Disturbing New Trend: Kids Are Now Smoking Bed Bugs To Get High

images (1)Just when us adults thought that the children of today couldn’t get any more stupid, they come up with a new and amazing way to get high, rewriting the definition of “probably a bad idea.”

This fad originated in Arizona, where a group of anonymous kids thought up the bright idea of capturing bed bugs, crushing up the bodies, and inserting the pieces into what are referred to in the pot-head community as “bongs” and “hookas.” Once inserted into these devices, the children then light the bongs up and inhale the fumes created by the burning pieces of bed bug bodies.

The ones who have taken up this fad claim that by inhaling the smoke coming off of the bed bug pieces, they experience visual and auditory hallucinations , much like what one would experience if they had ingested a similar drug named “acid.”Bed bugs are known in the scientific community to secrete an active hallucinogenic chemical, that produces a feeling once ingested, that one user said resembles “walking on wet concrete.”

This fad’s intriguing beginning is speculated to have occurred when some teens with bed bugs in their homes decided to research the creatures online, when he coincidentally discovered that the insects contain a hallucinogenic chemical and then figured he’d try it.

There are those out there who believe this is a fad, while others claim it’s a fake story created to cause public outrage. But reports from our investigative journalists on the field state that they have personally witnessed children on the streets smoking what they believe to be bed bugs, and that this phenomenon is far from “fake.”

stupid_teens_memeSuffice to say, this is one of the strangest, and most disgusting fads we’ve heard of teens in our country partaking in for the sake of getting high. What drives children to such extremes in order to have a little bit of fun will forever be a mystery to me. Although it is one of the weirdest ways we’ve heard of here at Modern Woman Digest that kids are getting high these days, we know this is not the only strange story out there. What are the weird ways you’ve heard children are getting high these days? Leave a comment below, or email us at admin@modernwomandigest.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Delilah Belmont

Delilah Belmont

Delilah Belmont is a professional journalist and blogger, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She is the newest member of the Modern Woman Digest staff, but has written for local newspapers and her personal blog titled "Delilah's Devious Deliberations." To contact Delilah, email her at delilah.belmont@modernwomandigest.com


    • Wow… Very mature… You’re probably one of the bug smokers… Also, nice vocabulary… Your mother must be proud!

      • My mother loves being called a cunt. Don’t you? I mean, geez.. what’s wrong with you? It’s a compliment hahaha. Cunty cunt butt

    • Your a disgusting creep and I for one don’t believe she deserves to be called the “c” word, regardless if the story is true or not, have some respect!! Makes me furious!!!!!!

      • Shut the fuck up nunya. You are a waste of sperm and should have been swallowed. You are the stupid cunt

      • I personally think that the kids of today are out of their minds and bored.
        To each their own let the kids find out the hard way if they dont want to take good orderly direction from their parents or adults who know what they are talking about.

  1. Look up beezin.. Another very messed up way to get “high” just found out today wow

  2. Most rediculous thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t believe this crap. It’s butane honey oil. More commonly known as “dabs”. It’s a more potent form of canabis similar to hash. Still a marijuana product so I’m sure you all have your different views but before you go scolding your kids like they are smoking meth. Remember it’s just pot

  3. People need to get It right It’s not bed bugs. It’s called Dabbing.

    • Exactly…. These people don’t know what they are talking about

    • Dude what are you talking about? Dabbing is THC based into wax, not a bad thing at all. Actually a good medicine for people with certain diseases and cancers. Legal in Colorado and Washington. Smoking bed bugs is fucking retarded as we all can agree, but it’s actually called Smoking Bed Bugs. Don’t mix dabbing with bed bugs please.

  4. Can we have videos of kids smoking bedbugs? What about your investigative reporters can we have their names and emails and actual proof and physical confirmation of this happening from them? No i didnt think so you shitty, shitty journo nothing but bollocks and bullshit

    • You can actually look up videos of the actual journalist and scientists explaining that this is in fact true. I have personally studied bed bugs specifically for over 5 years and can also tell you this is true. I train dogs to find them for pest control companies and I have personally experienced every case imaginable. So please, before you harshly put someone down as you have done, do YOUR research as well.

  5. Hi I am a 15 year old and I don’t think this story is true….. New way to get high like NO.. This stuff called”” BED BUGS””
    Is actually called wax other wise known as dabs. It’s basically all most pure Thc or pure CBD those two chemicals are found in marijuana. What wax or (dabs) is…. U take the leaves from your marijuana plant and basically boil them in a big tube with butane or propane and the THC AND CBD GETS BOILED OUT OF the leaves And it turns in to wax ((dabs)) then your basicly able so smoke a liquid type of marijuana. So this this called bed bugs. I don’t know what silly bull crap is but I am sure it’s not true

  6. when u smoke this. U don’t get hallucinogenic or anything like that its just a more intense high than smoking marijuana I wouldn’t know because I’ve smoked it before

  7. Its not what ppl are smoking its WHY? Why in our decade is there such an obsession to getting high? Its not about race or age let’s not stray from the fact.Yes in some states marijuana is LEGAL but that doesn’t make it right. We do have the freedom to choose. We have the right to choice so let’s choose to do good ! We need to educate ourselves and understand not criticise . Everyone watch “Pleasure Unwoven”, yes its about addiction but the process starts in the brain. Whether food, money, sex etc.

  8. I’m just so confused why people are getting so upset as if this woman said every ten was stupid and doing this. I’m confused how people are confusing the story that was reported about bed bug smoking and dabs… 2 separate things entirely. We all know there are some people in this world that are not to bright and would try to smoke bed bugs, the same way that some people lick frogs or huff glue, or eat certain kinds of mushrooms. Of course people will be in denial of what other people will do because it just doesn’t seem reasonable, but there’s no need for silly name calling just because you don’t believe what someone has reported. If you don’t like it don’t read it. People can be so hateful and negative just because one person has an opinion. This whole bed bug thing, lol, just ridiculous. I’m sure people do this because people do a lot of things that amaze me every day. It’s nothing new. So I’m sure someone will have a name to call me or something to say… feel free lol add I’m not coming back to read this. Have an awesome day!

    • I would argue that people who don’t consume certain types of mushrooms are not that bright. Going through life without a psychedelic experience is like going through life without having sex. It means you never really figured out what it’s all about. And if that doesn’t make sense to you, I suggest you go find some mushrooms.

  9. Ya why dont they go steal money from ther motha an shoot heroin like normal teens….

    • That’s pathetic. Its not normal to go shoot heroin. And why is it so hard to believe that there actually is some stupid kids out there that actually does smoke bed bugs. That’s bad Karma anda its not right to steal from ya momma or anybody for that matter. Get a job and make ya own money like everyone else has to do. Its pathetic how people look at marijuana, at least people don’t die from marijuana itself! Yea people say its a drug, and its not! Its an herb on gods green earth that grows on its own (granted yes, it has help sometimes) but not always. Get a life you pathetic ass people.

  10. The writer sounds obviously ignorant of anything having to do with drugs. Hookahs aren’t called hookahs in the “pot head community.” That’s their name. The author just sounds kind of stupid.

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    Many ancient languages did not have huge vocabularies as we do and the same word had many meanings, according to the context in which it was used. “Kunta” is also the root of kundalini (energy), khan (highest leader of the Eurasian steppe nomads, whose society was originally matriarchal and who still have remnants of a matriarchate), quantity, any words that start with “kw”, qu, or kh. Examples: Cunda, mother of Buddha according to Japanese; Cunti-Devi, Goddess of kundalini energy, India; Kunta, means literally one who has female genitalia, and describes a priestess, ancient Sumeria; Kun, Goddess of Mercy, India; Quani, Korean goddess; Qudshu, female priestess of ancient Canaan & Phoenicia, which became the Roman province of Palestine after they conquered it; Quadesha, Sumerian word for a type of priestess. Qu’ can also mean love, sensuality, sexuality, the divinity present in all females.

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    Another variation is “quern,” a hand-mill used by ancient women to grind grain into flour. The etymology points to housewives of ancient Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq and parts of Iran, Palestine, & Syria, where agriculture began, as the ones who invented bread out of flour by adding a liquid and letting the dough sit for while until air-borne yeasts raised it. When baked in their clay ovens, it resulted in the most remarkable invention of the human race, the staff of life, bread. It was also baked quickly, without waiting for the yeasts to lighten it, and is known today as pita.

  12. Gosh melissa is such the stereotypic CUNT!! Who cares what a word is used in other cultures we all know how it was used here..the author is obviously not a real writ to not check her facts first..

  13. I came on this website to find out more about this “bed bug” thing and won’t be back. The language and name calling was appalling and I sincerely hope that these were not adults in question because that would make it that much more ridiculous and unacceptable!!!

  14. I see by reading the reply’s that there are only a small handful of smart people for those of you that know who you are good job keep it up…….

  15. This article is hilarious. I love how gullible people can be. I can’t wait for this to show up on some another network that can’t get their facts straight…… Fox News anyone?

  16. I’m calling BS on the “investigative journalists” from Modern Woman Digest.

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