meat you so “intelligently” consume and watch it all go down. You’d be frightened, but I think it’d be good for all of us.

        • Women used cloths and rags before there were tampons and pads. As a woman I find this practice not only dirty but completely disgusting. Who in their right mind would want to go around with bloodstains all over the crotch of their clothing.

          Radical feminists make my physically ill sometimes and this is one of those times.

          • Women also had bleeding huts, where they would sit on the ground and bleed into the earth. Other women who were not bleeding and men would come bring them food and things, and they would rest for the duration of their flow. Women from other tribes used plant fibers to make pads. Nowadays, there are products that are woman made, there’s the diva cup, for instance.

          • The Diva Cup is a wonderful option. As are cloth menstrual pads, sea sponges, and labial pads. Look, I know A LOT of women who use “alternative” menstrual products. I run a business where I make and sell cloth pads. (I even have the guts to tell you to come find me at facebook.com/mamaspridecloth if you have questions!) This “free bleeder” stuff is either not true or very few and far between. You always have a few nuts out there… Mostly, this “trend” and articles like it are meant to scare you into not attempting these alternative methods, even though store bought products contain dioxines, proven to cause health issues. That take hundreds of years to decompose in our landfills. That are inconvenient to go purchase every month, and should there be a natural disaster, will be unavailable. There are lots of reasons to choose cloth, but the big brands don’t want you to know that you have that choice. So they run campaigns like this. Free bleeding would be disgusting. If anyone was actually doing it. Lol.

          • I have friends who free-bleed. It is a real thing that people actually do.

          • A hut of women all on their period at once? That’s not going to go wrong at all

        • They used cloth that they washed out and used again…they did not do this disgusting filthy thing.

          • they were called granny rags, back in the day. They just used whatever rags they could. and they washed them and hung them out to dry…and reused as needed.

        • You mean before all the medicines that were invented also that have weakened our immune systems over evolution….
          Now a days this is a health risk to everyone

        • “How do you think people survived in the past,” he asks…

          Through plagues and mass diseases?

          • ……You do know of the terms “overpopulation,” “population control,” and “survival of the fittest by means of genetic variation,” right?

        • Yeah alright, go hang out with your feminist friends, and enjoy your hep and hiv!

          • Not every woman has hiv/aids hpv etc. si free bleeding doesn’t mean your gnna get anything. My 20yr old daughter has weird periods and doesn’t bleed enough to need a pad she ” free bleeds” and has been doing 4 yrs i don’t mind her being her own person nor does her husband.

          • I’m sorry I have the lightest period on the planet. I bleed for one day and the rest is spotting your daughter could use a panty liner or a lite pad.

          • Do you have any idea how STIs actually work? They pass via an exchange of bodily fluids like blood or semen (or breast milk on occasion, apparently) . Not al women have hepatitis or HIV (and for fuck’s sake there’s no fucking way you’d catch it from someone freebleeding unless you literally injected yourself with it) and plagues and diseases were NOT caused by women on their periods – there was a general lack of knowledge and hygiene in the times there were plagues (which you’d know if you paid any attention in basic history classes).
            When it comes to the 7000-something bacteria thing – sorry I have to call bullshit on this one. A vagina is naturally acidic at a level that kills the majority of bacteria to reduce the risk of the woman becoming infected – honestly basic immunology principle; if there’s a potential way in, there’s a defence in place. I won’t bother explaining why or how the acidity denatures any proteins in the pathogens because if you want to know about that you can look up enzymes in any a-level textbook and it’ll tell you.
            Oh and FYI – I’ll need references for the claim that the vagina is “scientifically proven” to be dirtier, from actual scientific papers thanks – and the Bible isn’t an appropriate source for historical or scientific claims, by the way – it was written in a time when anything we call science would have you burned at the stake, so… yeah, not really the best place to go unless you want to prove you’re an idiot.
            To summarise: this article is crap.

          • Pretty sure the standard advice from NHS (not always the best source but gives a slightly more “stand-up” offer of medical advice than the Bible – as an aside to that particular sentence, your case is not going to be furthered a whole lot by studies on female anatomy that you haven’t cited as references OR READ?) is that a woman should not over clean the vagina and female hygiene products cause an imbalance in the pH of her vagina (AND IT’S FULLY IN BUILT, NATURAL CLEANSING SYSTEM) leading to bad odours and overproduction of the discharge that our Yoni’s so cleverly clean themselves with.

            STOP SPREADING SHAME AND HATRED! Our bodies are natural and beautiful. Deal with your menstrual cycle in whatever way you wish and hold opinions on what others should do with theirs but do not spread completely unfounded tales that oppress others and make them feel ashamed!

        • This is fucking nasty as fuck , however just sayen the ancients made tampons themselves out of bamboo & wool & shit . It has changed throughout the century but even they had the class to clog it to stop the bleeding . A lot of them died from infection as well but hey , who wants to sit in their own filth ? Not I .

          • I’m sorry you find yourself so disgusting, lol. Yeah, you’re right, maybe you should spare us all and keep wearing your tampons if you’re that appalling.

        • I know for a fact how they did it. They used rages that they folded into a kotex shape and put it in thier panties and used a safety pin on the ends. They did not walk around with it running down their legs. They were not filthy pigs. They had common sense.

        • Why do you think some call it being ‘on the rag’? That’s what they used in the past before tampons.

        • Well, they didn’t really, infection rates, etc. were very high, infant mortality, etc. We kind of invented ways of dealing with it so we could have LESS of those problems. Ridiculous comment.

        • That’s the thing though, people died at an early age because of how unsanitary, and unhealthy they were. That’s why we have bathrooms in our houses now, instead of a community bath in the village. Science and technology have helped us improve our lifestyles so we can live longer, healthier lives.

          • ….. We were just as “unsanitary” as our FELLOW MAMMALS. You do realize there are five major kingdoms of life, none of which are kingdom human, right? WE ARE ANIMALS TOO. GE OVER IT. Sanitization of the vagina is actually unhealthy. Go to college and ask your health professor, not your fucking tampon commercial in the middle of your favorite Desperate Housewives episode lol.

        • They didn’t! It was well into the 19th Century, before the average person lived past 30. I guess you were educated where these feminists were, at “All That Matters Is How I Feel” High School…

          • And back in the day women kept busy breastfeeding and constantly having babies, so they didn’t have monthly periods like women do today. Typically a woman doesn’t have a period during breastfeeding, and with little or not birth control back then they pretty much stayed pregnant. Things are different, but letting that mess run down your leg is just weird.

          • Actually, no. It wasn’t well into the 19th century before people lived past thirty at all. The only reason the AVERAGE (key word) mortality rate was so low was because of the extremely high infant mortality rate. No, people weren’t living into their eighties on a regular basis, but plenty of people have been living past thirty for hundred and hundred of years. And also, this free bleeding is the most fucking disgusting thing I have ever read. If I ever ran into someone doing this, after I finished vomiting, I would let them know exactly how disgustingly piggish they were being in the name of feminism. Guess what, there is nothing “feminine” about gushing disgusting ass blood down your legs. Gag.

        • People lived before in a world where infectious disease killed 1 in 3 people and life expectancy was much lower. Also women commonly died of vaginal/uterine related infections – especially around pregnancy.
          But who needs facts when you have opinion #21C’science’

          • Hey, Bob. Have you possibly considered the fact that humans aren’t SUPPOSED to live so long? Ever considered the scientific term, “genetic variation,” one that dictates whose immunity will survive? Have you considered that we are part of Kingdom Animalia, thus rendering us ANIMALS, right next to rats, skunks, and beavers (trashy pun intended)??? Except, they are in fact better than us, for they lack complete arrogance. Take a look around, at the world in which you live, and decide for yourself if whether or not what we are doing to this planet to elongate our lifespans is good for anyone in the long hall. If your verdict is “yes,” then please, do us all a favor, and go by a box of tampons, and choke on them. Thanks.

        • What if that free bleeding person has hepatitis or HIV ???? or other blood bourne viruses ???

          • Then don’t fucking lick their leg, or cut yourself open and rub it on their menstrual blood.

        • They used rags, hence the phrase. Also it is a potential health risk. HIV springs to mind as does hepatitis. We now have antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, if you’d prefer.
          As for how humans lived in the past, they tended to die at an earlier age from diseases that we now have the ability to prevent. Hand washing wasn’t done until someone discovered that there were less infections when doctors washed their hands.

        • In times before man made products, they made their own. Ever hear the expression “i’m on my rag” thats from when back in the old days before Maxipad and Tampax, women used rags to prevent the blood from flowing.

        • How they lived in the past you asked? They lived until under their 30’s.. So come again?

        • Really Alexander? Do not speak of which you know nothing. Lets see before they invented tampons…….The ancient Egyptians invented the first disposable tampons made from softened papyrus. The ancient Greeks invented tampons made from lint wrapped around a small piece of wood, recorded in writing by Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C. Other materials used for the first tampons have included: wool, paper, vegetable fibers, sponges, grass, and later cotton.
          There were also simple cloth to catch the blood which were washed and reused.
          And yes there is a health risk, some women carrying a disease leaves behind her blood for any person or animal to come in contact with and they are at risk, they are called blood born pathogens.
          If you had blood freely flowing from your penis what would you do?

        • Humans didn’t live as long back then for they reasons idiot, away you go and crawl back into your mums hole

        • Umm…might come as a shock to you but women did use *sanitary* products even back in the dark age… They used wads of towelling material.. How do you think the term *she’s on her rags* came about??

        • Good point. So you won’t mind if I take a dump on the seat right next to you on the bus, right?

        • They got pregnant as soon as they started menstruating (they started later) then breast fed (most of the time women will stop menstruating while breastfeeding) then would use rags and wash them if they were menstruating. What Nature intends women to be pregnant as much as possible. keeping the species going.

        • Oh you mean the time before HIV and AIDS? STI’s, Ebola and H1N1 and other modern day freaking strains of death…? Oh yeah back when there were Sabre tooth Tigers… yeah we would be fine then… sheesh.. next time you go to the doctors stop the nurses and doctors from washing their hands before they attend to you… ok…

        • How did humans live back then? Very briefly. One of the most common causes of death was tooth abscess. People died in their 30s of natural causes all the time.

        • That is absolutely correct. At one time women were sent to a tent full of hay to leave blood there & not expose others to germs. Then they came up with rags & reusable pads. Can you imagine the germs & STDs being exposed in this day & age? Some women’s flow is incredible. There are natural organic products & even a menstrual cup for those that don’t like pads or tampons. If some feminist stained my furniture or car seats I would freak out! And I’m not an over clean person either, but who wants their children touching or in the case of infants, mouthing somewhere that feminist left proof of their stance behind?

        • In biblical and medieval times women shut themselves away during their cycles. They didn’t run around with blood running down their legs. They stayed to their homes or rooms and used rags (hence the tacky term on the rag) to catch the blood, then most often the rag burned to dispose of it. This new movement is more shameful to women than it is some kind of girl power freeing moment. What kind of influence would a female attorney have in a courtroom if when she stood up there was a splotch of blood all over the seat of her chair, power suit was stained bloody with a red trickle down her leg leaving droplets on the floor as she walked over to cross examine the witness. At the very least, she would be removed from the courtroom by the woman judge wearing a tampon.

        • How did human live before? For very short lives mostly.

          Domestic house cats live longer now than most humans used to, thanks to modern hygiene and medicine.

        • They even had tampons in the roman empire and before that age humans died an early age because of insanity. soo yeah, your point is kind of invalid.

        • They used rages, thats how they did it, they didn’t go around with just nothing. They were called filthy rages for a reason, and back in that time a woman was considered unclean and people stayed away from them. But this is just a health risk!

        • This actual is a health risk. If you had a small child and the person that was free bleeding got up off their chair & your small child went over to the chair and was playing with the blood and then inserted their hands into their mouth would you not be concerned? Another issue these have to be very young people doing this and thus not paying for the replacement costs of clothing otherwise you’d know it would cost a fortune. It’s roughly $30 a month to handle your cycle properly but by free bleeding it could cost you more not to mention do you not find things wet between your thighs chafing and uncomfortable?!!

        • Please invite us to this world of yours in which there are no STD’s or other such infections that can be passed to others by being exposed to bodily fluids…

        • In past before tampons, oh and underwear.
          This is probably just as disgusting as me wanting to shit my pants and show everyone the giant brown stain I have. It’s only natural and it’s my own crap, so it’s not a health risk. Right?

        • You’re an idiot. Don’t post stupid things without the knowledge in your little skull to back it up. HIV wasn’t around until the 70’s. Hepatitis is a modern STD as well. Hepatitis B can live in dried blood up to two weeks. So yes, it is a health hazard.

        • Back in the day, seriously a long time ago, women used clean rags. That’s where the term “on the rag” came. Thankfully tampons came along. I grew up in the hippie days of the 60s and 70s, and as far as i can remember “letting it all hang out” had a different meaning. I sure wouldn’t want to be around this chick and hope this trend does not catch on.

        • Uhm… actually people died by the hundreds of thousands due to diseases before modern methods of hygiene were practiced…. Black Plague….small pox… Flu pandemic…. need I go on? Blood carries pathogens and if you are dripping it all over the place (which has NOT been done since we lived in caves, I am sure) then you are spreading them.

        • They had much shorter lifespans for a reason. You can go back to living only 30 years if you want.

        • I’ll tell you how humans lived before tampons: they were largely ignorant disease-ridden rapists who rarely lived past age 35. That’s how.

          • Hmm, George Washington died at 67, Thomas Jefferson at 83, King George III died at age 82 all before “modern medicine and the “long lives” we live now with the great medicines & vaccinations & such. Oh, and yeah, guess they did things wrong in Carrie, they didn’t run after tossing tampons & pads. they stayed around & kept throwing them her way!….lol

        • At that time , if was no tampon that not mean every woman was bleeding in front of everyone – that disgusting … if you have a flu you are cleaning your nose….stop! let its flow and let see if you will have friends around you…

        • In my over 20 years in the healthcare industry, I have been required to attend a yearly “bloodborne pathogens” inservice. Blood is indeed a “major health hazard” due to the HIB, HPV, and HIV strains that blood can carry. These women should be arrested for “assault with a deadly weapon”. Parents are alarmed at the children not being vaccinated due to the Autism scare…THIS is every bit as alarming! I realize not all women carry these diseases, but some do knowingly or unknowingly…..

        • “in the past before tampons” there were a multitude of fabrics and linens that were used to minimize the social and health impact a woman’s menstrual cycle brought. Bacteria is not the issue though either. HIV and AIDS could be transmitted from public seats, toilets, etc. If you were to see a woman walking down the street with blood running down her leg, some women have extremely heavy periods, you would think she was injured, even raped. The personal hygiene aspect is troubling for everyone around those practicing this ritual. The odor alone due to the bacteria’s life cycle would be horrible even unbearable. Never go mainstream but all it takes is one feminist riding in the cab before you and you will change your mind quickly!

        • They call it “on the rag” for a reason. Women used to have a supply of rags they used for the week they were on their period.

        • Actually, even women in ‘caveman’ times used skins to stem the flow of period blood! They would then bury the skin so not to attract animals. And before tampons, pads and panty liners were invented, women used fabric (much the same way as the skins were used) The fabric would be washed and reused. The practise of ‘free-flow’ is just unhygienic and disgusting!

        • .. Even with a really strong immune system blood is risky. Why do you think doctors and nurses wear gloves?

        • I actually have to live in a dettol world because I have a bone marrow disease similar to leukaemia. Is it my fault that I am fighting for my life right now?
          If you woke up with my illness one day, you would realise how narrow minded your comment and view is.

        • I do not use sanitizers, antibacterials, etc., just use soap & water (bugs like c. diff cannot be killed by alcohol, etc., but only by soap & water,and bleach). (medical professional here)
          Yes, it is very unhealthy for others to be exposed to your blood. You may have a blood borne illness and not even know. It is easier to get Hep B & C than HIV. It can take 6 months to seroconvert with herpes (6 mos to show up).
          Who wants to sit In blood? Who wants to sit in someone else’s? There’s a reason handwashing and personal protective equipment is used in MD offices & hospitals.
          So, if you’re going to bleed everywhere, then when you go to your doctor’s office and/or hospital, get a colonoscopy, blood drawn, etc., you don’t want the instruments cleaned before they use them on you, after they’ve used them on other patients, right?

        • In the last early/mid part of the century, ‘n long before, women used cloth tied up like diapers between their legs, hence the ‘olden days’ term “she’s wearing a rag”. Kotex ‘n Tampons only came to be in the mid-to latter part of the 20th century.

        • They used rags made from plants or wool actually. And also lived until they were 40…

        • Here’s the problem. Yes, humans “lived in the past before tampons”, but they also didn’t run around letting themselves bleed everywhere simply because they could. Instead, humans use scraps of cloth (a.k.a. rags), sea sponges and other natural materials for the same reason sanitary pads/tampons were developed!

          Oh, I Guess you haven’t taken into consideration the pathogens of today that we humans carry around that weren’t around “in the past before tampons”?

          Of course, from the your reply to Deborah. I’m guessing you’d be happy to have contracted Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDs, or some other disease/illness (sexually transmitted or otherwise) simply because some “feminazi” decided it was a good idea!.

        • What the actual- before women had any sense to clean up their period blood, they probably didn’t live very long now did they? Just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. We all live longer than what is “natural” but I doubt you have a problem with modern medicine, do you?

        • That’s a pretty ignorant statement….perhaps Doctors should be less concerned about wearing gloves and washing their hands after coming into contact with bodily fluids and just make sure they took all their vitamins that day from now on as well.

        • Well, others have explained to you what women used back then. But it’s irrelevant. Even if they used nothing, why would you think their practices were magically hygienic? There are tons of hygienic behaviors in human history. That’s how people got sick, a lot.

          I mean, this whole thing is obviously satire, so the actual joke practice of ‘free-bleeding’ isn’t real. But I couldn’t let some inane statement thinking that natural = sanitary or history = no disease go unrefuted.

        • To answer your question, they lived with (and many died from) lots of diseases we don’t have today since we have ways to control spread of bacteria and disease.

        • They used cloth in their underwear to absorb the blood, you idiot. They didn’t just walk around bleeding all over the ground. Even back THEN they weren’t that stupid.

        • That sat on rags and didn’t leave their homes for the week. Which is where the term “on the rag” came from. There are mentions of this in a variety of historical text. They didn’t just walk around bleeding everywhere in public.

        • Long ago if you do a little research women used all kinds of things to soak up the menstrual flow including strips of leather. Any kind of plant that produced soft cotton like absorbent fibres… I can’t see many men wanting to be with women who had the free attitude…

        • Yea because a dude named Alexander knows best about menstrual blood. Look at the life expectancy back then when there were no medical prevention/treatment.

          Are you trying to tell us something? Dude You’re gross just like those demented who believe in “freedom” of going “natural”.

        • They used wadding for as long as there is written history, and most likely before.

        • Women used cloth and tied it around their waist in earlier times. They would take them off at the end of the day, wash them and reuse them. Basically an old fashion maxi pad.

        • Simple. Humans lived for far shorter periods back then, pun definitely intended.

        • Alexander, humans without pads or tampons lived for like 35 years or something, just saying. It’s partially thanks to the immensely increased hygiene that we’re able to live as long as we do.

        • Before tampons women used other methods to control blood during menses. I’m sure you could find it online. I believe the Egyptians used papyrus.

      • If this is your semi-amateur journalist’s way of attracting attention, I refuse to applaud you, Adora Bull. In what way does it better the world, or yourself, to matter-of-factly state a self-deprecating opinion of yours that, without a doubt, your employers have paid you to publish? If you’re going to prostitute yourself that way, why don’t you just sell dirty panties–I hear it’s more lucrative…and maybe your fans might agree that it’s less shameful or dirty–don’t know, depends on which celebrity is indoctrinating them on that particular day.

      • I agree, it is a health risk and since studying blood bourne diseases it’s true, it is a health risk.

      • In the first place, everything discharged by the body is dirty; that is the reason it is discharged, it carries impurities from the body. Menstrual blood is discharged to remove unfertilized eggs and other unneeded material from the body.
        One has to wonder how many of these menstruating women, using public seating without pads or tampons, would be willing to sit in a seat after someone has urinated in it.
        People too lazy to see what heights they can reach often opt to demonstrate the depths to which they can sink; these women are such people.

      • Lol, just let us all come in contact with your menstrual blood.. We’re all gonna get Ebola XD

    • “… by letting it run freely, is the way nature intended us to deal with our monthly”

      That’d be before humans discovered clothes and only washed when they fell in the river, then. I think we’re a bit more developed that that, these days.

    • WTF?! Disgusting. Urination and defacation is natural too. Should we just let THAT run down our legs? Or eschew TP because it’s a man made product? Who comes up with this trash?

      • LMAO! So true! We could all just shit and piss wherever we felt the need just like other “animal” species. Notice most supporting this are men or their posting under a man’s name. I guarantee any one of them trying to go down on a “free-bleeding” would get as far as ……. oh, the front door of her home and retreat with most hast! lol

    • I do agree this is excessively filthy and it’s blood. Blood is a carrier to some major diseases. I don’t agree that animals are as unclean as they are presented here, however. Most of them do lick themselves clean. Unless these women wish to begin licking themselves clean or constantly cleansing themselves, then they are lower than animals. They also then have zero right to be around others and to foist their highly contagious fluids on others.

    • I can’t believe you just referenced the Bible as an authority on women’s cleanliness. One of the most sexist books ever to be published. If women don’t want to use sanitary products then that’s their decision. They’re spending less and potentially saving a lot of unrecyclable waste going onto landfills and down drains. Women need to stop putting each other down (because men sure as hell don’t care) and unite to abolish sexism across society. It starts with changing attitudes of which I feel this article promotes sexist ones.

      • I agree. I am mortified by the comments under this post. I cannot believe how uneducated people are in regards to the female reproductive system. A woman’s body is her own, and if she is comfortable enough to do this good for her.

      • I agree with you, Celise. I also can’t believe that the author described women ‘as naturally more UNCLEAN than men’. Is she a sexist man in disguise?

        • Uterine lining is a different substance. You have been sucked into the “menstruation is icky” camp. It’s 2-3 tablespoons consisting mainly of tissue cells. Do some research. If it were disease-ridden, we would be using pathogen reduction cross-contamination procedures to cleanse ourselves during menstruation. Having sex during menstruation would be risky. This article is narrow-minded and full of misinformation.

      • She does back it up with references to scientific studies, and if they are worried about the environment there are cloth pads you can buy that are reusable and environmentally friendly, you can find them here and a lot of other places, http://www.homesteademporium.com/. So saving the planet is not a good argument for “free bleeding”.

    • Even in Biblical times they used rags, better known as “filthy rags” to absorb and keep it clean or at least contained. Horrifyingly gross.

    • If this is your semi-amateur journalist’s way of attracting attention, I refuse to applaud you, Adora Bull. In what way does it better the world, or yourself, to matter-of-factly state a self-deprecating opinion of yours that, without a doubt, your employers have paid you to publish? If you’re going to prostitute yourself that way, why don’t you just sell dirty panties–I hear it’s more lucrative…and maybe your fans might agree that it’s less shameful or dirty–don’t know, depends on which celebrity is indoctrinating them on that particular day.

    • This is not true people. Just something some young boys decided to put on line. Don’t believe everything you read. Hopefully the young girls don’t fall for this crap.

    • 1. How typical of someone inclined toward religion. We as humans are not the evolutionary pinnacle of perfection, the “lesser beasts” are not lesser at all…intellectually or otherwise. a human females menstruation cycle is different because of how we evolved as humans, yes…but, that does not make us superior because we figured out how to clean it up…Animals simply keep themselves clean by licking. Something that we are not able to do because of our particular body types being unable to be that flexible.
      2. I would really not look to the Christian bible as any sort of proper guidance for this as it is stated in Leviticus that a woman on her menstrual cycle should not be spoken to by a man lest he will be considered unclean himself until sundown.

    • This article is disturbingly hateful and ignorant.
      ” it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible…”
      Tampons carry the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Toxic_shock_syndrome
      The idea of free-bleeding is to be in tune with with your body enough to be able to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom when need be. Not to let blood run down your leg in public, play in it and then wipe it on other people and objects.
      If you regard your period as “an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up.” and “should be considered something unclean and unnatural, something to be hidden and cleaned up hastily before it has the chance to offend anyone…” I truly feel for you.
      Please educate yourself on alternatives to dealing with your period.
      Religious zealots such as Ms. “Adora Bull” are the ones setting “the progress of our species backwards, not forward.”
      Leave your hateful oppression at church where it belongs.

      • Some tampons also have dangerous (probably) chemicals, I think I had an experience that had a negative effect on my health (be careful with cheap brand tampons), not sure if my issues came from that but I do not count it out.

    • As a young man i worked in a paper factory, some of these products became “toilet paper” as a Man, I participated in the manufacturing of this product. Toilet paper is a “MAN” u factured product. Following the logic of the “let it flow” feminist crowd. I say go for it! Half measures will keep you a slave of the masagionistic industrial patriarchal male phallic matrix complex! stop wiping your butt. I know that when i worked in the paper factory, We had secret meetings. (no women allowed) We had many discussions about how to engineer a product specifically designed to vicariously “rape women” and Toilet paper was the result, Yup I just blew the whistle on the whole toilet paper industry.
      “no wipe-go flow” might be a good slogan. its natural, the way nature meant it to be.
      I will next be talking about the evil MAN made Tooth paste…..stay tuned.

      • ” of the masagionistic industrial ”

        Interesting …. masagionistic … is that a new word ?

    • I am a feminist. Have been since I was 14 – some 46 years ago. I was expelled from high school when I was in Grade 11 for bringing feminist literature into the school that focused on safe birth control and options.
      I would never do this and theory on this is so flawed aside from being assassin and disgusting. Even in “ancient” times, women made fold rags together to catch the flow – hence the name “rag”
      In my opinion, these so called modern feminists need to get a grip on reality and focus on the real issues of what feminism is all about and not trying to sensationalize, shock the heck out of everyone and make themselves look like complete morons.

    • Along with all the good posts I’ve read, what woman in her right mind, would have her flow running down her legs not only in publc, but at home. I imagine her poor little kids would be horrified that mommy was bleeding from her “private place”. This chick gives all feminism a bat rap. Not all of us are stupid extremist like this writer! You want to sit next in seat after she’s been sitting there? Me neither!!!

      • Honey, my Mum was freebleeding when she went swimming on the beach YEARS ago, before it ever had a name. It never freaked me out as a child. I understood that her blood was perfectly normal and a natural, healthy part of being a woman I actually looked forward to. I also freebleed on occasion, but I admit only on the weekends or public transport would be an issue. I guess it’s part of being an enlightened human being, free of the stigma of superstition…

    • It’s not filthy. It’s dirty and shouldn’t be done. In native American tribes women were isolated during their menses. This wasn’t don’t because it was dirty. It was done because this power stole power from warriors
      . Also, it wasn’t done as a downing of women but a recognition of the power behind women’s ability to carry life.

    • While I don’t agree with “free-bleeding” this article disgusts me with the sheer level of ignorance displayed by the author.

      “As women, we need all the extra help we can get to remain clean “down there,” both for ourselves and for our partners. Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up.” – Adora Bull

      Where do I even begin with this hot mess? First of all, there is absolutely NO need to come up with special names for a VAGINA. Say it with me, V-A-G-I-N-A. And those feminine hygiene products that “help” us keep our VAGINAS clean and pleasant? YEAH FRICKIN RIGHT!!! They are actually unhealthy, detrimental to our health, and completely unnecessary (FYI vaginas clean themselves on their own). Second, VAGINAS are supposed to have a smell and refusing to spray and clean them with products does not make them an intolerable wasteland (and if your partner can’t handle this then feel free to enlighten them). I think the words of Eve Ensler, the Queen of Vaginas, explain this concept better than I ever could:

      “My vagina doesn’t need to be cleaned up. It smells good already. Don’t try to decorate. Don’t believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals when it’s supposed to smell like pussy. That’s what they’re doing — trying to clean it up, make it smell like bathroom spray or a garden. All those douche sprays — floral, berry, rain. I don’t want my pussy to smell like rain. All cleaned up like washing a fish after you cook it. I want to taste the fish. That’s why I ordered it.”

      So if Adora Bullshit’s…umm I mean Bull’s…VAGINA is an intolerable wasteland of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up that she feels the need to “clean” with those awful unhealthy products imposed upon women by the ignorant and money-hungry pharmaceutical industry (and society as a whole), then she should really get herself checked out. The rest of us can love and celebrate our natural smelling, healthy, beautiful, and powerful VAGINAS.

      P.S. Do yourself a favor and read these articles no matter what sex and/or gender you are and go see the VAGINA MONOLOGUES!

      tl;dr: A VAGINA cleans itself and is supposed to smell like a VAGINA, not a bouquet of roses.


      • High five! This author is spreading the contagion of ignorance and body hatred that has held women back for centuries.

    • hey while there at it they should stop wiping their uptight unfeminine asses too because didnt you know a man made toilet paper too? and whats the deal if a man made something to allow a woman to be clean all these stupid women ever say is how men always try to repress them but if a man invented something to allow a woman to be clean wouldnt that mean he gave women freedom to feminine, to be a refined, free,classy ? or maybe its simply because they dont like the idea that a man came up with it which is well retarded its just an excuse to remain ignorant and gross

    • I can now say I’ve heard it all. I have been enjoying footage of some totally talented female artists at the Lilith Fair..until they lift their arms to wave at the crowd and out tumbles 6lbs of pit hair. Then I am so fixated on why on Earth they would want that man bush under their arms that I can’t even listen any more. Sorry ladies, but it’s true. This, however, tops it all. Free Bleeding? Are you kidding me? I have to think that in the course of human evolution our priorities were: #1 String together some leaves to sop up that mess, #2 Discover fire, #3 Invent the wheel. Seriously, that’s how it would play out for me! These nut jobs have one point – bleeding IS free…..so is being a social pariah who smells like a 5 day old crime scene with the insect activity following her around to complete the picture! FUGLY!!!!

    • I agree with you that it is nasty. I am just now seeing this and there ha been talk about this but to actually read this article makes my stomach turn! I have been in the medical field for years and this is very dangerous to yourself and to everyone you come in contact with. Not to mention if you have a hep B, HIV or any other disease that can be spread. Also you should have enough sense not to want to walk around with blood going all over the place.. Do you not have any class or morals? Y’all can do what you want but by doing this you are making yourselves a target to be humiliated! I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s different when you are putting people’s health at risk. There is reason that we have pads and tampons people!!! It’s only something that comes once a month and you should have enough respect for the people around you or at least yourself to plug it up!!!

    • I wonder what these feminists would say if the guys thought it was okay to spray like cats and call it “nature”.

    • It’s not a trend though is it? When have you ever seen this happen, ever? Go outside into the real world and you will see this is not a trend. At any given time just under a quarter of women around you will be on their period, and have you ever seen them bleeding? I doubt it. It’s not a trend anywhere but the internet. And this has absolutely nothing to do with feminism (the belief that men and women are equal) . This is just bad journalism.

    • How stupid can you get? Feminine products created to assist women with cleanliness during their menstrual cycle, made by a man to rape her? Some people will say anything to draw attention to an idea. Anyone who allows themselves to become victim to this has no respect for themselves or any body else. Not only is this nasty, but it can also put others at risk of contracting blood born diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis B. This behavior should be considered as reckless, intentional exposure of body fluids regardless of disease or not. Those who so freely participate should be duly charged by the law.

    • If you people knew anything about anything at all, you would know that this article is shit. First of all, the idea behind free bleeding is to learn NOT to be so ashamed of our menstrural cycles. It’s made to make us think of our bodies and this process that is usually thought of as gross or disgusting and make us realize the truly amazing thing it does. Let’s also talk about the fact that nature did not tell us to put clothes on, okay? Homosapiens actually did not wear clothes for the first part of our existence. I don’t care what your bible tells you, Look at SCIENCE. They didn’t start wearing clothes until after the ice age in order to keep warm. One more thing. Have any of you LOOKED at what you are putting into your bodies and then out into the earth? The tampons and pads your so righteously advocating for? They have chemicals in them that are harmful to your body they have chemicals in them that are harmful to the earth. These chemicals draw out your period to make them longer and they make you cramp more. If you choose not to free bleed, which is fine, at least try not to be a fuck to those who do. You’re rude and, above all else, ignorant.

    • One thing I don’t agree about your article is that women are less cleaner than men.
      Trust me on this, you girls must don’t know how to clean yourself. Women are usually more clean than men. Fuck the bible, it’s written by a misogynistic and psychopathic control freak.

    • Listen Im all for feeding your children in public and how you see fit, but this is taking “feminism” to an unhealthy level. Im addressing any woman who thinks that this might be a good Idea. Let me tell you the main reason you dont need to do this. Blood is a carrier of all sorts of ions and pathogens and bacteria in the body. Its the transport system that tells your immune system you have a disease or bacterial or viral infection. Now included in diseases are STDs which include unusable diseases like AIDS. Contrary to popular belief AIDS can live outside of a host for several hours before it is considered harmless. So before you go sitting your bloody ass where my two year old might sit consider the fact that if any of you have this condition and a child or adult contracts something from it you can be charged with attempted murder along with a slue of other charges. Do not put you or anyone else in that situation with what has to possibly be the dumbest thing ive ever seen dreamed up by someone who wants to rock the boat. If you want to getb off and make some waves by all means go ahead but dont put your life and the lives of others in danger.

    • first the armpits and not washing hair or showing, is criminal hygiene a subtheme in feminist culture?

    • I myself am a huge feminist activist, however I personally do not think this idea serves any purpose other than causing bother to yourself. I am completely against women being shamed for their menstural cycle and being made to feel as though it’s this massive taboo to talk about, but yeah, I think this idea is just a bit silly and irrelevant. I thought it might be helpful to hear from an modern day feminists (who believes in equality for BOTH genders).

    • I am dumbfounded as to how this article manages to present the weakest arguments possible for something so obviously stupid. This entire article’s arguments are convoluted and round-about. Here’s the problem with free bleeding: I don’t approve of it for the same reason I don’t approve of someone peeing their pants and walking around without caring or a man ejaculating wherever he pleases. The same notions apply. Those things are natural too, and you know what? I really don’t care, just keep it away from me. I’m a woman, and putting a pad on takes five seconds. I put it on. I take it off. I discard it. The few hours between step 1 and 2 are spent living my life and not thinking about my period. The women who are this obsessed with their period are oppressing themselves. Also, I don’t force my period blood on everyone unfortunate enough to sit in a seat after me or be close to me (and period blood can stink). It’s not fair to those people anymore than it’s fair for someone to defecate in their pants and walk around, forcing everyone else to deal with the smell and consequences.

      People need to get over themselves. Your bodily fluids aren’t as important and magical as you think they are. They’re just bodily fluids. Just because they come out of a vagina (or for ejaculate a penis) doesn’t make them anything special.

      And for the record women didn’t free bleed before the invention of pads and tampons. They usually used cloth they could wash and rewash. But let’s not follow their example, as poor hygiene, lack of sanitation and general not caring about where bodily fluids ended up led to a certain epidemic called the Black Plague that devastated the population of Europe. So, yes, hygiene is a fab thing that many people in modern countries take for granted because everything is already so hygienic and plague-free that we start to forget why hygiene is so important in the first place.

      And yeah I have to buy pads, but having to use rewashable clothes would be a pain considering that I hate laundry. I don’t feel oppressed because I but pads. It’s a fact of life. It’s not a big deal.

    • Adora, I found your article frankly jaded and cruel. I hope to help clear some points up for you if I might. First of all, feminists DO believe that our periods are something to celebrate. We are too comfortable and loving to be hateful towards ourselves. We don’t want our daughters to cry funeral tears when she gets her first period. We don’t believe that our natural menstrual cycle is shameful. Periods are natural and beautiful and I’m terribly sorry that all of you women are harboring this self hate, it must be a terrible burden to bear. We feminists believe in doing what we want with our bodies and letting others do so as well, so long as no one is harmed in the process. And a little bit of blood will not harm you. Menstrual blood is not dirty, despite what you may think, and if you are so terrified I would advise that you avoid contact with a “free bleeder’s” genitals. As far as “Tampon Rape” your information is propaganda. Please find more reliable sites not made up by anti-feminists. I am offended, and the fact that you think that of the who of us you are the proud and educated one, I have to chuckle a little bit. I truly hope that someday you will celebrate the excellence of your body, the ingenious way in which it sustains itself, and it’s poetic synchronization to other women. I hope you work through your self disgust and hatred. You have my support and sympathy. O-l- Zada

    • Yeah thats gross but…This article is so poorly written it’s amusing. It’s called a vagina.” Using the term “down there”, grow up! Then the cause the bible says so argument and comparing it to a wasteland. Wasteland? I’m sure without summer’s eve and vagisil women would be fine. Obviously if you agree with the author you have crouch rot. End rant

    • “Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up.” You sound like a chronic doucher. The penis has bacteria on it too which tends to be very high in men who still have their foreskin. I don’t use feminine products when I am not menstruating and I am hardly what you described but I don’t doubt you yourself may have a problematic V. I don’t agree with the free bleeding though. Long live the menstrual cup!!!

  1. I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by the “trend” or your reference to the bible as a source….

      • I agree. Although I do believe in the Bible, as a well educated woman I don’t see how it can be used as a scientific source. If we were to live life like biblical times what would that say about how women were treated in many parts of the Bible. Yes this is a very unhealthy and kinda gross, but young girls shouldn’t be taught that their menstration is evil. Talk about a complex!

    • I did rather raise my already skyward eyebrow at that.
      I don’t think the bible means dirty in the germs kind of way, and that’s reason enough to toss it in the trash.

      • Has it really? Seems to me to be correct, coming from a woman who as an adolescent lived w 4 sisters and a mother, all of whom got their period around the same time and now lives w her two best friends, all of who had diff monthly start dates and after living together are now on the same cycle.

      • Cyclces do actually synch; that has been proven, but over a period of at least six months, not a two minute encounter in the street.

      • Syncing is real though and it does happen. My sister and I used to have our periods within a week of each other back when I was living at home. When I moved into a dorm with my friends, within a couple of months, our periods started syncing to. My mom’s an OB-GYN and she says it’s because of the environment we’re in. My roommates and I are a med students. We’re under the same stresses, eat pretty much the same food, lack the same number of hours of sleep, etc. Hormones will follow through.

    • What I find funny about her reference to the bible is that the bible states why it is we must cover our “privates”. It wasn’t always this way, according to the bible. We must cover our parts because as sinners we have malice, not because of hygiene. So therefore if the bible must be used at least know what you are speaking of. Also, if a scientific stand point must be made, not that I agree with using feminine hygiene products, it’s being researched that tampons and douches are unhealthy for the woman’s body since it changes the natural flora , “good bacteria”, of our body.

    • Exactly. Now who is the one setting the Women’s Movement backward, instead of forward?

    • Really ? How many feminist do you know ? You should probably stop generalizing among particular groups. Feminist and extremists are two different things.

      • Oh my goodness I know, absolutely ridiculous, as if this represents ALL feminists!? It’s not like I would personally do it myself, I like to feel clean and wouldn’t want to see blood running down my leg, but being on your period is still a natural thing and should not be referred to as “filthy”! The “rape” idea is rather extreme, but again, this is not representing Feminists as a whole.
        And the line “It’s apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that the Feminist’s true motive is to set the progress of our species backwards, not forward.” How utterly ridiculous, as if that is the real idea of Feminism?? Makes me SO angry!
        Was seriously unsure if this article was a joke or not: “It could become a very dangerous situation indeed, if you’re caught with a Free-Bleeding Feminist without your own personal hygiene products available.” OH NO YOU’VE STARTED YOUR PERIOD WITHOUT WARNING SHIT THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANY WOMEN EVER IF IT WEREN’T FOR THOSE FREE-BLEEDING FEMINISTS.. YOU’RE DOOMED.

    • I resent the fact that this is meant to represent, as you put it “typical feminists”. It’s like claiming all of the Islamic people are extreme Islamic fundamentalists. In that case you’d be racist, and in this case you’re being sexist, no matter if you are a woman.
      I think this free bleeding is utterly ridiculous as it is actions like this that give feminism a bad name, when all feminism amounts to is wanting equality and not to be continually sexually objectified and never truly taken seriously. If you are a woman and NOT a feminist, then you’re delusional. How can you NOT want to be equal, and want to get paid less simply for having a vagina?
      Until I feel safe walking down a dark street at night, where I know I haven’t got a much stronger chance of getting raped than a man, I know we aren’t equal to men, still being sexually objectified.
      However, this free bleeding is a load of absolute shit and in my mind this could be made up by patriarchal misogynists in an attempt to make any successful movements of feminism tarnished. I hope this is not the case, but either the source is misogynists, or deeply misguided extreme feminists. This will not solve anything, and neither will your generalisation, Janet.

  2. wow, I hope this new “free-bleeding” does not spread. maybe its not all feminists that are doing this, just “Raunch culture” feminists???

  3. Please please tell me that this is not a serious article. I am not sure if you are aware of the website 4chan or the semi-regular antics of members of certain boards, but this is not a real practice. Some time ago posters on a board for politics on 4chan suggested creating an internet perception that free bleeding was occurring. It wasn’t. They decided to post to certain blogs about this practice, but it was only ever intended to make the feminist movement look ridiculous. The fact that you did not bother to investigate into the origin of this ruse means they are that much more effective at spreading an air of absurdity within feminist discourse. 4chan has done something to this effect multiple times regarding a variety of issues. They have spread rumors that celebrities are dead, spread infographics that claim to increase electronic performance while in reality destroying them, etc. Next time, rather than write a very informative, albeit totally unnecessary, article, look up to see whether this is a real thing.

    Additionally: would love to see your, uh, sources, for why women are more unclean. Right, bacteria…maybe something more substantive. Good luck to you in what can only be a fantastic journalistic career padded by what I’m sure are very talented barista abilities.

    • I was so offended by this article I couldn’t bring myself to read past the fourth paragraph (which was beyond disgusting in so many ways I can’t even begin to address it). I sure as heck hope our clearly self-involved “writer” has some barista skills to fall back on. My word!

    • I read your comment, and my god how right you are. The board you refer to from said website, would be /b/, or otherwise known ”Random”. They are notorious for spreading little rumours, and big rumours, all around the internet, and to be quite honest, sometimes it is funny, but sometimes, they take it a tad too far. Your opinion seems to come across as quite aggressive and hateful towards the 4chan community, which in my opinion, is a reasonable feeling to have, but then again, ”What a faggot, you probably haven’t even been part of a raid bro” – A statement made by several 4chan members, all of whom are and shall remain anonymous. However, i conclude my comment by agreeing and confirming that, Yes, 4chan’s /b/ board did have some involvement in this rumour, and they are trying to disprove and humiliate the feminist culture. Let them, you can’t stop /b/…..

  4. wow, This just disgusting, no matter how you look at it! Anybody who wants to be a “free bleeder” when your on your time..stay away from me..like at least 10 feet..yuck!

    • What’s disgusting is how many people commenting lack the brian cells to recognize clear satire when they see it.

      • Considering I know of a group of people that would rather let their child die than accept a blood transfuse, I wouldn’t be surprised if this free-bleeding thing was actually a real thing.

        Or that among the people who read the ”Philosophy” behind free-bleeding, there are people who agree. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

  5. I’m not embarrassed about taking a dump, but I still wipe my ass. This is disgusting.

      • Yea, shitting in your water supply, then smearing it all over your anus with paper sounds pretty fucking dumb. Animals don’t even shit in the water…’cept fish

  6. Radical feminists are the worst enemy feminism could have. They do more damage to the cause of women with this idiocy than a man has ever done.

  7. Where to begin…

    Let’s start with that picture you’re using. Were you intending on repulsing people or luring pedophiles to your blog?

    Have you discussed free bleeding with… anyone? “Extreme feminist activists and bloggers everywhere” doesn’t give me the impression that you’ve a reliable source.

    “Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case.”

    Are you sure you want to state something is a fact without a source, and then attempt to support that statement with a random hand gesture at the Bible?

    “our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up.”

    Could you never write about female genitalia again? Your use of special place sounds like Mary Louise Parker calling it hoo-hoo in Boys on the Side.

    No, wait, better yet, do some research and rewrite this… something. I think it would be good karma if you learned something about your own anatomy.

    “It could become a very dangerous situation indeed, if you’re caught with a Free-Bleeding Feminist without your own personal hygiene products available. Play it safe, lest you become a statistic, and remember to always carry a feminine pad or tampon in your purse wherever you go.”

    If your view of danger is someone menstruating near you – there’s something wrong.

    – CJ

    • “Let’s start with that picture you’re using. Were you intending on repulsing people or luring pedophiles to your blog? ”

      Right…paedophiles…those well known fans of pubescent menstruating women.

      You fucking idiot.

      • I think they were referring to the first picture which looks like it might be a young teenage girl. Girls can start their periods from a very young age these days. Some as young as 7. So maybe people should think before calling people names like a young teenager would.

      • If you’re viewing that first picture of a child’s legs and seeing “menstruating women” then there’s something very wrong with you.

  8. uhm i rather be 10000 times a woman than a man..i prefer cramps than being hit in the nuts..this idea is disgusting and i dont see myself doing this at all..ughh =S

  9. It’s actually pretty mild compared to what mainstream feminists believe. Bleed all you want. Just don’t go around pretending men and women are equals.

    • Yes, I cannot believe you just wrote that: “Just don’t go around pretending men and women are equals.” You are a completely and totally obtuse individual for saying any such thing.

      • Women and Men are equal in terms of God given/naural rights and that is where it ends. That is the reality. We both should have equal rights in terms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everything else in life is not equal and it cannot be equal. Men and women are different biologically. Some men are not even equal to other men. The same holds true for women. We are not robots. The reality is, we are all unique. No one is the same. while his comment seems ridiculous, it isn’t really off base. It would be more accurate to say no one is truly equal.

        Look up the definition of equal. It is naturally impossible for us all to be truly equal. There are sooooo many variables in life, that no one can be truly equal. My husband and I could eat, work out and take care of our bodies exactly the same and he will still be stronger than I am. We can both study the exact same way, read exactly the same things and I will still be smarter at certain things than he is. We could be brought up exactly the same, told exactly the same things and still come to different conclusions and outcomes.

        That is what is truly remarkable about humans. We are individuals and are unique. However, all humans should have the same rights when it comes to life, liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of happiness. I want to be equal to men only in the sense that I can live how I want, follow the same laws, protect myself and pursue my dreams. Other than that, I have no desire to be equal to a man. I want to be me. If I want to try to be equal to a certain man, I want to be allowed to try (freedom and pursuit of happiness) But I don’t care if someone, somewhere is better than I am at something. To be truly equal takes away from me being unique.

        Frankly, this equality thing, as sold by society, other than god given/natural rights, is an unrealistic notion. We can only be equal in terms of natural/god given rights.

        • You’re confusing equal with identical. Feminists want equal rights and opportunities for all sexes. They do not claim that all individuals have exactly the same abilities or the same biology.

    • And who would want to be? You “people” walk with your genitalia swinging around outside your body…disturbing

  10. Hmm “Modern Women Digest”. I don’t know for sure (not having read the bible from cover to cover), but I believe that ancient women probably digested too.

  11. “Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case. The female reproductive system alone is host to over 7000 types of bacteria, some of which are helpful to the system, but many of which are not. These bacteria work together to create the odor and excretions that the female genitalia has been notoriously known for.”

    Quoting the Bible while trying to claim that something as subjective as cleanliness is “scientifically proven” shows that this woman has no idea what she’s talking about. The bacteria found in the vagina is not there on accident and any actual medical account describes the vagina as a self-cleaning organ. Describing the vagina as notorious is just furthering this alleged oppression she’s trying to defend against.

    • Very good point! Bible is not the best of scientific reference and our body , for the most part , dose not have anything it dose not need . Also is by saying keeping clean for ourselves and our partners are we suggesting the natural bacteria in our ” special place” could do others harm ? Really !

  12. Uh, people, this is a joke. The author does not mean a word written. Please read between the lines. Please read the about section.

    • If it’s satire, it’s poorly done. The hyperbole should glow of the page. More readers should be catching it. When both sides of the argument can’t see it, you fail as a satirist.

  13. hi, actual extreme feminist blogger here, calling bullshit. the menstrual cycle and female reproductive system certainly aren’t shameful or in need of covering up, but i, like many people, enjoy wearing clothing and DON’T enjoy ruining it every month with stains. and i, like many people, also don’t enjoy the painfully sticky hair/skin glue combination that happens when you don’t have a pad or tampon. pretty sure this is pandering bullshit created by anti-feminists(much like bra-burning and other extreme things described as ‘trends’ that never actually happened) that you posted about to generate traffic to your boring website. sorry.

    • Feminist bloggers are indoctrinated by the false feminist ideology which has many sexist double standards and hypocrisies.

  14. Do your research before blaming this on men !!!
    Now that you realise it’s not a hoax I hope you don’t decide to do it yourself and force your daughters to do the same :-(
    Sounds to me you have a deep seated hate for men for some reason
    You are the MORON !!!

    • You’re half right, there IS a moron in that exchange, but it’s not the party to whom you’re replying.

    • Hey douch (ha no pun intended). I’m thinking that that she is stating some reasons why these special folks don’t want to use “man” made products. i.e. Man= human kind = society!!!

      • ugh. seriously, this may well be true, but there are people who genuinely believe this, and there are posts with photos on tumblr that are regularly re-blogged by fem-nazis all the time.
        Regardless of who posted this, there are people do believe this sort of thing.
        While I am sure they believe it’s freeing, all it is doing is compounding the ideology of periods being dirty.

    • She said mens rights not men you idiot. There are a lot of anti feminists who make up bullshit like this to make feminists look bad.

      • You obviously haven’t seen the tumblr posts regarding this issue, and the amount of notes the story has.
        There are feminists who do genuinely believe this.

  15. actually in the beginning, women did not cover their body. there was no shame and no pain or getting old. after the sin of the apple insodent is when all that began. SO WHAT DID WOMEN DO BEFORE THEY BECAME SHAME? COVERING? AND ALL THAT…. DONT GET ME WRONG, I WOULD NEVER DO FREE FLOW. I THINK PEOPLE AROUND HERE CARE TO MUCH ABOUT TRYING TO MAKE A POINT AND THATS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT.

  16. Menstruation is NOT life. It’s expelled dead debris. It’s your body’s way of getting rid of something that isn’t supposed to be there because no LIFE was planted there. Taking a crap is a bodily function too but how would you like to ride the bus or an elevator or work with someone or be in a restaurant with someone that had diarrhea. Why should we be ashamed? “May I take your order?????? ‘Wait, I have to pee…….. ahhhhh there that’s better, Yes I’d like an appetizer to start with please”. You people are sick. Just like someone earlier said even animals lick themselves clean so predators don’t find them. They have more brains than you all do. Women for centuries have been using RAGS……… hence the term “on the rag” which is something you all need to get on. Have you no PRIDE? ICK doesn’t even come close to what this is. Wait till the Center for Disease Control gets a hold of you all. What you want to do in your own home is up to you. If you want to ruin your clothes and furniture thats up to you. But when you are out in the world you are now infringing on MY space and my life. People are not free to do as they please no matter what it is. If they want to live like savages then go inside your home and close the door. Personally I rather like my civilized world and do not want to see anything coming out of anyone. LOL

  17. Please find solace in the fact that there are many feminists who will not be participating in Free Bleeding. I won’t.

  18. 1) This is probably a select group of radical feminists who don’t actually understand feminism, as things such a tampons and sanitary pads do not “rape” women that would be like saying getting smear test is sexual harassment, and several women probably work to create and develop these ” Man made inventions”.
    2) There is nothing disgusting about a women’s body and her menstruation. It is natural!! However it is not sanitary to let your blood get everywhere ( not to mention messy you would go through underwear like crazy), but this does not make us “filthy creatures”. The vagina, is self cleaning. It does not need loads of feminine hygiene products. All that is required is mildly hot water and perhaps an unscented mild soap used on the outer area. Any doctor will tell you feminine hygiene products ( particularly scented ones) can ruin the PH balance of the vagina and cause bacterial infections. It is that way for a reason !!
    3) Since when was the Bible a medical journal ?
    4) feminism isn’t about what is between your legs and what you do with it. Feminism is about the structures of society and rights of women. A man can be a feminist it is about wanting an gender equal world, where women don’t have to live repressed by the patriarchy and can have the opportunity to think and express their thoughts.( Even ones as stupid expressed in the article above).
    Not to be that person who gets all angry at everyone, but I worry about any young girls reading this article and viewing these ideas as correct.

    • Dear ‘common sense’
      It would be common sense to realise that this ‘article’ is indeed a satire.

    • I felt compelled to make a comment on this article until I read yours. you said exactly what I was thinking. I appreciate that someone out there still has a brain and recognizes what feminism is actually about.

  19. This article has pissed me off so much. How dare you put all feminists under this demonising umbrella, using a few individuals who have individually chosen to go a bit too far by thinking a tampon is rape. It is people like you that give feminism a bad name, a few crazies can bleed all they like. But DO NOT continue to demonise feminism with bullshit sensationalist shit like this, it is not so easy to define because as individuals, people will have their on take on it but it is NOT THIS. And we didn’t start to wear clothes to be clean because we’re more intelligent than animals it was for survival because we got fucking cold!

    • Well she didn’t say ALLLLLL feminists are doing this, She just said that it’s a feminist trend, doesn’t mean they all do it. Also we aren’t smarter than animals because we are animals.

  20. PS. how many people are actually going to read the about section/read between the lines? Not cool.

  21. “Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible”

    Can you not.

    • Sorry. I get that if this weren’t satirical it could legitimately bring up pretty much all the issues people (who haven’t realized it’s satirical) are freaking out about, but let’s just remember that when we’re quoting something, you can’t take out just the part you want people to see. So for the sake of all of us, students or otherwise, don’t take a tidbit you could make useful out of context when it isn’t supposed to be used that way.

  22. As I just posted on another site, I think its great that WE ALL will get this freedom. The next time I have to piss I will jst whip out the ole johnson and let fly regards wher I am or who I am with, its on natural isn’t it. Men only stopped in defference to womens dignaty, but since thats nolonger required great. Watch those legs guys. An what about taking a dump? Why not just drop trusers and lay a loaf anywhere any time, its only natural. only problem I see is some one charging me with littering if I use paper, guess it back to the ole fingers and wiping them on what ever is handy. After, its only natural guys.

  23. I was with you until you mentioned the bible, it made your argument unfounded, unscientific nonsense.
    You do not start bleeding if you ‘stand around’ a woman who is bleeding and there is no way that her not using feminine hygiene products would make any ‘syncing of cycles’ more or less likely. My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 months and our cycles have only just synced up.
    If these women want to ‘free bleed’ (which I am no more for than you) that is their Desicion and not yours. You have no more right to judge them than i do for believing in ‘God’ or the bible.
    Your post is hugely flawed, poorly researched and full of errors.

  24. ” It’s a proven scientific fact, that if two women stand around each other for a long enough period of time, and one of them is menstruating, the other one will sync their cycles up and will begin bleeding to. ”
    i am afraid i’m going to have to offer the belief that the author is not the slightest bit credible, and if she is really female, she should attend some women’s studies classes. and use spell-check.

  25. Do these woman actually think that woman in the past used to just let everything flow free? Woman as far back in history as the ancient Egyptians used natural ways to stem the flow, we are evolved human beings , even in our caves we didn’t just pee and poo everywhere we did it in a perticular place not because men or science told us so but because our natural instincts to keep ourselfs clean kicked in . To me all this dose is give people the impression that these woman are stupid, if they are infact so concerned about the affects of these ( man made) products on our body’s how about putting some time into coming up with there own natural alternative . A strong intelligent confident independent woman can be so without blood running down her legs, and if anything this will only take us back to the days where the belief was that a woman was a unintelligent criture with no understanding of science or the world around her . Also on a personal note whoever invented tampons be it man woman or alien I thank them hole heartedly

  26. The first time one of these Nasty… “Free-Bleeder’s” free bleeds on me or on any property I have or cause me to accidently touch, sit or come in contact in any way, I will do some “Ass-Kicking”! Then we will have real cause for some “Free-Bleeding” This is totally disgusting!

  27. Thank you for informing about this new movement, however I find your argument against “freebleeding” completely demeaning to the women who may read this.

  28. ‘It’s apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that the Feminist’s true motive is to set the progress of our species backwards, not forward.’
    ‘It’s a proven scientific fact, that if two women stand around each other for a long enough period of time, and one of them is menstruating, the other one will sync their cycles up and will begin bleeding to.’
    Adora Bull, more like Adora Bullshit. The author of this article obviously knows little or nothing about the Women’s Rights movement or the female reproductive system itself. Also I highly doubt this ‘trend’ is anything more that a hoax made up by anti-feminists to make the movement seem like a joke.

  29. so, after all these years of housewives wanted to be able to do more than just cook, clean and pop out babies, and now have CAREERS and are independent from the males of our species, let’s menstruate ALL over the place and spend all our time CLEANING up after ourselves… So, now they get to clean even more? I think that’s a step backwards…

  30. Oh – and coming from a single 30 year old mother of 3 that was raised as a “logical housewife whose job was to cook, clean & have babies”, I just learned how to change my oil, my wipers, head lights and my tires, if I was on my period the night I learned all of that, I woulda spent more time unsticking my pants from my legs, getting a rash from the stickiness and cleaning up after myself than learning how to maintain my own car!

  31. Well done for getting enraged by a hoax, people.
    You all are idiots.

    As for the writer, quoting the bible?? Really???

  32. Lol, “before the use of feminine hygiene products”. There is literally only one thing to say for that. Bubonic plague.

  33. It does state in the Bible that the one week a month is considered unclean. These silly douch bags should have more to stand up for then the ‘free will’ to bleed down there leg. Period! I would bet that these same woman are first in line to grab a bandaid for a papercut.

    • A papercut is an open flesh wound.
      Menstruation is not the result of an open flesh wound.
      You are fucking thick.

  34. Clearly you are biased. You lost all credibility when you referenced the Bible to make a point. Also, most animals do not “urinate, defecate, and bleed all over themselves and each other”. Very demeaning article.

  35. Menstrual blood is full of rich nutrients that would be better put back into the earth than flushed down a toilet. Although I too find “free bleeding” bizarre and unclean, there are other ways to deal with your period besides tampons and pads. The chemicals in sanitary products are being absorbed into your body through your skins. This can lead to a number of health problems as well as an insane amount of waste! Products like The Diva Cup http://divacup.com or Moon Pads https://www.etsy.com/shop/epicerma – are more conscious ways to become connected with our bodies instead of feeling like we are dirty. Instead of this movements idea freedom from dealing with it at all, i see the freedom of embracing and defining our relationship with our bodies and our earth

    • There are plenty of alternatives to tampons and regular pads. including cloth ones. that are more “green” and still clean for everyone

  36. Using this argument, should all pee in your pants, right? If I’m in the mood I should pee right there. Especially because the toilet was invented by man. Is not true?

  37. One of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Great job making fun of the excesses of people on both sides of the aisle, so to speak.

  38. Fun fact: tampons were invented in the Civil War era to staunch the flow of bullet wounds, in male soldiers.

  39. Although I agree with most of what you are saying, I do not agree with how you are using the term “feminist”. I am a strong feminist and also believe that women should be hygienic when their time of the month comes around – and I think most feminists would feel the same. Just because I believe in gender equality does not mean I want to spill blood everywhere!
    (I am also not sure I agree with the your comment about the Bible having knowledge of our hygiene issues…but I won’t get into that)
    Just wanted to clear this up.

  40. I think feminists should bleed freely… In the kitchen and then be made to clean it up…

    Pffft I ask you really… What nonsense xoxo

  41. I think feminists should bleed freely…
    In the utility room immediately prior to yielding to the will of her master and clean it up…

    Pffft I ask you really… What nonsense xoxo

  42. Erm, a few points there..
    The first picture emerged in the internet some two years ago, so it’s not really a new thing.
    I do agree on one point and that is that I’ve had it up to here with period-pad-whispers and engrossed faces all around the place, but I don’t really think that walking around with blood down to your knees is helping in any way (and I can imagine it’s quite uncomfortable).
    Taking pictures of your stained nickers is simply meaningless.

  43. I don’t care who believes what. If I see some dumb bitch willingly bleeding everywhere I’m going to knock her the fuck out. Then I’ll “free-puke” on her head.

    I don’t need to be exposed to anyone’s diseased riddled body fluids. Neither do my kids. For any radical feminist reading this be warned. If I see this shit in public, I’ll show you my views too.

    Fucking pig disgusting.

  44. While I don’t think this is the wisest of ideas and would never dream of advocating it,
    I have a problem with the line, “…women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible”
    I do not see the Bible as a proper source to prove your theory. It’s a 2000-year-old story book.
    If actual scientific studies were used as proof, you would have a better chance of convincing me.

  45. What ignorant bible thumping flake are you?? Lmao “the bible says” bwahahaha!!! You lost all credibility there!! It’s you that are taking steps backward believing in woman hating nonsense like the bible. The bible also justifies rape, murder, and slavery you dumb cunt.

  46. You had me right up to “cover our bodies and shameful parts”. The erroneous, emotional, baseless assumption that any part of your body is “shameful” is not intelligent at all. Quite the opposite. I found this piece a lot more gross than anything that has ever come out from between my legs, and yet you see fit to splurge it all over the internet where any poor soul could see it. Yuck.

  47. I dont understand the need to draw attention to a cause youve already largely won.. men have no reproductive rights we are all heartless sperm doners to you and the law reflects it by letting you do with your body w/e you want whether we are left feeling robbed of a life we helped create.. family law largely and in most cases favors a woman after we are forced to live with the choice of the woman.. and their are more women in universities than men here in the United States.. now we are forced to listen to this b.s satire (i hope) becuase you women are mad that you bleed for 5 days and we (men and women who think this is disgusting) don’t wanna sit in it or catch what ever someone might be carrying.. you militant feminists are a worse enemy to equality among the sexes than any man ever was.

  48. If your gonna bleed free please stay at home. I dont need to sit or walk in your lady blood. and I dont need or want my children to either. this is one of those ideas that make women seem like crazy Bitches.

  49. It is a disgusting and unhealthy act but so is your mentality towards animals. A little research and you will find that bleeding all over the place is not common amongst the female gender of all species. They aren’t thoughtless animals either as scientists now finally admit.

  50. So you lot clean the kitchen, mop the floor, do generic household chores…

    It’s not that difficult to scrub your goo-catcher?

    • imagine how much more housework free bleeding would cause..might as well just duct tape a mop to her back

  51. It’s fake. Propaganda created by Men’s Rights hate groups who are once again making things up to attack feminists and thus undermine women in Western society.
    The idea of strong, empowered women really bothers them.

  52. The “author” of this article needs to find another source for women being “unclean” beside the bible. And it needs to read “wannabe POS blogger” as opposed to “semi-amateur journalist,” this is a farce compared to real journalism.

  53. So these women aren’t just happy wanting to cut off a penis but now they want to bleed all over everyone? Feminist are just sad sick little women. Hey what do you call the worthless kin around the Virgina? A Feminist. 😀

  54. So these women aren’t just happy wanting to cut off a penis but now they want to bleed all over everyone? Feminist are just sad sick little women. Hey what do you call the worthless skin around the Virgina? A Feminist. 😀

  55. this is the most disgusting trend ever..pads are meant to be worn for period purposes to keep the woman dry and her clothes from getting a god awful stain that barely comes out…i refuse t(‘_’)t to go about this stupid trend

  56. Please provide sources for your “research”
    I have been unable to back up anything you have said.
    How can you produce a page about goths and christ?
    Goths are evil antichrists, and they like blood.
    Perhaps your just mixed up.

  57. That is Just DISGUSTING! I DO NOT want to have to watch out for other women’s menstrual blood everywhere I go! My own is bad enough!

  58. dumb fuckin cunts, feminists are by far the dumbest people on this planet, no one else is to fucking stupid to realize the world is already run by cunts , why do you think north america is so pussy, seriously wake up you fuckin bimbos

  59. This would be like saying we should all stop using tissue paper when we are sick…just blow the snot out on the floor, wipe it on your shirt…let it flow and nature would have intended…

  60. Theres just no need…

    1- IT IS UNCLEAN… Its science!

    2- Its very impractical you will need to keep buying clothes and you will stink all day which is very unpleasant for the rest of society and amounts to being around any other bad odour.

    3- Feminism is counter productive… Just like debates on racism and homophobia, feminism fights for equality but actually segregates society further. Making the population easier to mould and control.

    In my humble opinion, these women are not women they are vile, unpleasent creatures.

  61. what bothers me most is how people react. if you could just say ‘hey, i think this isn’t good’ but you start saying how unclean and disgusting and dumb women/feminists are. yeah, that’s all what it is about. just throw all those nasty words on us.

  62. excuse me monderwomandigest: don’t blame Feminist for the ridiculous shit white hipster women do; gotta do something to rattle people when life is just too easy.

  63. The author makes some very valid points against this practice, but lumps feminists all into one camp. A simple ‘some’ here and there would render her argument more effective. Furthermore, the biblical reference is laughable at best. At first I took it as a joke, but she seems serious, otherwise if it were a joke, it would turn her whole point upside-down in favour of public bleeding! I know, confusing, because the Bible casts a critical eye on a woman’s monthly discharge, instructing partners to even refuse to touch their unclean wives. I just think boasting the support of a dusty old and contradictory book either way is sad.

  64. As a Feminist, I don’t believe this idea to be right in any way. Pads and tampons were invented to keep our (publicly accessible) areas safe and clean, because blood can be dangerous to peoples health, and other people do not want to be touching your blood. That is why when you go for blood tests, people wear gloves. Please do wear pads and/or tampons when you are on your period, for sanitation concerns. I also don’t think you’d want blood all over your mattress, bed sheets, clothes, and every piece of furniture or surface you sit on.

  65. Well, bleeding all over your clothes is not how nature intended. Better do away with the clothing too. I am a woman and I use tampons. But i do think this article is horrible! Shamefull parts? Do you mean your vagina? Oh Shame! I’m pretty sure humans evolved to clothing for warmth. It’s called staying alive not out of shame of our bodies. I don’t think humans are the most intelligent race out there. Animals of “lesser intelligence” do not bleed and crap all over them selves. Come on now… I didn’t even finish reading. But… I wonder what’s better for your health? I can’t imagine wanting to sit in dried blood all day. That can’t be too comfortable. There has got to be a better option? Some Native American women were excused from their daily life during their cycle where they rested and other women fed them and took care of their families.

  66. I would just like to say that it is extremists like this, who completely disregard the true meaning of being a feminist and replace it with this angry desire to overthrow all man-made conventions that “oppress” women. Feminists want equality in society and the workplace, that is all. We can’t smear our blood everywhere like a child throwing a temper tantrum if we want to be taken seriously. I just hate extremists feminists like this, they need a different name, because they are perpetuating negative stereotypes that work against real feminists trying to achieve real political change.

  67. Thank you for this immature article; belittling the feminist movement based on a hoax. If you want to be a journalist, check your sources. Your pompous attitude is overwhelming considering you can’t even fact check,”If you’re like myself, a proud, intelligent, educated…” You have discredited yourself from being any of the above.

  68. I can’t believe all you people responded to this. Its just funny… Did any of you guys notice the authors name is Adora Bull….. adorable…..

    who cares!! its just a period. cool way to see how many guys posted back on it. Now they acknowledge it exists!! and can appreciate the women in their lives that DON’T take on these weird bloody acts. XD

  69. I am not for disposable menstrual products due to all the side effects but their are alternative menstrual care products that are made by women especially stay at home mothers which are much better. I myself make cloth menstrual care products for women of all ages and sizes. Cloth menstrual care products reduce those unnecessary odors during that time of the month, reduce cramping and the over all duration of your menstrual cycle. Not only are they eco-friendly but also come in fun prints which make your menstrual cycle easier to deal with and tolerable. Perhaps these feminists should look into other approaches other then bleeding out i know that must be uncomfortable in general. Not everyone knows that there are alternative options for menstrual care products which is the problem in this modern world, Well just so everyone knows cloth pads are no longer a thing of the pads and are becoming more popular then many think. The health benefits are ten times better then the usual pads found at your everyday pharmacy. Be sure to check out http://www.orgopads.com just to find out more information on our FAQ Section.

  70. Wow, way to slut shame! I thought this was going to be a level headed debate on the good and the bad of this ‘trend’, not a wholly conservative bashing of women.

  71. Where the fuck is Al Bundy and NO MA’AM when we need them. Funny as fuck though… I was entertained reading this ridiculous shit and all the stupid ass comments. Oh lmmfao when someone suggests someone else to use spell check and misspells everything at the same time. I love that shit. Keep up the good work everyone. Without you people who would the rest of the world have to make fun of :-)

  72. Are you for real with this?
    “Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case. The female reproductive system alone is host to over 7000 types of bacteria, some of which are helpful to the system, but many of which are not. These bacteria work together to create the odor and excretions that the female genitalia has been notoriously known for. As women, we need all the extra help we can get to remain clean “down there,” both for ourselves and for our partners. Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up. The fact that Feminists see no problem with adding blood and other types of monthly discharge to the mix is not only disgusting, but alarming and unhealthy.”

    I am not down with free bleeding but I am not so foolish as to think my vagina is some putrid pool of waste either. The bacteria/flora in our vagina is good, and vital it gets thrown out of whack when you start douching and spraying it with feminine deodorant sprays, and special harsh washing soap, etc. Any OB worth their salt is going to tell you to only use a mild soap and warm water for optimal health. Our vagina is designed to be self cleaning so stop spraying things on it and sticking douches up there, trust me your vagina will thank you.

  73. The best part about trolling someone is the person having no idea they’re being trolled. This was hysterically funny. “Goths For Christ.” “Her heterosexual life partner Janet.”

  74. Women let your blood run free!

    Men, stop wiping your asses after taking a dump.

    Let’s all be all natural.

    What an idiotic article about an insane topic.

  75. You utter twit. My only hope is that this prompts you to research your topic before typing up this inane drivel. Even if this weren’t another well documented 4chan hoax, your article makes some disturbing claims and justifications. This bible thing is hardly a credible source regarding anything to do with biology, much less morality.

  76. I’m much less fazed by the possibility of a free-bleeding trend than I am by how stupid and ridiculous the author sounds.
    “It could become a very dangerous situation indeed, if you’re caught with a Free-Bleeding Feminist without your own personal hygiene products available.” Seriously? Is this editorial a hoax, too? Fake or not, this “movement” is obviously not widespread enough to warrant such a vehemently disparaging post.

  77. Feminism is a subset of progressivisim which should obviously be named regressivism. This nonsense doesn’t surprise me. No wonder more and more women are defecting from feminism.

  78. Hey I got one for you… Cleanliness is next to Godliness. All i have to say if i go to sit down and end up in some ones bodily fluids that they don’t have enough respect for themselves or other it won’t be the only blood free flowing. Bleeding clothes / leathers have been around long before God and Jesus Christ was in peoples lives. Then they were great spirits and from the sounds of it you may have indulged in to much of some kind of spirit. .

  79. Lets see…… How is that 2nd grade teacher going to explain to her students why she is bleeding between her legs?

    Is this really a trend among feminist or is some one trying for their 10 minutes of fame (shame)?

  80. As for free bleeding goes, it may be a bit to radical for my taste but a move in the right direction. Wombyn please realize your blood is sacred. I wish that this author brought into light the history of Wombyn at her moon cycles, about the red tents, dancing, and celebrating as Wombyn. We carry the future, literally, right there in our womb. Our blood is a sign of fertility and readiness. It is a right of passage, and it is sad to know that it is so commonly overlooked in our culture. We are in a crux of time where we must take our power back. Looking to the past and pulling truths to the future. What kind of culture is it to think that our blood is disgusting and unnatural? What if we all took the time to nurture our selves during our moon? Did you know it is a Wombyn’s most creative time? Draw from your moon time inspiration. Connect with Gaia. Be with your inner goddess. As Wombyn of all backgrounds ans beliefs we must band together and chose to not tear one another a part but to celebrate our collective wisdom. I hope that one day girls are not shamed. That our bodies are held sacred and no longer objects of sex crimes. I hope that girls will be honored to be wombyn and not feel condemned for it.

  81. I love that the author keeps citing personal health as a reason not to do this – because sticking a bleached cotton plug into an area that is very sensitive to ph variations, and then allowing blood and flesh to congeal in it over a multiple hour period is reallllly great for you. Idiots. Do you even know how your vagina works? I bet your school didn’t have sex-ed, or had a piss-poor version of it… because sex and bodies are “shameful” – as the author puts it. *eye roll*
    Bleeding all over everything in public shouldn’t be a thing that people do generally, because of blood-borne pathogens. There are other options for dealing with this, that don’t need to involve tampons/pads… or bleeding all over a bus seat.
    But generalizing people who identify as feminists in such a terribly misconstrued way just shows pure ignorance. Also, there are some valid points in this movement. Menstruation and women’s bodies/bodily functions have historically been used as excuses to oppress women. For instance in certain tribes females often miss a week of school every month, because they are forced to go sit in a hut together and aren’t allowed to leave until their period is over. There is rampant fear and disgust associated with menstruation… which is ridiculous. It is a natural part of life, and like birth – allows us all to exist. Continuing to perpetuate these ideas is in itself regressive and outmoded… as many commenters said feminism is. Check yo’self fools.
    Doing ANY research whatsoever on your subject matter before publishing your idiotic swill is advisable. Also, citing the bible as a reference for anything in real life immediately devalues your opinion. Good luck in life… pick up a book (other than the bible or shit romance novels) every once in awhile… it does wonderful things for your brain.

  82. Blood can be a high contagion for someone infected. And who would want to set in a chair or bench with blood on it. Stupidity at the max

  83. There is no problem with this as long as they willing to rub their bum around in the snow beforehand to make themselves clean the same way a dog with an itchy bum motors around to get clean or rid of worms.. If an animal is dirty down there it doesn’t just leave a mess it licks or wipes itself clean.. Leaving a mess there is uncaring for oneself..

  84. This is obviously satire. And if it’s not, the author perhaps is the most idiotic woman ever.

  85. I think that the woman who wrote this article is an idiot. I think she has insecurities when dealing with men, herself and other women.
    She says “Animals of lesser intelligence run around naked and without the use of proper tools to make their lives easier because they are just that, of lesser intelligence.”

    While she quotes the Bible in one spot she ignores it in another:

    “Ecclesiastes 3:18-22
    18 I said to myself concerning the sons of men, “God has surely tested them in order for them to see that they are but beasts.”
    19 For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity.
    20 All go to the same place. All came from the dust and all return to
    the dust. 21 Who knows that the breath of man ascends upward and the breath of the beast descends downward to the earth?
    22 I have seen that nothing is better than that man should be happy in his activities, for that is his lot. For who will bring him to see what will occur after him?”

    It has never been proven that man is “more intelligent” than animals…what does that even mean?

    I am not even going to touch her:

    “Animals urinate, defecate, and bleed all over themselves and each other.” ….she obviously hasn’t spent much time around animals!!!

    and her: “women are naturally more unclean than men are”…yep, that must be why we live longer and can hit the toilet!

    OKAY…I take my YIKES back and say YIKES!!!!! what a terrible, poorly thought out, poorly researched, convoluted, article…which in fact is as disgusting as a woman walking down the street bleeding all over herself…because this article insults WAY more people than just those who have to see the woman with no tampon in!

    2 minutes ago · Edited · Like

    • Finally someone who spoke my mind! Unclean, Bible, “science” shameful parts? This article seems to be written by a character from The Handmaid’s Tale. An absolute disgrace to journalism.

  86. I remain unclear if this whole thing is a bad joke, or worse, serious. Even if the idea of free-bleeding is a hoax, the response is questionable at best! The bible says women are ‘more unclean’ than men? Really? It also suggests stoning.I must assume you are in favour of this. If we cut or injure ourselves, we put a plaster or bandage on it. So what is different? If you cannot get yourself to refer to parts of the human anatomy by their real names then you shouldn’t be writing. ‘Down there’, ‘special place’ – seriously? I feel trapped in Little House on the Prairie. Animals are not ‘dirty’. They have a different intelligence and they do just fine, thank you, when we are not interfering in their lives in some or other way! Menstrual odour is from the breakdown of tissue – as we would do when dead. The comment regarding men, rape and mentruation makes no sense whatsoever!

  87. This is a joke, a hoax. I run in feminist circles, and no one is doing this. This is just another bunch of bull from people trying to discredit women for wanting (gasp) to be treated as human beings who have a right to make choices for themselves. And even if it were true, why would anyone care? No one would be trying to force it on anyone else. Use your brains, people. No one is banning tampons.

  88. You lost me at “shameful parts”.

    There’s NOTHING shameful about ANY part of the body. At all.

  89. while i do agree with the fact that this is the most disgusting and dangerous idea the feminists have had to date [and they have had some pretty hectic ones], i COMPLETELY disagree with your attitude and comments regarding us versus animals. yes, they urinate, defacate and bleed all over the place, but don’t try and convince me that we are the ‘more intelligent’ ones, because we are not. humans are greedy, self absorbed, obnoxious pigs that are systematically destroying the planet we live on. get a grip, lady and tell it how it is, but don’t try and use ‘less intelligent’ animals to make your point, because in my world, those ‘less intelligent’ animals have never raped their own babies or killed just for the sake of killing…

  90. If thats the case, let me whip my penis out and start pissing everywhere, as well as squatting to defecate where I please. I mean its natural and freeing right? How dare you hamper my freedom to let bodily waste fall where it may. The nerve of these people.

  91. This is a really creative idea in this article. I have heard many women mention trying this out of frustration but never as a real solution. From my understanding even native american women used bundles of soft absorbent grasses that they shared with the pilgrims. As far as other mammals go, such as dogs and cats, they simply lick themselves clean. People can’t do this for themselves so if you are just dead set on not using products the next best thing to do before bleeding and spreading diseases everywhere would be this. Find yourself a close friend of like thinking and take turns licking each other clean just like most other mammals. This might also be a way to get rid of toilet paper.

    • AIDS (not to be confused with Aids or aids, buckaroo) is blood borne. Not airborne. Unless you’re rubbing an orifice/cut/general opening on your body on the infected blood, you’re safe from those acquired immunodeficiency syndrome riddled free-bleeders and their disease.

  92. It is actually NOT a scientifically proven fact that when women are close that their cycles will sync. This has not been studied enough to say whether it is an actual thing or if it is just myth. I would love to see where the author got her information and see the data that she states that she references, and would like to know who those references are.
    Yes, the bible does mention that women were unclean during their menstrual cycles, but you also need to think about the times that this information was taught. Thousands of years ago.
    I am a feminist, and if certain feminist feel that this is what they want to do, okay. However, it is definitely unhygienic and I can’t personally see why this feminist would want to spread possible diseases.

  93. Who cares if it is unsightly, it is VERY unsafe. No one should have exposed blood without protective covering, cuts, lacerations, internal to external bleeding, none of it. That is how we spread disease. Do not cause a public health problem with a “statement”. You sit on something, you bleed, you spread a million diseases. If an immunocompromised child sits where you sat, they could die.

  94. This article is an absolute joke, right? I personally am not a fan of the “free bleeding” idea either, but for different reasons. There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin. For one, the bible is absolutely not a legitimate source for any kind of facts or “scientific” knowledge and the author’s “science” in general is way off and seemingly without sources. I really hope this is a joke.

  95. All began because one woman forgot her tampon/pad and started bleeding… clearly.. Can see it already..

    Female 1 : You’re bleeding down your leg.
    Female 2 : Oh its a new trend… :-/

    Phew got away with it.

  96. What I’d like to know is, where in the hell did they find a picture like the first to put with this article. This girl has to know she’s bleeding, yet she pulls up her skirt to pose for a photograph Lol. Wow..

  97. Lol. Amazing that you guys are taking this seriously. You do know that this is a joke? Do you believe everything The Onion publishes too?
    Too cute :)

  98. Hi. The idiot who wrote this article is as ignorant as the free bleeders. Bible? uh. Foreskin. UH THE VAGINA IS SELF CLEANING. Not to mention that, that Summers Eve shit and all those douche products were invented by men. Way to push feminism further behind than those “free bleeders.” Ya dumb twat.

  99. Say I have an open wound on my arm bleeding. What do I do with it? I put a bandage on it, so it wouldn’t mess my clothes, keep it more hygienic and wouldn’t make the people around me feel uneasy ’cause there’s blood dripping from my arm.

    Even though menstruating is something that happens every month and it’s not filthy itself, I deal with it with products, ’cause it’s convenient and hygienic – not to mention that I’d find blood on my legs disgusting to me and to other people.

    Like someone already said, radical “feminists” like these make feminists look really bad and extremely selfish.

  100. Why would you be against pads and tampons when they’re designed to make your life more comfortable?
    This sounds more like anti-feminism. Just women making things harder on themselves :p

  101. I’m pretty sure when women started using rags to stem the flow of blood many years ago it was their idea and they weren’t being ‘raped’. We could go back to the OT rules accidently. Would you think a stool that a menstruating woman had sat on without protection was ‘unclean’? I would!

  102. Um, do you even know what a feminist is? You obviously don’t because it has nothing to do with menstruation darling. Being female has something to do with it but I don’t want to insult your obviously superior intellect & scientific bible study. But to be perfectly honest this is the dumbest piece of bullshit anti-feminist propaganda I have ever read. If this new trend was such a problem, then wouldn’t we have actually seen it out in the world? I’ve seen nothing of the sort…and I consider myself to be a feminist. I wonder where all of your free-bleeders are hiding? Hmm. Your logic is flawed at best, your facts are merely opinions and/ or made up entirely. Oh and way to try to sneak “nature” in there at the beginning…what a way to avoid the G word & hide what you really are…for a few seconds anyway.

    I for one am very happy to make choices about my own life & to have a fulfilling career that I also chose. Have fun being someone’s housewife, raising a whole litter of hick brats while your husband is off boinking some babe at the office & gambling his $$ away. His $$, not yours. Because he is the King of his castle & you are there to serve him…never to question him. When he finally leaves & you’re stuck with no skills & no job & a whole bunch of kids to deal with on your own, you might rethink a few things. Unless your church picks up the pieces, then you’re just stuck there living in poverty forever. Happy endings! Feminism is for equality & choice for women. Very simple, very basic. It’s not about man-hating, it’s simply not being inferior to men. And it most definitely is NOT about “free bleeding”. Time to go back to journalism school & actually listen this time around. Hmm?

    • I live in the forth most violent city and I never see gang members shooting each other either. Do you ever see a drive by shooting?

    • Ha.. so funny. Not a man hater.. but you spend half your comment bashing men. Also.. the Feminist stuff is just crap. You say you want choices and equality. Every woman has the choice to have a career, have a career and be a mother or just make their family their career. Who are you to tell me or any other woman what choice is appropriate for us… you don’t know us. Equality is good only so far… yes we should get the same pay for the same jobs…. etc. Yet face it .. men and women are NOT the same, we each have different needs and requirements in life. I have just boiled it down to this.. Feminists do not really want to be woman, they want to be men. As they spend their entire lives denying whom they really are. Hard core Feminist do not want anything to do with families, kids or men. They just spend their lives trying to be one of the guys.

    • To go out of your way to degrade other women just because they chose to be housewives, wow. “Feminism is for equality & choice for women” does that mean women who haven’t been “empowered” by your feminist ideas are miserable people? I know a lot of women who aren’t feminists and guess what? They are completely loved for who they are as a person, appreciated for what they do, respected for being themselves. What a judgmental person you are though, to say that about women who lead a different life. Actually, I respect women who don’t feel the need to compete with men just to feel that they aren’t inferior to them. Now that is strength, and that is not how you have shown FEMINISM in your post. The reason why a lot of people pick on feminists like you is because of your attitude and judgement. Men aren’t perfect, so are you. That is equality too. We, non-feminists do not rely on men and that is the truth. We work with them to create a better system.

    • “Feminism is for equality & choice for women. Very simple, very basic. It’s not about man-hating, it’s simply not being inferior to men. And it most definitely is NOT about “free bleeding”. ”

      That’s all I wanted to say the whole time reading the story!

      C’mon people…

    • One answer: Yes you can if you want, they are also natural, however this act is also to show that there is no need to hide your mensturation i guess… we are living in a lie already, let it free 😀

  103. I’m going to masturbate in public after reading this post… their rational is fucking stupid. Hey guys lets just bleed over everything just to prove a point which obviously will not be acknowledged because for 1 you’ll be damaging public property, EG train seats will be stained with your fucking blood you filthy cunt. If I ever see a woman doing this I’m going to ejaculate all over her face to prove my point, being men should be empowered and be able to do what we want and cum on what we want, when we want. FYI I just masturbated to the photo of the period blood to prove my point (im on a train).

  104. The idea is disgusting and a health risk. The article however, was painful to read. You lost your credibility upon citing the bible lol. Also the women’s cycles syncing up thing does not come from simply “standing around” another menstruating woman…you have to be together for a prolonged period of time, like, living together.

  105. Hey everybody! I’m a young feminist from Sweden. My thoughts:

    1. Ok, no I’m still gonna use stuff to avoid bleeding everywhere, imagine how it would ruin my sheets. And knickers. And majestic velvet dresses. Love velvet.

    2. Still, you don’t have to sound so. Misogynistic. *insert sad panda face* The human body has no “shameful parts”. Except maybe the brains of rascists and antifeminists.

    Love and respect my darlings. See you on Jezebel!

  106. This is a disgusting new trend. I don’t know why someone would ever want to live this way. How uncomfortable must it be to just bleed all over the place?

    I hope that these feminists choosing to partake in free bleeding also reject pain killers for menstrual cramps, heat patches etc. And I hope they don’t use anything else invented by men to ‘enslave’ them. Ridiculous!

    That being said, although I agree with most of what is said in this article, I don’t think it is particularly well written and I wouldn’t say that all animals are less intelligent just because they don’t wear clothes etc.

    I also think it is sending the wrong message. perhaps as bad as the feminists, to suggest that any body part is ”shameful” just because it is the social norm to cover it up. I wear modest clothes but not because I think any of my body parts are shameful and I think it send an horrific message to others to suggest that that is the case.

    On an unrelated note, I do think that feminine hygiene products should be available freely to all. I think it is unfair that we should be forced to spend a fortune on such products (ok, so they may be a few ponds a pack and nearly always on offer but if you are unlucky enough to get heavy periods you can end up spending £15 a month on pads, tampons, pain killers, heat patches etc).

  107. I think most of us have desided it’s a health risk and not to mention much more costly to buy more clothes, than a pack of tampons (said light hearted).
    Yes I have a problem with it but more so how this article is written. Nature doesn’t intent for us and animals to bleed everywhere and on each other, as so elegantly put. Nature intends for the femail to be mated with to carry on the species. But because there is so damb many of us and the age of fertility can be so bloody low, some of us are taking a responsible solution and as of such had to find ways of coping.
    Have a bit more respect for the animal kingdom, before our great ‘intelligence’ and ‘higher being’ messed it all up.

  108. I completely agree that this is a horrific and unsanitary practice. I just wish the author would not have said that women are more unclean because it is stated in the Bible. For me, that totally negated everything she wrote and shows me that the author is not very intelligent. What one random book states is not fact. The Bible is a book of stories with many ridiculous and outdated concepts. It should NEVER be used as a reference for scientific data.

  109. A woman during her time of month does most of the time keeps it to herself. As a male, this is a turn off and very unhealthy. These feminist are mentally ill people that need to be check into the local psycho ward. They do not speak for the woman at all. The war against woman is coming from the left and not the right. Abortion has done more harm to a woman then the right wingers have done. They may proclaim it is a woman’s right to choose. What they omit is once a woman has an abortion. The psychological, emotional and spiritual damage takes a toll on a woman. This bleed free fad is a desperation move because feminism is losing its influence.

  110. Unsurprisingly no sources or evidence. The fact that you repeatedly call out “feminists” (I’m a feminist, and I’m a male) as the perpetrators of this, as opposed to individuals who simultaneously align themselves with the feminist movement, is scarily ignorant of what the term actually means.

    Yes this is an unhygienic and uncivilized way to deal with a woman’s period, but to blame it on those who want both genders to be treated equally and claim it’s a “trend” when this is the first I’ve heard of it, is showing.

  111. Okay,
    on one level I can agree that it is not the most hygenic of practises. However,
    firstly, quoting the bible as a reputable source is just. No…nope nope nope. I don’t give a shit what it says about the female body in the bible considering it also says we must be submissive to men, not speak unless spoken too, that we are mans punishment etc etc.
    Secondly- I don’t know about those reasons but I can think of some very great reasons for abandoning pads/tampons in protest. In fact all of you who comment on this stating it’s disgusting and unnatural should probably agree with me when I say PADS AND TAMPONS SHOULD BE FREE, OR AT THE VERY LEAST GST EXEMPT.
    I mean, seriously. I would consider doing away with sanitary items for a month just to get this type of reaction which proves that pads/tampons are NECESSARY items. But they’re so expensive!! Why should women have to fork out hundreds of dollars a year to deal with periods? Why? I’ll tell you, it’s because our society deems it necessary that a woman hide her femininity- her period- and as such deems going without pads/tampons a social crime. However, despite this perceived necessity, they are priced ridiculously, and are taxed gst- which items considered necessary are meant to be exempt from.
    Consider that as a reason to free yourself from the patriarchal constraints of pads and tampons! they’re just to freaking expensive and they really shouldn’t be.

  112. This is kind of disgusting , but then again why should everyone judge the people in this world do to much of it, let them do what they want if woman want to free bleed to be it there life/body i wouldnt do it but it would be better then using the annoying tampons they hurt, or the pads that rub & give you sweat rash lol

  113. While I agree with the whole “EW WTF why would you not use feminine hygiene products?!” I am strongly opposed to the description and belief that female genitals are dirty, disgusting and shameful. There is a little too much religious doctrine underpinning this article for my liking. Just my opinion…
    Could have gotten the same point across without it.

  114. ‘The fact that Feminists see no problem with adding blood and other types of monthly discharge to the mix is not only disgusting, but alarming and unhealthy’

    You are the type of woman that brands all normal feminists and extremists under the same category. I am a feminist, I think women need to be paid the same as men, and I LOVE TAMPONS.

  115. i’m not against when women doesn’t want to use napkin or whatsoever. good luck to them! because they need to wash their panties hard for 3-7 days? just to wash the blood off your panties. nice one!

  116. In his time Moses, I guess, realized how unclean and hazardous the menstrual blood is and decreed that women who are menstruating should leave and live on the outskirt of the community until it runs its cycle. this way, sanitation was somewhat preserved and the women got a chance to rest and recharge. SO, if they want to go to pre-biblical times… let them follow Moses’s laws .

  117. Give me a break. Our period is so full of impurities. This has seriously crossed the line. In the old days women were shut in a room till they quit bleeding. We have come a long way baby lol. This is so bizarre it is almost not worth the time to write a post.

  118. Really? is this for real? Or has there been focus on extremists again. We all know extremists of any group are frickin’ wierdo’s… Also where does it say (other than here) that they see tampons or pads as rape? This article is not good, the argument is as bad as the notion of free bleeding. Get ya facts right and show us some sources. Do your homework ya dafty.

  119. “Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case.”

    this article is ridiculous. don’t pretend you know how to use science to support an argument.

  120. I am not a fan of this trend either.
    However, I noticed several misinformations in this article.
    First, you lumped all feminists together in one and I as a feminist who prefers her favourite skirt to stay blood-free find this a tad bit insulting. Read up a bit about the movement and its several sub branches. Maybe this will help you to distinguish radical feminists from Muslim feminists, Christan feminists, fourth wave a. s. o. and thus, avoid further misclarification. Really. it helps avoiding misunderstandings and you’ll find yourself taken more seriously.
    2nd: Animals do NOT shit, pee and bleed over each other all the time. Pigs have their shit places, given enough room. Rabbits, hamsters, mice have their places for shit and pee.
    Horses will refuse to eat from a meadow fertilized with horse dung. to avoid infection. Same goes for cows in a way – they DO eat the fertilized grass but when they dump some they’ll avoid to feed in close proximity.
    Wounded or sick animals avoid their peers, to not spread or catch an infection – the same reason why they’ll leave their group when death is near.
    Also, measuring an animals intelligence on their abiltiy to adhere to human standards is … meh. So, you mind doing some research on this?
    I agree with you that we, unlike animals wear clothes – however this has less to do with shame and more with practical reasons – we at one point shedded our fur because unneccessary, wandered north, was cold, we needed to cover up. End of story. Has nothing to do with humans being filthy – just as menstruation has nothing to do with being filthy. It IS a natural effect of civilisation. See, wild animals straightup can’t afford the blood loss. Both for energy conversion and for herbivores also so to not attract predators.
    So? Birds lay eggs, fertilized or not. In a nice shell, so it wont smell. (however, good luck finding an unfertilized egg in the wild). Other animals – like mammals – simply don’t BLEED. They tear down and dissolve the plazenta internally – same happens when f. e. a rabbit colony is overcrowded or a doe is sick. Either a doe doesn’t conceive or if she does and life doesn’t improve… well… suddenly no embryos anymore. We had it once or twice – doe was pregnant, a week later not so anymore – this was usually in bad years, long winters, etc.

    Sooooo… animals are rather good at keeping clean, you know.

    Point is, when humans got the hang on fire and started to semi-settle down it became safer. Not to mention women didn’t conceive kids ALL the time – so the dissolving tactics wasn’t neccessary. Hence, bleeding.
    Natural effect of civilisation process.

    Humans are not filthy (in the sense of unnatural). Our disgust of pee, shit and blood (both menstrual and blood in general) are inborn instincts we share with animals.

    That said: As I said – I prefer my clothes blood free, because, I don’t see the point of ruining my favorite skirt. I can’t stand the smell of blood. Not to mention this overly moist and warm micro clima, additionally to the inbalance the blood brings to the ph value in the vagina “free bleeding” is just as unhealthy as a pad or a tampon. Just that this time you also smell and look like fresh out of a horror movie.

    All in all, I agree with your opinion. Your points and reasons however leave much to be desired.

  121. The thought of this is nasty and any woman doing this should be jailed for spreading disease and or put in a mental health facility. If you do this stay at home and go no where and do not subject the rest of us to your filth

  122. A few quick thoughts: I am a feminist. I believe in equality among all people. Using the bible as a reputable source makes you sound very ignorant. If the vagina is so disgusting and unclean, why do men enjoy oral sex? I am not ashamed of my vagina at all. I think it’s beautiful, and know it tastes pretty good. I was a curious and weird teen. I think it has a pleasant smell as well. However, I would not participate in this practice because it seems rather annoying to be honest. Girls are taught to feel ashamed if they have an accident, and are mercilessly ridiculed for it, so I can kind of understand where these hardcore feminists are coming from. I personally do not like ruining my clothes because let’s face it, blood almost never comes all the way out, and it’s kind of ooey gooey sticky and annoying. That being said though, I should not feel like I am a freak of nature if I have an unexpected accident.

    The next main issue to be addressed is blood. If you have an open wound, you cover it up. It provides a layer of protection to you and those around you. Having your period is kind of like an annoying wound you get generally once a month often accompanied with bloating, fatigue, and cramps. Again, though, not something to be ashamed of.

    If women choose to partake in this, and gives them a sense of freedom go for it. I however, will abstain.

    • Also if this is such a “problem,” where are your sources? This “journalist” is a joke.

  123. Did she say this? She did: “given us the enlightenment that we were to cover our bodies and shameful parts to begin with”. Shameful parts! What “Shameful parts”, who has these, our bodies are beautiful, no woman, or man. has shameful parts!

  124. equality, equality….. blah blah!!! God or whatever has created us DIFFERENT!! Equalityyyyyy!!! then why don’t women do an operation on their genitals so they will be equal to men? or wait why not inject some testosterone so we’d have hair on our faces and chests as well?? Equality is in having THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES!

  125. Not to mention that life-threatening diseases such as AIDS can be transmitted through HIV positive blood, hence the special bins in ladies restrooms. Not a good idea to walk around in this fashion, and not very nice to look at either tbh…

  126. I don’t understand who would publish this article. The author lost all credibility with her inaccurate ‘facts’. Her article is one-sided and biased and has a lot of judgement and assumptions. She seems to have a deep rooted underlying and unknown hatred for the female and male sexes. She appears to hate and self loathe parts of her female identity and also facets of males too. I cannot believe this article got published.. who does she know or what did she have to do in order to get this article that only promotes hatred to each sex and provides inaccurate information, published?? I feel sorry for her because she doesn’t have a clue and she herself came off unintelligent and not educated in this article. Please, get educated and get some therapy too..good luck.

  127. I’m into this new thing called “free shitting.” Because toilet paper was invented to inadvertently ass-rape you, I just shit wherever I happen to be. It’s very freeing.

  128. Although I agree with a lot of what this article says on free-bleeding, I don’t think describing parts of women as filthy and shameful is a good attitude to take, or the fact that it doesn’t differentiate between actual feminism (i.e. gender equality and a lot less idiocy) and radical feminism, which is more of a pseudo-feminism and has some really bad ideas about how to bring about gender equality and universal female empowerment. As well as this, tampons weren’t actually intended for feminine hygiene originally, and it was in fact women who started using them for that purpose, so I wouldn’t say they were man-made, in that sense.

  129. “It’s stated in the bible”…right. Everything on the bible is obviously true :/

  130. Oh yeah let’s all “free-bleed” so we gotta sit and decide hmm throw these pants out or have yet more laundry…hey while we’re doing away with pads & tampons lets get rid of soap and toilet paper for the sole fact that a man invented them…stupid!

  131. I don’t believe this for a second. And I cant understand how ignorant this journalist can be. Regardless of this so called ‘fad’, there once weren’t feminine products for women to use and still in some countries today. And some of those products over time cause damage to the body than good, because it rids the body of the healthy bacteria that fight off the problematic germs. To the sexist journalist, read up and be well informed before opening your mouth to the public.

  132. Never forget that this is a totally liberal idea (democrats)… It is disgusting as is abortion, homosexual marriage and obamacare.

    Just saying……………….

  133. this is the worst thing i ever heard of not only disgusting but a health risk to all of us and RUDE to boot !!!!! anyone who wants or feels the need to practice this kind of crap should be brought in AGAINST thier will and they should be sterylized at a moments notice .hence no vaginal discharge with her monthly and hey if shes stupid enough to follow this practice she certainly doesnt have enough brains to carry a kid and have one .God forbid another child the state would have to pay for . remove her uterous she doesnt deserve to have one PERIOD no pun intended

  134. I’m not ashamed of my period or my womanhood, but I’m not going to proudly let my uterian lining stream down legs. 1. I think it’s utterly disgusting & unsanitary. 2. I don’t have a bank account to support the buyin of underwear and pants to support this free flowing practice.

    I also think the idea that feminine products inadvertently rape women is completely absurd. Give me a break.

  135. “its stated in the bible”,… Without the actual biblical quotes for reference… Not to mention that is a rather blind theocratic statement. Anyone who writes like this should not be taken seriously. anyone referered to as a “an American semi-amateur journalist” and is part of a group called “goths for christ”, who cant even whip out the actual biblical verses for their bullshit theocratic tripe is no more a jounalist than the asswipes on Fox news.

  136. So let me get this straight, are they expecting me to sit on a puddle of blood when they get up to leave from for example a bus or a train?

  137. What’s far more sickening than the idea of women not using feminine hygiene products to control their menstruation is the manner in which you speak of women and their bodies. There are no ‘shameful’ parts of the human body, only the naturally developed ones that were necessary to create every single human that has ever existed. There is absolutely zero evidence to prove that women are ‘dirtier’ than men, and the fact that you have chosen to continue such crude misinformation makes me question the validity of all your written work. Please correct or remove this article as it is extremely insulting to all women (and many men), and is full of misinformation and bias.

  138. Although I’m not gonna run around ‘free bleeding’ I have more of an issue with the writer. Feminists have a point: Women are made to feel ashamed of their monthlies- rather than proud that their bodies, every month, are proving that they are able to support the creation of a child. How amazing is that? It’s SO SAD that women are so grossed out and ashamed of something so astonishing and natural.

    This article has put in to perspective EXACTLY WHY some hardcore feminists are opting to do this. To prove exactly the point that there are some women- article writer included- who are ashamed of the way their bodies (need to) work.

    Unfortunately the way we live now absolutely would make this an unpleasant choice- I.E: We wear clothes, we have created public spaces, we aren’t constantly somewhere we can be ‘clean’. Unlike animals.

    I think some of the stuff is silly- I hardly think a sanitary towel is capable of ‘rape’- no matter how metaphorical. But I wonder if the article writer mis-quoted or construed a point? On the basis that she is very much one-sided in this opinion…

    I might also point out that tampons are HUGE health hazards- having a piece of cotton sat in your body (in a moist, warm place) for hours on end is hardly ‘sanitary’ at all. And more and more women are suffering from toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Seriously guys. Read up.

  139. This is absolutely appalling. You fall for a troll, doing terrible research, then essentially self depricate an entire gender. I feel sick to my stomach being a young woman and reading this bile that women have written about themselves and other women. Free bleeding isn’t a feminist trend, I imagine some people prefer this approach to dealing with menstruation but hey, thats their deal. You are bastardising an entire movement by claiming this is a feminist trend, and all this so called feminist trends on this blog are stinkin’, in the sense they’re complete fabrication or your sources haven’t been cited and verified properly. Give me your job, you useless, demeaning disgrace of a woman. Feminism is simply the idea of equality with no double standards or special treatment for women, its the idea of seeing people, not gender, not being afraid to say things to the opposite gender, having the same laugh you would with your own gender. Its not about extreme man hating, although there is a very radical minority that feel like this. As I said you’ve almost made me hurl with some of this, feminism’s main barrier seems to be other females by the looks of this. We are NOT unclean, the Bible shouldn’t be cited as a valid source unless you’re talking about it as one of the most believed works of fiction in the universe. Women bleed. Women have vaginas. Men and women alike LOVE natural female ‘odours’ its a fucking pheromone. Being clean is one thing, being ashamed of your natural biology and wanting to essentially wrap your cunt in bubble wrap is insane. Your sex life must be terrible if you’re that worked up about your own pussy. You’re shaming your own gender, every single one of you thats commented on this in a positive way or believes this, feminism is the reason you can unfortunately write or even have access to a computer in the first place. Wake the fuck up, seriously. And yeah, +100 points2u for your journo skills, way to report a troll in a sickening fashion and pepper it with the most anti female words i’ve heard in a long time. we should be a united front, not criticising one another. I bet not one of you that thought this was real and agreed it was feminist rubbish has ever had the confidence to truly understand ones body and explore it. Men are no where near as bothered about the state of your cunt as you seem to be, lighten up, accept yourself, and try to see people for people.

  140. fine you can do what you want when you have your period. But if you leave a stain in a public place you better clean up after yourself.

  141. The grammar in this article isn’t great. Serious or sarcastic, this author needs to be double checked.

  142. What a BS article, sounds more than a little made up to get readers. Please, just because people circulate stupid stories online does not make it true. What a pathetic excuse for a journalist.

  143. “If this was the case, nature would never have given us the enlightenment that we were to cover our bodies and shameful parts to begin with. ”

    Calling our vaginas “shameful parts” made me stop reading this article.

    While I believe free bleeding is unsanitary for the public I also feel there is nothing shameful about any part of my body. Your outdated attitude shows how ignorant you are.

  144. Tell you what, if there are women out there stupid enough to go for this, never, EVER sit down in a public place again!

  145. Can we please note that pads and tampons are just as likely to cause bacterial growth and infection as “free bleeding” (sorry, but, you know, the /b/tards decided to start a new trend and continue their legacy of fuckassery.)

  146. Please STOP co-opting the term “feminist.” Just as someone else commented, ” Feminism is for equality & choice for women. Very simple, very basic. It’s not about man-hating, it’s simply not being inferior to men.” THANK YOU. Younger women, PLEASE educate yourself and don’t buy into this mindset. Also, tampons and pads were invented by women during ancient times — figure it out. Seriously, in pre-historic days, do you really think men cared enough about women to fix this problem for them? Women came up with the idea. This new practice, if the whole article isn’t a hoax, is just disgusting. What is next, free sh*tting?

  147. It’s funny that the writer, a “goth for christ”, is saying this is a feminist thing, and you all are falling for it hook, line & sinker. Sounds more like a cheap scare tactic to me. Bless your little sheep hearts. Keep on believing that ol’ book of yours. Yours is not to wonder why.

  148. Fucking hell to all these idiotic people who refer to the ridiculousness of the bible and then defend the radical feminist bullshit.
    The Bible is absolutely ridiculous but come on, the main point is that it’s downright disgusting to free bleed.
    If you’re so keen then you deserve a place in the dumpster cause seriously,there is something called hygiene.
    How would you feel if men took a shit in front of you? Exactly.

  149. This is total HORSESHIT!!! This article sounds like satire that The Onion would publish. If not satire, it’s probably from some kind of right-wing woman-hating Republican rag. No woman – let alone a feminist woman – would ever do this. Grow up, you stupid sheeple.

  150. this is fucking disgusting. Before you decide to do this read the actual history on who invented and why they were used. Go ahead walk around with blood dripping down your leg, you all are digressing yourselves in society. If i had blood dripping out of my dick hole once a month and a lady invented something to keep it from getting everywhere then FUCK YEAAA!!! Quit bitching and looking for reasons for people to say’ “aww, poor woman” and just be better then men in your field set the fucking example for women everywhere. You have every opportunity men have and maybe even more.

  151. fuck bitches these days ain’t shy no more , If ya do that in front of me i will cum her with ma suppa sperms … (y) fuck dis shit

  152. Ew. Ew. EW. EEWWWW. This is disgusting. It’s not free-ing its unsanitary. I, for one, believe in equality for women…because thats still the world we live in today but…. No one wants blood everywhere…and what if these sed feminists have diseases only carried in blood? HELLO?! There are kids running around. This is absolutely sick and embarrassing to women.

  153. Being the “Miley Cyrus” of journalism is a terrible insult, remove it from your bio Adora Bull

  154. Anyone who does this is clearly also the type of person who has hepatitis and hiv that they got from their “freeing” backyard tattoos and mass orgys.

  155. Dude you guys do realize this is intense trolling, right? I cant believe people are taking this seriously, I thought people had learned that you can’t trust everything you read on the internet. This post is filled with sarcasm as I see it. I am a feminist, but for the love of God don’t think this is the kind of thing we would actually do, and are planning to do. Any woman who actually wishes to do this (??), well that’s her own fucking business and you cant really control her actions, but DONT ASSOCIATE IT with feminism. Just personal choice and bad hygiene. thanks

  156. Also “FemNazis” is an unneducated and childish word, please don’t use it unless you wish to be made fun of, and sound incredibly stupid. Why would you compare bad feminists with Nazis anyways? Have you not been taught History? Are you really that unneducated? Are you really deliberately ignoring what Nazis represent, and ignoring the horrors and unbelievable pain they inflicted to hundreds of people just for the sake of insulting bad feminists with a word you find cool? because that right there is something only an ignorant would do and its pretty twisted. Sick.

  157. Hepatitis can survive outside of the body for up to 7 days on a surface in a tiny bit of blood..and can be transmitted through unintact skin, such as scrached open insect bite, cracked skin, torn off hang nail etc..think about where that blood might be… sitting on the park bench, bus stop…eyes, nose and mouth are common entry points..think about that…blood born pathogens…there is no reason to put anyone at risk for a lifelong and potentially deadly infection.

  158. regardless if its a health issues or not. The bottom line is its gross and nasty and the women doing it are just pigs.

  159. Sorry…but if someone wants to walk around dripping blood then that’s their choice. But blood can carry disease. Want to leave your traces? Leave them in the halls of your kid’s school when you go for an activity….or maybe at that important meeting where you’ve worked years to get the opportunity…and you stand there giving your presentation with blood running down your legs. Seriously? This is beyond stupid. Just stupid. This is not feminism, it is a sad attempt to reach for something, anything that supposedly speaks to women. I won’t bleed in front of anyone. Nor will I poop or fart. Nor will I binge on Oreos or Ramen noodles. I won’t let anyone see me cry when I’m struggling with a decision or scream when I’m really pissed. All of those things are natural but not all should be witnessed. And by the way…I don’t get my “monthly” anymore and that is a very good thing….should I put a sign on my chest letting everyone know? My answer is no.

  160. you could have acknowledged that many feminine hygiene products are toxic. Why not use this as an opportunity to plug the diva cup? (sorry for the pun)

  161. you “Christians” need to get over your feminist bashing. I feel sorry for you.

  162. This article made me incredibly sad. This young writer has bought into the lie that women are dirty, nasty “down there.” That we need to buy products to cleanse ourselves. All Biblically based, she says. How about Madison Avenue???
    I had never heard of Free Bleeding until this post, and I don’t really have an opinion on it, because as a Feminist, I’ve never even heard of it, and I hang out with a group of VERY progressive women.
    In ancient times, before Christianity, menstrual blood was considered sacred. A girl starting her menses was celebrated and adored, unlike today, where a girl starting her period feels shame and embarrassment. Menstrual blood was considered powerful, and women offered it back to the earth to fertilize crops. It was not considered dirty.
    Scientists today are studying menstrual blood for its rich stem cells.
    Christianity teaches us that having a cycle is a curse brought on by Eve’s disobedience to God and Adam. That’s a sad myth. A cycle is power. It’s a blessing. A powerful, sexy, beautiful experience that magnifies our intuitive abilities and our connection to the Earth and its ebb and flow.

  163. For any woman out there that thinks free-bleeding is considered natural, and people should not be disgusted…..first smack yourself out of your state of delusion. Second, ask yourself if you would want yourself, or family to include your children, and friends to be exposed to diseases contained and spread through blood?!?!?!? Lastly, let us turn the tables of your argument, you say it’s natural right….well some would argue men’s need to masturbate is natural as well!!!! Would you then believe it was ok for men in society to openly due this, and leave the product of it everywhere to include something you could possibly come in contact with????!!!!! I bet my ass you would not be ok with that. So let’s check back into reality and act like a society that might have a shred of common sense, and decency towards others. Most people like this just seem like people so bored with life, and have such a off sense of entitlement that they come up with nonsense like this to fill their time with. You want to openly bleed…stay home for a week, don’t want to push a tampon in, use a pad but get over yourselves!!!!

  164. I own a restaurant and I can assure you that any free bleeding “anything” will be escorted out of my premises, IMMEDIATELY. On top, my country ( Sri Lanka)has many dogs running on the streets and you can be sure to locate free bleeding “anything” walking on the streets, very easily, on the amount of dogs following her…..

  165. lol @everybody commenting on how stupid the op is for making that comment. its OBVIOUSLY DISGUSTING what this article shows. and the op is trolling. its kinda like answering a rhetorical question. youre answering something that should not need an answer. it should be obvious that the op is trying to get a rise out of someone. this is the internet people. so stop it… just stop it…

  166. Oh, satire! How sad it is that people can’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to notice your existence. Please, opinionated internet readers, tell me again how screwed up this writer is.

  167. Great, more stinkin bitches runnin’ around stinkin! If I see any doing this and bleeding their stink in public places, ima follow them to their car and piss and shit in their seat. You know, because it’s natural for male to do that.

  168. Omg this is so freaking nasty and just sick to even think about GROSS!! and can u even think about the stds that ppls got omg this is wrong in so many levels. I guess they think hafe the world is dying with STDS they want the rest of the world to die too

  169. Toilet paper is man made… does that mean we should all stop wiping our ass too!? Wtf. This is ridiculous

  170. Natural body function… A bowel movement is also a natural body function. As for woman product’s being a man made rape device just remember who dawned the first clothing period. A female!!! Eve invented clothing, that being a woman made rape device….

    Common sense out the window. So if anyone free bleeds near or on me I’ll make sure to do a number two too them…

  171. To the author of this article: there are many other ways you could have shown your disagreement to “free bleeding” without condescending and shaming the whole female gender.

    As a female myself, I am offended at being labelled unclean (especially when quoted from the Bible). I don’t partake in “free bleeding” and I respect your views. I do not however respect your offensive tone and word choices against women in general. Be wary of your words. You don’t have to respect their views, but you should respect women. xxx

  172. That’s disgusting. Next you’re going to say that a snotty nose should not be wiped clean or we should just piss/shit in our pants because it’s a natural bodily function. Come on people, that is just an embarrassing, stupid, Avoidable way to destroy your clothes.

  173. We ain’t in the 18 centuary anymore. We are supposed to have advanced to baths, better healthcare , better personal hygiene. Without going into detail , but women KNOW what is involved in keeping themselves hygienic. Why on earth would we want to see a woman with staining on her clothes. Don’t forget ladies WE , the older generation , were here first and know about feminism.
    Being a feminist is one thing , being a dirty female with no respect for yourself or other peoples welfare is another. Clean up your act ‘ladies’ and behave.

  174. To the author: It seems like most people are overlooking your poor writing and thinking skills along with the many other heinous flaws in this article. I believe this is so only because the idea of rampant menstrual discharge is rendering your readers too offended to think clearly. While I’m a woman who is not in support of “free-bleeding”, I am more offended by this article, its tone and the laughably over-inflated notion of your perceived “intelligence” it almost tangibly conveys. This just makes me hope that free-bleeding feminists may be so moved as to print out your article solely as one more thing to menstruate on.

    “But for those of you who are not blessed with the acute observational skills such as myself, I will gladly share my wisdom with you.”
    If you’re going to claim you possess wisdom and need to shout it from the hills of the internet (which in my humble experience is only the practice of the pretentious, insecure and intellectually-lacking), at least don’t make any typos in your article. This is your first fail. Well then, at least don’t make any SIMPLE typos. Your second fail. I’m not going to waste any more of my time finding them for you in context, but it might serve you well to learn the difference between too vs. to and due vs. do.

    Additionally, your belief that women are inherently less clean than men is more than irking. If you want to believe you are a dirty animal, by all means, believe you are a dirty animal. Though part of me believes a “dirty animal” could write a more compelling, less-pretentious piece-of-shit than the one you just regurgitated.

    “…it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible…”
    Even I am taking the time to providing examples from your menstrual-rag of an article to elucidate my argument. Maybe I would just have rolled my eyes and moved along if you had taken the time to actually concretely prove or support at least one of the offensive concepts in that drivel I just read.

    I could go on but…I won’t. I could write some sort of conclusion to this comment but…sadly, I already provided you with more journalistic integrity than you have provided your readers.

  175. “The second, being that tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are ‘man’ made inventions, intended to inadvertently rape a woman during her period”

    i have so much pity for people who believe this.

  176. I couldn’t read all the replies, but agreed with most of the ones I did read. For those of you who agreed that it is more natural to let it flow, YUCK! Stay away from me during your “letting time”. There was reference to how animals let their flow happen naturally, I have a word about that too. Animals clean themselves and each other by using their tongue to lick their blood, urine and poop. They also use their teeth to pull at lumpy, sticky stuff. So when you find it fitting to, or you become flexible enough to lick and chew your own bloody crotch and the bloody crotch of other women, then we will talk.

    • Incidentally, I do lick the bloody “crotch” of my female companions and have not yet achieved the flexibility to lick my own. I lick their anuses, too, but not right after they poop, of course. Though that might be akin to a fecal transplant. Has anyone touched you down there lately, or is that how you acquired your nickname? You dirty animal 😉

  177. Where are your sources? The only source you cite is the Bible! Sorry to burst your “journalistic” bubble, but the Bible is not an accurate scientific source. Additionally, I looked for “freebleeding” all over the internet, and only a few really obscure items came up, none of which your article accurately or even remotely represents. Your motives are doubtlessly defined by the ideology that feminism is an aberration, and ought to be seen as such by posting this utter garbage. Please give your readers some credit. As a “journalist”, it’s your duty.

  178. I enjoyed the beginning of the article and almost smiled at how well written in was, that is until you said animals run around and are less intelligent. If you haven’t done research on intelligence you have no right to make such statements. And to enlighten you, animals don’t just bleed all over the place. They it off and whatever. Even tribes, like nomadic tribes, of humans used moss and cloth to clean. This issue is not a matter of feminism, it’s a gross misunderstanding of what should be. Women in Middle Ages allowed themselves to do so. Middle Ages are considered some of the darkest times. Go figure.

  179. If women start free bleeding around us then me and my buddies will start free shitting around them.

  180. Upon hearing about free bleeding and learning what it was, I was as shocked as you. But I know that the culture a person is a part of can affect their responses to some ideas, so I made sure to keep an open mind. I had to try hard to do that, I had to really look for it. But it was made easier by reading about how “disgusting” periods are. They are a pain, especially when a favourite pair of pants gets stained, but really the intense and hateful attitude to women in this article was surprising and offensive to me. So I reread the article and really thought about it, and here’s what I have to share:

    “It is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that…” is swiftly followed up with references to the Bible and the very specific example of “there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case.” Well, with a tight and well researched argument like that, sister, I fold. I am an empiricist at heart, and willing to consider any point if it has scientific evidence. But despite making hefty claims, none has been provided here. Also, the topic this relates to, that women are “unclean” is ambiguous and needs defining. So far, I have no opinion either way, because despite the author’s passion, I have seen nothing to convince me.

    “The female reproductive system alone is host to over 7000 types of bacteria, some of which are helpful to the system, but many of which are not.” Again, a useless statement, for all the reasons I said above. After a quick google search I found on the BBC website that on the palms of our hands are millions of bacteria. Not all bacteria is a threat. The author stated that some are, but again provided no examples or evidence to make her point. (Here is the link if you would like to check my source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/the-bacteria-on-our-hands/2277.html )

    “These bacteria work together to create the odor and excretions that the female genitalia has been notoriously known for.” Yes, but please, everybody’s genitals smell bad without personal hygiene. That’s why we shower. Periods are not any more offensive in that respect, as I am about to go on to explain.

    “The fact that Feminists see no problem with adding blood and other types of monthly discharge to the mix is not only disgusting…” Unless a woman has an infection – which is easy to deal with with modern medicine and is, frankly, a private matter – there is nothing dangerous, unhygienic or wrong with any of a woman’s natural discharges. If you generally have good personal hygiene and no medical conditions, you will not smell bad. Man or woman. Menstruating or not. Has the obnoxious speculation “Jenny’s on her period, she’s being a right bitch” ever been followed up with “yeah, you’re right, I can smell it”? That is not a thing.

    The other problem stated was health concern. So let me tell you about some of my experiences, having no other examples to draw on here. My first period was horrendous. Genetically I drew the short straw and I have really heavy periods, and the first one was up there with the worst. Because my life is my life, I was obviously camping at the time, with literally nothing I could do about it. Yeah, some of my clothes got stained. All of my pants, actually. But even camping, exactly how many members of the public, including my friends, came into contact with any of my hideously offensive and life threatening period blood? Zero. Read that again. Zero.

    “They had much shorter lifespans for a reason. You can go back to living only 30 years if you want.” Sorry whoever said this to pick on you, but just for a second, think about what you are saying. And please for godsake conclude that THAT IS NOT WHAT’S AT STAKE.

  181. On the flip side of the coin, the idea that something has to be rejected because of who invented it is sad. If that is really the principle, then surely more people should refuse antibiotics if they were discovered by a man. My personal belief on the use of tampons and the like is that it is a personal choice, and who made it is regardless because if it is going to improve your quality of life and you have access to it, why should you not take advantage of that?

    Of course the counter-argument is that some people feel tampons are abusive, because of the intent behind their invention or just because they can be uncomfortable. If someone feels like that, I fully support their boycott of them. But I personally find them liberating.

    Coming back to my first point, I’ve been thinking about it; I don’t actually think the point here is that men invented tampons and therefore women shouldn’t use them. If anyone thinks that, they are on the extreme end of beliefs which is almost always not a place you want to be. The point, for me, is the freedom to choose. The sad thing is that a lot of people, including the author of this article, are not supporting women’s freedom of choice. Perhaps because they seem to assume that free bleeding means we are all going to start drowning in HIV positive menstrual blood. Does this not seem like ignorance-breeding-fear to anyone else?

  182. So I see you’ve found one or two extreme radical feminist blogs and then decided that somehow this is a ‘trend’ with thousands of followers. What a terribly deluded person you are. Taking an extreme example from a group of people with similar basic aims (feminists) and then deciding that it implies to and somehow undermines the entire group is backward and prejudiced, and you’re clearly using this to fuel your own anti-feminist agenda.

    1. Our bodies are not filthy or shameful. I don’t know why I’m having to point this out in 2014, but I am. I’m half-convinced you’ve written this as a joke, it’s just so stupid. But I like typing my views into text boxes, so kudos for me.

    2. The Bible’s teachings are awesome in many ways, but uncritically using the advice of a book that is centuries old, cobbled together by various people during a time where women were routinely subjugated and used, is a very crap thing to do. The Bible is outdated and occassionally wrong, not a book of absolute truth. Deal with it.

    3. Feminine hygiene products were created by companies in order to get money by making women feel ashamed of their bodies (something that has worked many times before e.g. make up, hair products, what have you.) It’s not something we need, just something we are told we need.

    4. ‘a woman’s time of the month should not be considered something unclean and unnatural, something to be hidden and cleaned up hastily before it has the chance to offend anyone who may become privy to the fact that said woman’s body is evacuating her loins of unused baby blood.’ A philosophy all women should take on! The idea of not using sanitary products sounds awfully wasteful and time consuming to me, because I’d throw away a lot of clothing and spend a lot of time washing my underwear! So, no, no “free bleeding” for me thanks (honestly it sounds like something you made up.) BUT you are also wrong, so very very wrong, and I feel sorry for anybody who takes your anti-woman vitriol seriously.

    So, think what you want of this, I don’t mind if you skim read and write it off as wrong, but hopefully some of your readers will look at my comment and others similar, and see that your article is taking an anomalous “trend” and using it for your own shitty ends.

  183. Should we all just start taking a shit on sidewalks and wherever else we want in public? I mean it’s a natural body thing so why get offended right? Not like it would be gross or anything….it’s natural!

  184. I bet this came from the mind of a hook nosed rat faced parasite juden ratte, these vile creatures always bring forth disgusting ideas, like feminism for example.

  185. Thank you for generating yet more hatred from men – like there isn’t enough in the world with women getting raped – and them BLAMED for it! Just look at UPCHUCK’s comments. Hopefully the next time this Neanderthal sees a woman driving around with a bumper sticker espousing a feminist – or FEMNAZi – as you would call them, he doesn’t piss and shit all over their seat. Nice article. Thanks for your efforts to send the human race back to the dark ages. If you’re going to call yourself a journalist, as you do, follow the ethics a REAL journalist would.

  186. This act is extreme but it does not change the fact that women are shamed for having their period. the fact is that without our monthly cycle, humans would cease to exist. this act is unsanitary, however its extreme and extreme actions are the only ones that ever go noticed.
    also, i have to say, for an apparent “modern woman” perspective, this seems very close-minded about woman’s bodies. why should any woman feel embarassed about their body is beyond me.

  187. i agree this practice of free-bleeding is unclean and probably not very cool but this is a horrible article. why would you site the bible to prove your point? thats not very intelligent – that’s actually grossly backwards of you and if we were so “vastly intelligent” we would should probably learn to understand our bodies rather than write them off as “disgusting.” you are still an animal and it doesn’t seem very intelligent to be so maladaptive to that fact.

  188. Free bleed in your own home.. in public use common decency to keep your body fluids to yourself thanks

  189. Dear Adora,
    I’d really like some kind of response to what I’ve written, since you quite clearly have read, and edited (omitted) a post, or two perhaps of mine. I don’t think you are aware of the danger you are unleashing on women out here. Looking at the posts by unknowing victims of this lie (perpetuated by you) I can see some are motivated to cause harm to women because of it. Please, if you have an ounce of concern for the women you think you represent, you will end this by admitting this was a lie, a hoax, knowingly perpetuated on your readers for the sake of… well…I’ll leave that one to you. I don’t think I even wish to know your motivation for this one. But I am fairly certain you’re not a woman at all. I ask you to think what it might be like for a young girl, unwittingly getting her first period in a public place, (It happens) and if “upchuck” (and other men moved to outrage by this silly untruth) were to spot her, and literally follow her so they can piss and shit on the seat of her car. How about if she were your daughter, or granddaughter? I wonder if there’s any shame in your very unChrist-like behavior? You should be explaining yourself right now, because your ugly lie is a sin and Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior does not promote such reprehensible actions. If you pray to a Lord that condones your behavior, you Sir, are no Christian. Good luck in Hell.

  190. They should all acquire free-bleeding head wounds for their stupidity these lezbo trash.

  191. what ‘s the big deal here, I walk all around with cum in my pants and down my leg…so what? it keeps me warm.

  192. First, please don’t cite the bible as a source. Two, this is just inconsiderate. Menstruation isn’t dirty or shameful, it is natural… Duh… But I’ll thank you to keep your bodily fluids to yourself. If this is how we are going to do things, I want men to start jacking off and leaving their semen in public places. That would be far more interesting to see, rather than stained pantries and bloody thighs.

  193. First, please don’t cite the bible as a source. Two, this is just inconsiderate. Menstruation isn’t dirty or shameful, it is natural… Duh… But I’ll thank you to keep your bodily fluids to yourself. If this is how we are going to do things, I urge men to start jacking off and leaving their semen in public places. That would be far more interesting to see, rather than stained panties and bloody thighs.

  194. I wonder how ridiculous the comments would be if this were actually a real trend.


  195. What an idiotic column! This has nothing to do with what “God” (or as she euphemizes, nature) intended. It just has to do with the way our bodies work, and with our need to keep ourselves comfortable. I once asked my mother (born 1912) what they used to do before disposable products came out, and she told me they used to use rags, and wash them. The reason *I* used sanitary products is that it would be darn uncomfortable to just let the blood run, and my clothes get slimy and dirty, and feel the ick between my legs. It has nothing to do with God or nature or anything else. Just my own preference. And I’d rather not see anyone else’s menstrual blood, either. Some things are best kept private, including secretions from one’s nether end.

  196. When considering the human body, nature did not provide toilet paper either, using the same logic, should we not wipe at all? Free wiping?

  197. “Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up.”

    Except..Not really. Literally all you need to clean your vagina is water and your hands. Thoroughly (gently) clean with your fingers daily (not actually going up the hole), whenever you take a shower and you will smell like nothing. The vagina is self cleaning you don’t need other products.

  198. “it’s a proven scientific fact, that if two women stand around each other for a long enough period of time,”


  199. So when you encounter Nazis who claim blood like this isn’t a biohazard, suck some into a syringe and into their throat it goes.

  200. OK, so how about the free sh!t movement. Or maybe the free vomit movement. Oh I know…why don’t we all just piss where ever and when ever like dogs. What the hell is wrong with these people/pigs/idiots!

  201. This is *obviously* trolling, but a word on freebleeding…

    Freebleeding pre-dates tampons or pads, I’m not sure why anyone specifies feminists as using this method – other than to somehow demonise feminists…because obviously anyone who supports gender equality is worth undermining *eye-roll*. Although there are movements that aim to challenge negative attitudes towards menstruation and use of harmful ingredients in sanitary products, they do not specify to use freebleeding. Many women still use freebleeding not because of feminist philosophies but because it’s cheaper, greener, also tampons/pads can be unhygienic and unhealthy due to negative effect on vaginal flora as well as toxins like dioxin. Lets not forget also that millions of women living in poverty have no choice but to use freebleeding too.

    Freebleeding is normally only practised if a woman has light flow so blood just goes onto underwear, and not “staining her clothing and running down her thighs to wherever it may end up”. It’s little different to allowing discharge to flow onto underwear or when your period leaks, perfectly hygienic and only ‘gross’ if you believe menstrual flow is ‘gross’.

    In fact freebleeding is actually more hygienic* than using disposable tampons or pads because there’s less bacterial growth or effect on pH. Anyone who claims menstrual blood is somehow dangerous or unclean really needs a lesson on biology – the vagina is the cleanest part of the body, even cleaner than the mouth, and menstrual flow is uterus lining (internal, meant to support a developing baby), the bacterial growth only becomes an issue when using certain sanitary products. While most who understand risks of disposable tampons/pads would typically choose options such as menstrual cups, softcups, cloth pads, etc which are both healthy and stop blood getting on your underwear…but each to their own.

    * Tampons provide bacteria with the perfect environment to multiply (porous, warm, moist, oxygenated, filled with nutritious menstrual flow), while keeping flow in contact with the vagina which effects pH and preventing vaginal cleaning. Commercial menstrual pads are essentially like wearing plastic underwear, there is no air flow and blood isn’t allowed to dry so again perfect for bacteria and yeast to thrive. Chemicals in commercial tampons and pads also cause further problems with flora. Thus why vaginal infections are so common with both, why TSS is associated with tampons, and why both products cause a god-awful odour!

    There’s also Menstrual Release or Sherman Method which involve women wearing nothing – no tampons, pads, or cups – which is where women learn to use vaginal muscles to stop flow leaving their bodies, they then release the flow into the toilet like they would urine. This technique is often learned naturally when using freebleeding – as well as the benefits of freebleeding this method also significantly reduces menstrual cramps and improves PC or ‘Kegal’ muscles.

  202. Female body parts and period are just as hygienic as the male body parts. That women should be filthy is medieval BS and to use feminine products during the period is both unhygienic and unhealthy. The vagina get unusually warm while using feminine products and bacteria is more likely to grow. Using soap also messes with the pH-balance and makes the problems worse. So if something these women are more clean and healthy than you!

  203. A bowel movement is natural but no one is advocating doing that out in public. Feminism has a hard enough time being taken seriously without ‘trends’ like this getting attention.

  204. Forget the article,

    “She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball.”
    Oxymoron???? How can you ve heteosexual but be a girl that has a girlfriend?

  205. When you don’t have a tampon or pad, it feels SHIT. So I wouldn’t want to “free bleed” in the name of feminism in the first place !

    Also what is with this “goth” malarkey ? Goths are in their 50’s now, get your own shtick “Adora” !

  206. the tone of the writer just sounds like an anti-feminist hating male using a pseudonym; i cannot believe the person threw in “the bible” as a credible source???! ru kidding me, the bible??

  207. ok so I am going to be the minority in this group, Free bleeding is perfectly fine and natural if it is something that you choose to do in your own home. People that practice this have either special towels to sit on or cushions and generally a pajama set or two that is just for this. This feminist group has taken this way to the extreme. I know people that do this and am not ashamed to admit that I do it “in my own home only”! This is not something that the majority of the people that choose to free bleed do in public. I do this for medical reasons after consulting my dr about it and being told that for my body specifically it was more healthy. So do I agree with women that do this is public NO, absolutely not. But i do think that the women that choose to do it in their own homes should not be bashed or accosted for it especially if you do not know the reason that it is being done in the first place.

  208. What is worse than this craze?? THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE! And why are so many people engaging with the topic without noticing the following:
    1. Author claims that women have ‘shameful parts’
    2. ‘The feminists’ true motive is to set the progress of our species backward, not forwards’…(AS if there is only one kind of feminism and all feminists have the same ideals)
    3. ‘Women are naturally more unclean than men’

    I’m not sure how the same author can clam to be proud, intelligent OR educated!!!!

  209. That is horrible. Fucking feminists, what the hell is wrong with you, would you like me to start spuking all over stuff no so why the hell would men want to see blood from a vagina it’s the most disgusting thing ever makes me so angry, and to think your happy spilling it everywhere. Weirdos.

  210. This is extreme feminism at it’s fucking worst and it’s times like this that I am ashamed to be a woman. Who the fuck wants to see period blood running down someone’s legs? Not me you fucking twats! Just because a man made tampons and shit like that, you won’t wear them, well then go make your own and shut the fuck up about it. If I ever see any of you ignorant bitches sitting next to me in a restaurant bleeding I’m going beat the living shit out of you. Someone clearly didn’t think this idiotic shit through before posting it and having other idiots follow. Stop being a fucking victim, pull up your big girl panties and get the duck over yourselves.

  211. “Semi-amateur”? Well, you’re half right.
    I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. After you’ve hired a competent editor to fix this writing, and I’ll have another go.

  212. I’m more disgusted with how ignorant and judgemental the author is in this article. I free-bleed in my own home and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The hell should anyone even care?

  213. I get that not all feminists behave this way, but free bleeding? Let me just say that I have never filed a sexual assault report against a tampon or pad. I actually freeze like a deer in the headlights when a girl raises her arm and 6lbs of man bush tumbles out. I usually start thinking about fumbling through my purse in search of a razor to give her because I just can’t imagine why she thinks that is a good look for her! Back to the free bleeding…the article was way to “biblical’ for me, so I’ll just say what I think about it. I’m thinking that in the course of the evolution of man our priorities went like this – #1: WEAVE TOGETHER SOME LEAVES TO SOP UP THAT BLOODY MESS, #2: DISCOVER FIRE, #3: INVENT THE WHEEL- In that order because it was that important to NOT “Free Bleed” all over the cave! Let’s remember that blood attracts predators people! As for modern times, yes, anyone can bleed for free…trauma victims do it all the time…but to choose to walk around looking and smelling like a crime scene, sporting the same insect activity as a nice accesory by the way, just makes you a social pariah. That’s free too. And fugly.

  214. I get that not all feminists behave this way, but free bleeding? Let me just say that I have never filed a sexual assault report against a tampon or pad. I actually freeze like a deer in the headlights when a girl raises her arm and 6lbs of man bush tumbles out. I usually start thinking about fumbling through my purse in search of a razor to give her because I just can’t imagine why she thinks that is a good look for her! Back to the free bleeding…the article was way to “biblical’ for me, so I’ll just say what I think about it. I’m thinking that in the course of the evolution of man our priorities went like this – #1: WEAVE TOGETHER SOME LEAVES TO SOP UP THAT BLOODY MESS, #2: DISCOVER FIRE, #3: INVENT THE WHEEL- In that order because it was that important to NOT “Free Bleed” all over the cave! Let’s remember that blood attracts predators people! As for modern times, yes, anyone can bleed for free…trauma victims do it all the time…but to choose to walk around looking and smelling like a crime scene, sporting the same insect activity as a nice accesory by the way, just makes you a social pariah. That’s free too. And fugly.

    • a) Menstrual blood does not attract predators. Thank you, actual science: [Rogers et al. “Reactions of black bears to human menstrual odors” The Journal of Wildlife Management, 1991.]

      b) Our ancestors never lived in caves. Have you ever been in a cave? They are fucking dark. And large animals lived in them.

      c) Are you saying you can’t feel menstrual blood about to flow every time? Just squat somewhere. I’m guessing you aren’t the outdoors type.

      d) You sound mean and ignorant. I’m sure you are very “pretty,” though, and that is obvi Super Important. You’d make a great Fox News correspondent

  215. I agree with the article, with one exception. The word “shameful” in describing our ‘privates’. Our sacred parts are sacred, not shameful. They are the opposite of shameful. We keep them covered because they *are* so sacred. So sacred that they are only to be shared with our spouse. They are sacred because they are part of our bodies which unite our whole selves, body, mind, spirit, with one other person in a manner which is so unique, so precious, that it permanently bonds us with that other person forever.
    We do not “hide” them, we protect them.

  216. haha here we all are on a feminist website, most of us being women i presume, and we are trying to slam on our fellow women for trying free bleeding. Lame, quit bashing our sisters. Who cares, might not be for everyone but to all the free bleeders out there, I salute you <3

  217. this post is inappropriate and should be removed from the internet and the internet should be removed from the internet because it is offensive and rude and so are women as a gender and so are humans and animals and trees. This is all very rude and I don’t appreciate reading anything, in fact, I don’t even like reading it’s very offensive and wildly inappropriate. What is a menstruation anyway. You’re all blood whores and should be slut shamed immediately.

  218. I love everything about a women I wish more of them would let there hair grow on their bodies I love a natural women and if she wants to let her monthly flow go then why not! We all should just let the other fluids go as well!

  219. I stopped reading when you mentioned the Bible. Otherwise, you are mostly right.

  220. Ah yes, that reliable old source of scientific wisdom, the Bible.

    Living in the Bronx is a far more disturbing health hazard than menstrual blood. You women are really afraid of life, aren’t you?

    This must be satire.

  221. Oh man, I can’t believe this. This was a JOKE/FAKE/HOAX/etc. article made by 4chan.
    Semi-amateur journalist, tsk, tsk, tsk.

  222. “If you happen to come in contact with a Feminist who tries to push this disgusting idea on you, throw a tampon at them and run away as fast as you can.”
    This ain’t journalism. This is bullshit.

  223. it’s not a bad idea – but yes, women should keep the area clean
    if women stay home – which most should – this is not a big deal

    the reverse of this is – women wearing tight pants – and creating infections
    the woman area was meant to breathe – wear skirts and dresses – airflow

  224. We can only hope that apex predators are nearby to devour these idiots while they sleep.

  225. Someone should tell feminists that men make toilet paper, so maybe these women should just dump in their pants, or not wipe after they visit the bathroom. Men make toothpaste and mouthwash, so they should not use these products either. After all, the only reason men make these things is because men selfishly want to control women. Men make antibiotics and other medicines. Men make automobiles, to keep women shopping no matter the distance to the store. Men make clothing, so they can control how women look. All of these things are designed to keep women in subservience of men, doncha know. Feminists should just fence off some acreage and run around naked, eating bark from the trees and eschewing all “man-made” things. LOL.

    • I mean, if you want to get technical, a woman discovered/created penicillin, the most important antibiotic of all. But by all means, troll on, dude!

  226. I found this on feministing.com they’re idiots. they’re radfems, not actual feminists. a real feminist wouldn’t want to potentially spread diseases to others by any means. this is just disgusting.

  227. What I find strange about this is that (I know, I know, radical feminists, its slightly different) is that if someone was walking around with a huge cut on their leg, and it was bleeding excessively, it would just be natural to cover it up so it doesnt get anywhere. Also, it could stain your clothes, which is highly impractical.
    I hate that this gets called a feminist movement. I am, what has been termed a “lipstick feminist” much to my hatred, and this completely disgusts me. It’s a hippy, strange fad at most.
    Before tampons/pads, they used natural sponges, linen, freaking leaves, anything. They knw it was impractical and dirty as well.
    If we’re following the whole “man” made debate, we shouldn’t use toilets either. Just go where you are. It’s natural that way, right?

  228. Idiocy & ignorance abound –& not just from those “free bleeding” rad-Fems. This so-called “journalist” isn’t helping to staunch any of the flow, either.

  229. SICK SICK SICK! What’s next? Free urination? Free shiting? Really is this ok to do any of this in public now?
    “Ohh I need the lool so I will just sit down in the street and take a dump, but it’s ok every one I’m a feminist”
    I thought feminism was about equality not putting you body’s wast all over public space for some one else to clean up. Get a grip! And go and tie dye some dungarees.

  230. Aside from everything everybody else has said, WHY would you purposely want to get blood all over your clothes??? and not just once a day having to change but several times depending on how heavily you are bleeding??? soaking all those cothes in cold water to get the blood out…. yeah let’s get all dressed up and then bleed all over everything….like the chair at a restaurant or a movie seat??? that is just gross and disgusting and those women are pigs

  231. That entire article was disturbing.
    Adora Bull is disturbing. That’s probably her in the pics.

  232. While I personally wouldn’t want to go without tampons, mostly cuz pants, underwear, and sheets are expensive and washing blood out of things is not how I want to spend my spare time, none of your arguments against this practice are valid.

    1. Nature didn’t intend for us to use feminine hygiene products. Females didn’t have menstrual cycles before history in the way they do today, and it has to do with the amount of nutrients we get from a non- hunting and gathering lifestyle. And before commerical products, women just used rags. A lot less convenient than disposable products, but so was a lack of running water.

    2. Let’s not use the bible as scientific proof that women are inherently less clean than men. I think that’s kind of an obvious thing that a writer should know.

    3. Female genitalia oder is normal and a part of the effect of our vaginas fighting off infection. It doesn’t make them disgusting, it keeps them clean. Using products to change the smell is generally bad for your vaginal health, but I understand why people do it. No one likes the natural scent of armpits, so we use deodorant. Same concept, sure, fine.

    4. Let’s not bash the entire feminist movement because of a twitter trend that you don’t agree with. Menstruation is not inherently unclean, but I think most of us would agree it’s gross to get it all over your clothes cuz it kinda runs your spring look when your white jeans become red.

    Go watch Chimamanda Ngozi’s TED talk, beyonce fans. Let’s discuss real issues, and not what people decide to wear with their underwear, Modern Women.

  233. The Free Bleed Movement? How about the Free Bowel Movement or the Free Urine Movement? After all, it’s not good to put off urinating or defecating when the urge hits.
    Sure “ladies”, bleed on the bus, bleed at work, bleed at the movies, what the hell, we won’t mind when we sit in a pool of someone else’s menstrual blood.
    Think of how good for business this could be.
    Dry cleaners would make a bundle of money, cleaning products would fly off the shelves and barf bags would be required in every store, school, movie theater, shop, airplane, taxi or bus for those of us vomiting in disgust.
    Oh wait, a new movement, the Free Vomit Movement, after all why try and stop a natural function?

  234. I would be rage-tastically disgusted if my bus seat was coated in piss or sh!t. Crotch blood doesn’t get a pass. Effing completely gross.

  235. These are the things that make people turn there heads at feminism. “Man made products used to inadvertently rape women,” come on. Really? You have to be kidding me! Has it occurred to any “extreme feminists” that not all men are trying to inconvenience, hurt, rape, or seem superior to you in every possible? This act, simply put, is disgusting. The only thing feminists don’t seem to get, is that there are some things women simply have to bare. It sucks, but it is true. What’s next? Refusing to get pregnant or fussing over the fact that men cant get pregnant? Fuck that. Maybe, just maybe, this male wanted to fucking help out? Or even, god forbid, just make money? I am appauled.

  236. I become more disgusted with the stupidity and hatred coming from my own gender every day. Free bleeding? It’s also “against nature” to wipe our asses. Maybe we should just squat down and shit and piss where ever we wish. Menstrual blood running down your legs and dripping every where. How very classy. I wonder who the stupid psychotic bitch was who decided men invented feminine napkins and tampons to “rape” a woman during her period. Brainwashed, bitter, whining feminist morons should thank the “patriarchy” for the millions of inventions and medical miracles all created by men that make women’s lives so much easier. I am a woman and I will be the first to admit that men are the only thing that stands between women and an extremely difficult and unpleasant existence. I laugh my ass off when I hear some dumb bitch blathering how all would be utopia if all the men on earth just disappeared. If that happened every fucking woman on earth would be dead inside of a month. I detest feminism. It is not now, nor has it ever been about equal rights. It is nothing more than a hate movement.

  237. “Animals urinate, defecate… all over themselves and each other.” no, they do not. and you “inteligence” is very low if you don’t know such basics.

  238. While I agree this is disgusting, I find the author and her ‘writing’ even moreso. When you start using the bible as some sort of ‘scientific fact’, you’ve lost by a long run. The writing is VERY amateurish, the spelling and grammar horrendous. Misuse of words, wrong forms of words, lack of proper punctuation. How do you manage to consider yourself ‘intelligent’? And the comments? WOW! No, human females did NOT always have something to use, or go somewhere to bleed. My Native ancestors, did, however, use mosses, fibers, cattail fluff, etc, EVENTUALLY. Once there was a ‘taboo’ on bleeding women, many cultures sent women to a special building, where she was assisted by other women, fed by them, etc. It was a week off each month, as you were catered to. Women were considered to have strong energy during their time of the month, and men were to stay away, lest it weaken them. They could not touch anything of a man’s, not even his eating dishes and utensils. So, she had a week where she didn’t have to do ANYTHING.
    And the ridiculous comments about germs, etc? You don’t know anything. Someone would have to HAVE a disease to spread it, first, and then it’s still difficult to spread many of them through casual contact. And menstrual products do not STOP the bleeding, they ABSORB the blood. Not to mention it’s not just blood, but mucous and tissue. The trend sounds disgusting, but, so does this whole story.

    • agreed. seriously this entire section
      is PATHETIC and UNTRUE. womens bodies only smell bad IF there is an infection.
      ndly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case. The female reproductive system alone is host to over 7000 types of bacteria, some of which are helpful to the system, but many of which are not. These bacteria work together to create the odor and excretions that the female genitalia has been notoriously known for. As women, we need all the extra help we can get to remain clean “down there,” both for ourselves and for our partners. Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up.

  239. why do you hate women so much? I’m a feminist and I just changed my tampon 5 minutes ago so I’m not a free bleeder but who the fuck cares if I was? I’m sure these folks aren’t like sitting on people and bleeding on them. I’ve been at shows where folks are just walking around bleeding from their faces freely without intervention. you should try to figure out why what other women do with their bodies bothers you so much. modern internal misogyny digest.

  240. Lol…The bible used as a resource like it’s a book of facts. LOL.
    That’s whats disgusting.
    This article has a lot of errors in it. It was hard to take seriously. But it gave a reaction, nonetheless.

  241. The comments here are almost as funny as the “article.” Haven’t any of you a sense of humor?

  242. The sheer amount of feminist nazi and extremists today is really alarming. Where are the classy ‘ladies’ today? Seems they are vanishing before our eyes though a few decent women on here were equally disgusted and I commend you for having some morals and hygiene considerations for others,

    Those of you who love this need serious mental help! I read of a witch/satanic type freak who actually fed her menstrual blood to her boyfriend,apparently she has him hypnotized or under some sick spell. She needs to be committed and not let out!

  243. Personally, I don’t support with free-bleeding, simply because I’m not comfortable with it. However, this entire post is fucking ridiculous. “Feminists’ true motive is to set our progress backwards, not forwards.” Feminism is wanting equality for both sexes. It’s actually, believe or not, making great progress. Not setting the human race back. Wow! Crazy right? This post pissed me off a lot, but more than that, it’s pathetic. It’s not your body, so don’t try to tell someone what to do with theirs. If you’re not comfortable with someone else’s choices, that’s fine! Perfectly okay! But you have no say in what they do with their body. So let them do their thing, and you do yours.

  244. then men should start to jerk off every time they have an erection, no matter where they are. and call it “free sperm” you know. it`s pretty annoying coming back from a date and having your underpants jizzed because you had an erection. so next time im in a date and i have an erection i will not hide my jizz in my underpants. its annoying and not natural, so i will jerk off in the middle of a restaurant that way i shall free my sperm

  245. I am a feminist and I don’t agree with free bleeding, but I don’t like the way this article just says ‘feminists’ are apart of this. It’s only the extremists. That being said, feminism is all about giving women CHOICE. Clearly the writer of this article is not a feminist, because if some women want to do this then let them. It’s their choice, our opinion that it’s wrong is totally irrelevant. Also, don’t use the bible as proof of anything, especially on a scientific matter.

  246. It IS unclean. And not in a pious, religious sense… I mean, it is literally unclean and unsanitary to your fellow human beings around you, including other women.
    This is not about feminism. This is about my right (and everyone else’s right) to go out in public and be able to sit on a bench, subway or restaurant chair without exposing myself to disease and bacteria from another human being’s urine, feces, mucus, jizz, sweat, saliva and/or, yes, menstrual blood.
    Normalize society’s perception and acceptance of periods all you want, but leave my health out of it.

  247. I’m a feminist and this is disgusting. There’s hygienic issues and just over all gross

  248. Cool, let’s see if these feminists will let me shit on their floor, at their homes. Remember: “it’s the way nature intended.”

  249. I’m pooping my pants from now on. No one should be so ashamed, uncomfortbable, and discreet beause theyre afraid that someone will be offended at the sight of their turd(s). I also won’t be wearing any clothing the disrupts the natutal flow/fall of a turd releasing itseLf From the hollow depths of my anus.

  250. This article is a huge step back for women. Firstly it’s insulting that a woman should degrade other women like this by referring to them as disgusting and other derogatory terms. All women are different and everyone should support what others wish to do with their OWN bodies. Everyone should be in control of their own life and their own decisions and not have to face criticism from people who disagree when it doesn’t concern them. Secondly, it seems a lot of people do not understand how the female menstrual cycle works, which further proves that their opinions are invalid. Women do not gush puddles of blood on their periods. Most women lose 1-6 tablespoons of blood over 5-7 days! So there’s no need to be concerned with mess everywhere as the idea is ludicrous. Also, it is almost impossible to catch a disease through blood unless you literally rub your open wound on a woman’s blood. Lastly, for an intelligent and educated woman ‘smarter than an animal’ your spelling is terrible and you should probably proof read next time you publish an article. Not that correct spelling would’ve made this article better anyway.

  251. Can you explain me how someone can think that tampons/divacups are ”The second, being that tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are “man” made inventions, intended to inadvertently rape a woman during her period, thus furthering her victim status as a woman living in a world run by men.” ?!

    You could blame capitalism to want everyone to beprodutive each day of the year because those inventions are made to allow woment to have a normal life when they’re in their period…you can find similar processes in other cultures.

    What the fuck did I just read here. I’m sick of people doing stupid things in the name of stupid concepts.

  252. Disgusting.
    What happened to modern civilization? Why would we regress to this kind of nonsense? It’s disgusting. If you don’t like hygiene; go back to the jungles of Africa and let alpha men rule over you once again.
    That’s clearly what you insane women want.

  253. Dear all extremist feminist woman

    Please for the love of god use logic and rationalize in a humanitarian point of view,Now i believe this can be quite challenging completely ignoring this as you do not respect the civil rights of all Genders and push a religion of supremacy . I live in a household of woman and i understand the natural order of things,I believe in true equality.and when i say this i mean it in the “to each his own” not the “what you can do i can do better philosophy”but you are being selfish and assume a totalitarian position. the same could be said with Hitler. you are exposing disease and not only that you are not practicing good manners. what? can’t be civil now ? polite to an extent? I know a part of your personality is counter culture,and yes natural odors run rampart ,and yes you grow a mustache too but can i say WTF is your problem really? “what are you going to start taking shits in the middle of the street too?” our bodies natural state letting it bleed through .than you know what them- go be a mountain person-IN THE MOUNTAINS.I have an unreal tolerance bordering pessimism but i will not tolerate those of you who find it acceptable to EVEN possibly cross contaminate those around you with a potential blood transmitted disease.selfish assholes just because you didn’t touch someone doesn’t mean you cant effect them what if the cut on your finger touches the bus seat that one of you ladies just sat on and boom you just endangered someone .damn i mean if not a disease scenario have some sort of class.people will never accept seeing menstrual blood. the fact is if they do you are either cleaning yourself ,tending to yourself.or a psycho sexual deviant,or for the first time entering an unstable Category a feminist in extreme practice.you give Good woman a bad name seeking equality and empowerment .you are just a bunch of dicks like chauvinist men .Live with it.

    best regards ,A

  254. Free bleeding is a truly excellent idea for radical feminists. Maybe then people will start to distance themselves from these destroyers, the way they should give distance to their ideas. Feminism is not, and never was about equality, its about supremacy.

  255. Funny, I’m a feminist who hangs around feminist websites and this is the first I’ve heard about it.
    “It could become a very dangerous situation indeed, if you’re caught with a Free-Bleeding Feminist without your own personal hygiene products available. ”
    Ok, I see, joke article.

  256. The fact that the author quoted the bible as a reliable source automatically discounts everything she said. Periods are a normal thing this is not a “new” trend this has been happening for thousands upon thousands of years. People in other countries still do it to this day. This author is clearly not as intelligent and educated as she thinks she is. This is not a disturbing trend, its a tradition and a let a girl do what a girl wants to do. #freethebleed

  257. This article is incredibly biased and appalling. Could Adora Bull have expressed her extreme dislike in another way? Also, why does her name sound like “adorable” when her writing clearly, is not.

  258. Let’s take the main subject of the article out of the equation, if it is even fact to begin with. The author is obviously very anti equality for women with her anti feminist stand and is rather degrading to women. She promotes body consciousness which is causing women to have eating disorders. She also mentions, “shameful parts”. Nobody, male or female, has shameful parts. She mentions the bible so I presume her to get this thought from her clergy, or Fox News. The worst part of this article though is that she encourages the use of products that are known to be dangerous within themselves to women so that they conform to her standard of how a woman should smell. The female genitalia is self cleaning, even soap is not recommended, hence the scented products she speaks of should not be used. The author is not as evolved, modern nor as intelligent as she thinks she is.

  259. This is not a true feminists goal. Those are feminazis you are talking about. I am a feminist and I would never in my life think to “free bleed”. Those thoughts are by extremists and radicalists and the feminist name should not be tainted due to people who are out right belligerent and only hurt equal rights for women.

  260. You know, come to think of it, going to the bathroom is a perfectly natural cycle in our bodies as well. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
    Heck, instead of wasting time at work anymore, I’m just going to shit my pants.
    No toilet paper, no uncomfortable sitting on a bacteria laden toilet.
    I’m just going to stand up at work, stretch, shit my pants and be done with it.
    This is great.

  261. Adora, FFS! Whenever you post something stop quoting the bible left,right and center. It’s becoming rather dull. Also why you you always have to compare intelligence of other life forms, are you of a higher intelligence to everything and everyone? do you question Mother Nature herself? Your posts seem to be more of what you think and what you think only, rather than a two sided arguement or opinion. P.s no, I’m not into free bleeding, I case you were wondering. Peace, love and light.

  262. What is considered the first computer language was also invented by a woman.

    Get off the internet ?

  263. I am a woman and there is NO way I would free bleed, we have feminine hygiene products for a reason, they aren’t that expensive and we really should continue using them.

    Anyone who thinks free bleeding or whatever is cool seriously needs their head read!

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