Top Five Reasons Why I’m Glad Paul Walker Is Dead

Paul Walker  pictureUPDATE 12-04-13: Adora Bull On Suicide Watch After Receiving  Flood Of Death Threats From Paul Walker Fans

UPDATE 12-05-13: Modern Woman Digest Publisher Comments On Adora Bull/Paul Walker Controversy

This year, Christmas has arrived early as B list celebrity actor Paul Walker was reported dead on December 1st, the victim of a high speed car crash north of Los Angeles. This has left many people devastated, a large majority of them being tasteless Fast & Furious fans. While I could sit here and bore you with more details surrounding his death, I’d rather move on from that and present a list of reasons as to why this is a blessing in disguise for the world as a whole.

1. No More Fast & Furious Sequels.

I think I speak for everyone, when I make this my number one reason why it’s a good thing Paul Walker is dead. This movie franchise became stale after it’s second movie, 2 Fast 2 Furious, or as we at the MWD headquarters like to refer to it as, “2 shitty 2 exist.” It just added insult to injury that they’d have the balls to release five more sequels after that. They really breathed life into the term “beating a dead horse.” Of course, there is a small chance that the owners of this crappy movie franchise may replace Walker, we’re confident that there are no actors left who are alive today that have the combined desperation to work and lack of self respect to take the job.

2. There hasn’t been a good celebrity death in a while.

We haven’t had a real, genuine celebrity death of this magnitude since the summer of this year, with Cory Monteith dying of a drug overdose on July 13th, and Lisa Robin Kelly dying of possibly “similar” reasons on August 14 (autopsy reports yet to be released as of this date). The public and media have been yearning for a good celebrity death. Thankfully, Walker was happy to fill the void in our hearts and sacrificed himself for the greater good. For that, we thank you, Paul Walker. At least now your family can say your life served a purpose.

3. His death has been a good distraction from the soldiers who died this week.

Thanks to Walker’s timely death, the media has something better to focus on besides the depressing news of war across the seas that the bleeding heart liberals want us to report on instead of what really matters. Face it, libtards, the citizens of our fine country don’t like being depressed 24/7 by the horrific things going on around them like you do, and would rather obsess over celebrities, what styles they’re currently wearing, or what type of cars they’re getting into high speed crashes in.

vin_diesel_paul_walker_the_fast_and_the_furious_0034. Vin Diesel will finally be forced to expand his career.

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say I’m so glad that Diesel will no longer be able to ride the coat tails of Walker’s success, now that he’s dead. With no Batman, there is no Robin, and with no “Brian O’Conner,” there can be no “Dominic Toretto.” Perhaps now, Diesel will finally leave the Action movie genre and find a project he’s better suited for. Better yet, maybe he’ll just retire from his acting career altogether.

5. This proves that rich douchebags die young too.

You know the old saying, “only the good die young?” Well, now we have proof that this saying isn’t entirely true after all! Money can’t buy you happiness, and it apparently can’t buy you immortality either. Perhaps this tragedy will teach children that being rich and famous isn’t a free ticket to thinking you’re above the law and can get away with whatever you want, as the 2005 red Porsche Carrera GT taught Walker and the friend who was driving it.

These are but a few reasons why I’m glad Paul Walker is dead. What are yours?

Adora Bull

Adora Bull

Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She has recently been dubbed by her fans as the "Miley Cyrus of Journalism." She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball. Like Adora Bull's Facebook page or email her at:


    • As much as I agree with you, please at least use proper grammar when calling out someone’s intelligence – it doesn’t help the case any.

      • Why? The author, a “journalist,” doesn’t even know how to use quotation marks and commas correctly. Apparently there’s no concern for that on the site.

    • U stupid bitch. How can u be so rude to sum1 who u dont fuckin know? May u rot in hell

      • she is so stupid, paul walker is an amazing actor and that she believes it will help the movie industry that he died?!! I HATE THIS GIRL, THIS ARTICLE HAS 0 FACTS AND ALL BS, PAUL WALKER IS A LEGEND!!

    • Wow are you serious?? Let me just say you are one fkd up human being..How the fuc can you be that low to talk about someone like that?? Whoever wrote this shit on the internet will fkn pay for it…You are definally a low life piece of shit for writting something like this..KARMA IS A BITCH U STUPID MFER..

    • Use the correct you’re if you’re going to call some one stupid….How dumb does that look? Mine as well call her stupider.

    • I think your childish and ungodly to talk negatively about walker’s death he actually was a good person and cared for the unfortunate ones. Paul actually was in a jewelry store and a soldier was looking for a wedding ring for his fiancee after looking at several rings he realised they were too expensive and the soldier couldn’t afford the ring she liked, Paul overheard the soldier and asked the jewler to come here and told her to put the ring on his tab it was 10’000 dollars!   You apparently do not go to a bible base church shame on you may god have mercy on your soul.

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      I think your childish and ungodly to talk negatively about w=
      alker's death he actually was a good person and cared for the unfortuna=
      te ones. Paul actually was in a jewelry store and a soldier was looking for=
       a wedding ring for his fiancee after looking at several rings he realised =
      they were too expensive and the soldier couldn't afford the ring she li=
      ked, Paul overheard the soldier and asked the jewler to come here and told =
      her to put the ring on his tab it was 10'000 dollars!=A0=A0 You apparen=
      tly do not go to a bible base church shame on you may god have mercy on you=
      r soul.

      On Dec 3, 2013 10:14 PM, “todd mcdonald” wrote:
      I think your childish and ungodly to talk negatively about walker’s death he actually was a good person and cared for the unfortunate ones. Paul actually was in a jewelry store and a soldier was looking for a wedding ring for his fiancee after looking at several rings he realised they were too expensive and the soldier couldn’t afford the ring she liked, Paul overheard the soldier and asked the jewler to come here and told her to put the ring on his tab it was 10’000 dollars!   You apparently do not go to a bible base church shame on you may god have mercy on your soul.

    • I hope Paul has a ghost, and I hope that ghost has the ability to give you ovarian and breast cancer so your breasts and vaginas rot off.

      • I can’t wait till the tard that wrote this dies and burns in heIl. I hope they play fast and the furious on your memorial, you cunt.

      • Ur the type of person who reminds me of the westboro baptist church, an ignorant, self righteous person who thinks their better then everyone else, when in reality ur asshole and mouth compete to see which can spew the most bullshit, and I can bet the only reason u do this is cuz ur an attention whore and u get off to all this, u probly also feel women and men should b treated equal, and I hope that happens cuz I can’t wait for u to piss of some dude and he knocks the fuck out of ur face, I can see the title now “dont hit a woman, even tho she wants to b treated like a guy”

      • Jane M. Agni next time you Photoshop yourself in a newsroom try to do a better job hahahahahaha

    • What a dumb ass bitch you are! You muff diving lesbo. Paul walker should be resurrected so you can suck his Dick!

      • Please don’t project your weird little sex fantasies onto my wonderful coworker, Adora Bull. If you want to blow Paul Walker’s corpse then you should get in line behind all these other people commenting and wait your turn.

        • I understand loyalty to your friends or “coworkers,” but how can you defend someone who wrote such a disrespectful post about someone who just passed away? Regardless of his outstanding career, he is someone’s son, brother, friend, father, and loved one who gave so selflessly to those surrounding him and used his celebrity to promote positivity in this world. Did you even take a second to think about how he was leaving his own charity event (which helped and aided those who were affected by the tragedy in the Philippines) when he passed? That he has a daughter that he left behind, a fifteen year old, who may stumble upon this page and read those hurtful, ignorant words of the person that you are defending? Imagine if you were his daughter. Imagine if he was your Dad.

        • You cannot honestly think that this article is morally right. Celebrating 5 reason that someone died a horrible death leaving a 15 year old daughter behind. Are you kidding me, and you try to back her up? I hope this is the beginning of the end of both your careers.

        • I would like to speak out to someone with authority or someone who knows the author of this article when I say this because otherwise I will feel I’ve wasted my time. Upon reading this article I became quite sick to my stomach. This article was extraordinarily offensive and should not have been allowed to be published. I can find absolutely no reason why it was necessary for this article to be written. This article was NOT: funny, edgy, informative, respectful, mature, thought provoking, correct, or sensible. That leaves us with a disgusting and black of heart heap of words that are offensive towards a man who was generally revered as a man with good merit and morals. This was utterly sickening. Why would anyone think it was acceptable to create such a rude and unnecessary article, and beyond that, why would anyone find it acceptable to publish this? I found this article to be an abhorrent disgrace to anyone and everyone who ever came to meet or work with Paul Walker. I would like think in today’s society this kind of bigotry towards public figures would not be tolerated or accepted but the world is obviously not there yet. Just remember that Paul Walker spent his last day on earth at a charity event, then let that sink in and look at yourself in the mirror. I think you will have the same kind of disgusted feeling that I did upon reading this.

        • Weather she liked him or not, or knew him or didn’t, he’s still a person, He’s God’s creation, with a family just like u and me, that died. It’s not right for you or anyone else to condemn them. If there is anyone who has the right to judge, it’s him ( God ). And I just hope he has mercy on your soul when the times comes.

        • Your “wonderful” is a disgrace. She should not be aloud to speak every again. How you you feel reading this about you father dying?

        • Adora the dyke I’m so curious how you came to write at such a prestigious site? Why don’t you at the rest of you hairy legged llama bulldykes go hug a tree and leave the writing to kindergarten students because your site would improve immensely on sheer likeability alone. Seriously shave your twat this isn’t the 70s

          • Firstly, it does not matter if she is gay or straight. at all! You’ve just wrote a whole comment based up her sexuality and missed the point. What has been written on his site is absolutely and utterly WRONG! The whole post is putrid. You talk about what a vile person Paul Walker is but what the hell did he do that was so wrong. He led a happy fruitful life from the franchise of Fast and Furious, he wasn’t in the press for outrageous behaviour and being hurtful. You have made some disgusting points with no backup and no need what so ever. Your just fame hungry and trying to shock people for attention. Well enjoy it! You have earned it :/

            -loosing faith here

      • I’m glad he’s dead too…….. she was just saying what alot of us were thinking. fuck p. walker and his fans!!!!

    • I am shocked and frankly appalled that someone has gone out of their way to type such a horrific list of reasons why they are glad someone is dead.. Firstly your reasons seem to be that of a 12 year old girl, what’s wrong, has mummy bought you the wrong training bra? Is one boob growing quicker than the other!? Get a fucking grip…

      reason 1 – don’t like the film, don’t watch it, yeah they are tired and been overdone but if people enjoy it why are you shitting on it? I don’t like sex and the city, so I don’t watch it. I don’t go online stating why Sarah Jessica Parker is an ugly whore.

      reason 2 – a good celebrity death, again why are you liking another humans death, famous or not.

      reason 3 – my most hated reason.. Go fuck yourself, if you want to sign up to the army, navy or other military company.. yeah I said company as effectively war is a business.. then that’s your bad luck if you get killed. soldiers are not heroes they are doing a job, and a pretty shit job at that.

      reason 4 – another childish, or possibly jealous reason which I just cant understand, maybe just a reason for the sake of making up the numbers?

      reason 5 – now you do love a bit of death don’t you Adora, wahhey another young person dies, fuck your a bitter bitch. People die, young and old every single day. No inciting people to comment with more reasons why someone has died is just fucking wrong..

      Now I understand that this is just some cry for attention and to get all your pent up feminist aggression into the world, and hopefully you get a load of lovely comments about how and why people should be “glad” another human has died.. you know lesbians die every day too, and cats, and probably more journalists than reported too. After all with the power of a blog you can make a difference to this world.

      You madam are a douche!

    • Very poor article, I pity the writer. Had you followed his legacy you would know that he wasn’t ‘just’ and actor. He was a motivation for the automotive industry, he was a charitable man who provided for those who couldn’t provide for themselves. Everyone can agree that we as a nation feel the pain to have military men/women taken from us everyday however he also cared for them and provided what he could. He was a great role model had you ever met him, as for his movies. Well, sales speak for themselves and so do fans. I am proud have seen his work.

      • Thank you for this post. As I scrolled down the responses to this woman’s spiteful article all I could see were name calling & profanities. It is refreshing to see an intelligent & compassionate post. I am sorry this young man is dead & I pray for his family. I know nothing about him; I have not seen any of his movies, but I don’t rejoice in the death of anyone & I can’t believe the vitriolic attacks on his character. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of who he really was. Ms Adora Bull is aptly named & I pray for her soul.

    • People like Adora Bull, the author of this tasteless article, should, in my opinion, face the same fate that Paul Walker has. If she took the time to read about his life outside of F&F she would be ashamed of what is written here.

    • This article was shitty to read time for a new career choice. To simply put someones death below another just because he is an actor. Yes people die everyday but for someone to write an article about how this persons death shouldn’t matter because there’s always other people who die without the attention. Nobody’s death should be compared in terms of importance general because it’s inhumane. This dude has family and friends so have some respect by not talking crap about the dead. Oh and just to point out you can thank Paul Walker because he gave your lame ass something to write about. Sad someone has to die for that to happen. I’d love to hear you talk your way out of explaining your statements to his family.

    • This is the dumbest article i’ve ever read in my entire life. It is very clear you graduated at the top of a class full of idiots, because the fact you even wrote this proves that point. I don’t usually comment on these things, but I had to because you’re a moron and you need to re-evaluate your life. And how you going to saw the car taught them a lesson, you make me sick. Fuckin’ sickening…shame on you.

    • In your hunger for fame you just dont realise how pathetic you are…..just because you don’t like F&F does not mean its stupid….takeing advantage of someone death just to get your 5 minutes of fame….you disgust me and millions more…..thats why you are who you are…a nobody!!!!

    • This is very immature and heartless. Yes military soldiers die but unfortunately even though it’s not right, there’s more that die than just one or two. Paul was an amazing person on all levels. He never cared for the Hollywood lifestyle and never wanted to be viewed as a celebrity. Like your reference Miley Cyrus who I will not get into right now. The fact that you even compare yourself to her, tells a lot about your character.

      This is extremely disrespectful on all levels. To his Family, his friends, his fans and those inspired by his acts of kindness. Do yourself a favor and stop being jealous like most of the haters and do some good in your life and donate to ROWW or any charity organization.

      Just because you hate your life, doesn’t mean you have to go ruining others. Paul inspired many around the world and is still continuing to do so while he rest in peace. He loved others and gave many selfless acts.

      He helped those in need without asking for credit. I could go on and on about how amazing of a person he is. As far as Fast and Furious goes… It’s a great franchise and it was always my dream to be apart of it. If you knew about or loved cars, then you loved this movie.

      You I’m sure don’t know anything about cars therefore you can’t relate to it. That’s fine, just keep it to yourself. No one needs to hear about your misery.

      As far as Vin Diesel goes… He’s a great actor and producer which you failed to mention (do your homework) and it’s because of Paul and Vin that I grew attached to this franchise from the beginning. If it sells big in the box office where they can move up from using green screens to actually going out of the country to the location to film, I’d say they are doing a pretty damn good job and people are supporting them 100%.

      I’m sorry soldiers have passed, I pray for them and their families but the only ones who will know about these soldiers in order to have it effect them hard, are those who know that soldier personally. There’s a good possibility that a few I dunno thousand may know that soldier and be devastated?

      In Paul Walkers case, a selfless LEGEND! He grew up as a child actor, in commercials, on TV shows and then movies. People ALL OVER THE WORLD knew him, watched him, looked up to him and followed him. That’s why this is bigger than soldiers dying. Paul was known worldwide.

      So some advice for you. Do your homework before you go bashing good solid people. Also I do acts of kindness everyday and will soon be an actor as well. When I die, I look forward to your negative comments. Hopefully by then you’ll find yourself and locate your heart or at least what’s left of it. God Bless

    • Don’t swoop to her level, she’s looking for attention and trying to build hatred within all of us to take over the goodness Paul has spread. Continue to do good and ignore her misery. Don’t let her win. Just agree to disagree and move on.

    • Adora you are one seriously evil bitch, go to hell!!!! All your reasons for PW death are just disgusting and pathetic. What kind of human being are you! Go jump back into the gutter you came from! P.s Watch your back!!!!!!

    • Go commit suicide you weak pathetic evil witch! No one gives a shit about scum like you!!!

    • Everyone has the right to their opinion. We’re all human beings here! I admire Adora Bull for her courage to state her opinion despite it being against how everyone feels.

      I was actually jealous of Paul Walker’s life and success. He’s extremely good looking and has made a lot of money throughout his career. On top of that he probably got so many girls throughout his lifetime. Like he didn’t need to try and probably got laid every other day for the past 10 years until the weekend of his death. But now that he’s gone, I guess he will no longer be having anymore sex.

    • Who would be happy about someones death. What messed I person would say that . Would ever said that I’m going to be happy to say 5 reason why I glad he/she is died.

    • Hey adora, you don’t mean this shit at all you’re talking out of your ass. You’re retarted for sure but with all due respect, you are honestly just a not very attractive girl, with a long long list of insecurities and codependency problems. You would have to pay me to even look at that pussy, I bet when you shower that shit still stinks after. I just put a daily reminder in my phone to NOT FUCK ADORA BULL. Now look, i’ve lived in Hollywood and am very close to many bloggers, journalists, what have you… and none of them, and I mean NONE of them would fuck you either. Rot in hell, can’t wait till I see you in the street and challenge you ape tits. Remember I said with all due respect. Holla at me bitch

    • Thats nice if you read in a book somewhere that told you to jump off of the tallest building in town I suppose you would do that too?

    • Clearly your projecting, Abraham!

      Paul Walker was nothing more than an overrated useless actor. Get a life loser.

    • Your fucking disgusting, he has a family how could you say such insensitive and disrespectful things. “There hasn’t been a good celebrity death in a while” what the hell is wrong with you and you question why the media plays it so much but then say how much you love it. Gee that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it. He created an organisation ROWW -Reach out world wide- helping deal with natural disasters in poor countries with qualified doctors and paramedics and funded it don’t forget. Ohh that sounds like a pretty douchey thing to do doesn’t it? You stupid idiot. Could have easily named the organisation after himself like most celebrities but no he didn’t. Journalist my ass can’t even properly research something before you throw your ignorant opinion out there. He was a role model to many people all over the world showing how one person can make such an amazing difference to this world. Sometimes the freedom of speech is taken too far, keep these fucked up, disgusting and ignorant thoughts to your pathetic, lesbian, irrelevant self the world will be a much better place.

    • You people are getting very worked up over this. Yes, the tone of the article is harsh, and yes, she displays a sociopathic lack of respect for human life, but this is the internet people, she’s aspiring to make waves, ruffle feathers, get people to pay attention. It’s semi-shock journalism. It’s like a comedian doing a bit. In real life, no on could really be that apathetic and blase about human life, it’s meant to be humorous. Have you ever laughed at a dark comedy? OK, so everyone calm down, go buy some big ass mufflers and huge wings for your little rice rockets and chill out.

  1. That is soooo sick! If you met him in real life you would know how it fells to loose someone you like* you should be ashame of your selfs! Hope it won’t happen to you but good luck*

  2. What a nasty and pretentious article. I could usually care less about the average celebrity death like you but Walker was different and an exception being one of the good guys of Hollywood. Nice personality and loved his fans and life in general. Show a little more respect for the man and don’t make assumptions or judge someone you don’t know. Not all Hollywood is pathetic rich asshole culture.

  3. Why don’t you share your bull crap with his grieving family that Hollywood hasn’t had a good distraction whether it was a young soldier fighting for his country or a young actor on his way to a charity event !!!!! You might not enjoyed his movies but you don’t speak bad of the dearly departed many he find eternal peace without you doing his moral inventory! You are not his judge, jury or nothing to him but someone that has a big mouth with nothing to say ! KARMA does a full circle!!!!! That old saying if you don’t have nothing nice to say well in this case shut the hell up !!!!

  4. All Of You Are Fucked Up !! The Fast & Ferious Were Fucking Awesome Movies !! Now You Post This Shit !! Hope all Don’t Live Very Long :)

    • he wasn’t a douche bag but you are he was an amazing person you deserve to go to hell for being disrespectful

    • Ok what the fuck pual walker is bad ass with the movies he did him and vin deasil got me in 2 raceing and u put this fucked up thing u got bc ur a stuck up bitch that sits behind a desk and eats all fucking day wow i wouldnt think someone like u would go that low.. just saying

      R.I.P walker … god speed

  5. You are so sick and so wrong for writing this article. I cannot believe that you are even a writer. Disgusting, that’s what you are!!!!!!!

  6. Haha, look at all burrhurt in the comments.

    Fast and Furious 7 – Jesus takes the Wheel


    • Just had to say that this really made me LOL.

      Both about the butthurt and the highly anticipated sequel.

  7. What in the hell is wrong with you?! You little fucking ugly ass goth chick, I bet you’re only happy when it rains. Your comments and opinions are ridiculous. You must have a lot of hate in your heart because no real man would fuck you. I get it. It is still no excuse for the lame article. Who cares about the Fast and Furious franchise!! Did you lose sleep over it because they made so many sequels?! Did the movies ruin your life?? Did you wake up every morning and cut yourself over it?! Actually you probably did, but then again you probably do that all the time little emo bitch. Go suck a dick you might feel better.

    • she wouldnt eat a dick, shes not into that. shes witchy enough, shed probably enjoy eating a flea infested camel cunt better.

    • well, I am not backing her up, but she wouldn’t let any man fuck her anyway, since she is a Lesbian. All of you people are overreacting, I would get if you knew him personally, but since most if not all of you that are commenting probably only know him from the movies. The fact that you have the audacity to say this, is just sickening, she’s posting her opinion. And you posting this little rant could get you arrested. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

      • So have you ever thought “wow that person is ugly?” or dog or car or whatever? Just because you may have thought something some thing are better left unsaid or unwritten. Why write something with no compassion other than the fact that you hated the movies P.W. made in his career. Not once was it ever mentioned about the things he was involved in away from movies. Hope the author is happy that she can cause such an uproar.

      • Sure, she’s got the right to say her opinion. And we all have the right to say what a piece of shit she is. Nobody’s getting arrested though, that’s fucking idiotic.

  8. Your fucking retarded if you dont have nothing good to say just Shut Your Fucking Mouth And Use Your Fucking Brain.I hope you be the next to paul walker to cementery.

  9. This is a messed up article.. this is very disrespectful to all Paul and Rogers family, friends, and fans. Who are u to spread joy over someones death?? Paul Walker founded his own organization that helps victims of Haiti and Philippes. He raised I think ten million dollars of toys for tots. He used his frame to help others, not to be stupid and corrupt youth.. get your facts striaght before talking shit.. may rogers and Paul rip. For our soliders they are in our prayers. They sign up to protect us and deserve to be respected and not used as levage to make someone’s death seem unworthy.

  10. Just one douchy opinion in an article by a dumbass who has no respect for the decease. So much hate! Maybe his friends loved the F&F sequels so much that they paid little attention to him. Thus, in the wake of Mr. Walker’s death, a bitter persons rant was born.

    God bless Pauls family. We lost an good human being and gained an angel.

  11. you’re a fucked up individual… but then again “goths for Christ”, we really shouldn’t be surprised that trash like you would write something like this.

  12. please go die in a fire bitch. thanks.
    you disgusting disgusting excuse for a human being.

    LOL goth for Christ? you must be part of those westboro baptist church losers..

  13. ok lets all be honest. 1) F&F wasnt anything special, before you fanboys/ girls get crazy hear me out..(he said meow)…they were shitty movies about cars and crime…
    my thing about any celebrity that dies is how crazy we get. like we all personally knew that person because we watched them pretend to be someone they are not for 90minutes at a time.dont get me wrong death is sad.thousands die daily and we dont give it a second thought…some b list actor dies and we are all grief stricken like he was a key part of our life,like his chair will now be empty at our house come this xmas…we need to stop making people of so little consequence so important in our lifes….all im saying

    • You know no one will take on your comment. Bottom line is we all enjoyed the movies that he played in and to me they were awesome (to each their own). Yeah people die everyday and to me everyone has the same significance in this world, you and I know that in our hearts. And it would be just as bad if this idiot of a journalist would write the same bull shit about those stub in Syria or in countries at war. You’re just trying to justify not giving anyone gratification. Come on, that gets old pretty quickly. We can’t all relate to every single person that gets killed all over the globe. As a person who brought us car nuts something to enjoy, it strikes a chord with us. If it didn’t for you, close the page and move on. Simple. But for now I’ll tell this journalist bitch to go fuck herself. Doesn’t matter the person, no one deserves this kind of public display of hate.

    • I just wanted to point out this guy isn’t someone who pretends who he isn’t for 90 minutes in a movie. He has a love for cars, which nonetheless is like art that moves, machinery (all us guys like power tools) and a hobby to be passionate about. His garage didn’t include Bentley’s, it had a supra, a GTR, a BMW M1, and more. He gave TONS and raised TONS of money for charity. He raced cars, he breathed cars, and for most of his fans that is our life too. He helped shape the car enthusiasts scene inside and outside of his films. I have typically zero care when most celebritys pass on, but even if he never did the FF he is still a great member of car culture, one that is extremely caring for one another, because every helps other people. If I was happy on the inside when soLeone passes, would I write to insult them AND their family? Absolutely not.

    • What you don’t understand is that he helped shape a generation. Those F&F movies might’ve seemed stupid to you, and sometimes they are, but there is no doubt that it exposed the car enthusiast/mod scene to the entire world. It’s not just a hobby to many people, it’s a lifestyle. We owe part of our life to Walker and the F&F series, and he certainly did more for people than most other celebrities and people in general.

    • “All you’re saying”? No one cares what you say bud.. You’re not even a blurb of this planet, and you’re alive! So, mr. Reasonable… I enjoyed the movies and I’m sure the majority did too, so speak for yourself. Funny part is this bitch wouldn’t even get an article from the 2nd shittiest journalist alive if she died.

    • I realize what you say to be true. People die everyday. But let the people who looked up to Paul or treasured him for the impact he had on their life be. You don’t have to join in our grieving. Just let us be. I respect you, so please respect us. I know maybe people thought the FF movies were dumb, that’s fine, but to some they were inspiring, to some they meant something. In our eyes paul was an amazing individual. I can’t explain why, but I feel like i knew the guy even though I never met him in my life. RIP PAUL AND ROGER, and Prayers to our soldiers and their families, and you. Peace

  14. Lmao. You call yourself a journalist? Fuck what a failure.

    Yea the F&F movies were terrible. Thats not the point. They are fun movies to watch. Funny and cool stunts, story was meh.

    Now coming from someone who has seen Walker in more than just racing movies, you’ve got it all wrong. Sure he loves cars and drives them fast. He had a racing team and a store too. He was obviously more successful than you and much more intelligent.

    I get you aren’t a fan of him or his films, but to write an article like this bc finally someone you dont like dies is pathetic and feel sorry for you bc you have nothing better to write. Says a lot about your job lol

    Just like others have mentioned, go fuck yourself cunt.

  15. Can’t wait to read what they write about you when u die from overdosing on twinkies you waste of human flesh.

  16. People I wouldn’t lose sleep over it, this is just another dumb cunt who won’t amount to anyone in life. Read it, laughed, moved on.

  17. Wow, this is a really disturbing article written by a so called grown up. Wether you liked his movies or not he was someones CHILD and he was someones FATHER, and for the family of Paul Walker to read the filth you wrote, you should really be ashamed of yourself! It was very distasteful and unnecessary. Your a poor excuse for a human being!

  18. What a sad little child like adult u are. This was someone’s son and father! He was a actor who gave back because he care and for you to public write something like this make me hope u have no success in life. U don’t deserve it!

  19. Where has common regard gone? It’s sad what people will do to get themselves some attention. We need to be stronger than this.

  20. Dear Cunt,

    Perhaps you can do the world a favor by dying a slow, horrific, merciless death. At least then there would be one less useless peice of shit inhabiting the world. You may argue freedom of speech which I will do the same with this comment. You are a heartless, miserable human being and instead of focusing on your own issues you decide to express your useless opinions to others. Guess what! Paul Walker had a family and friends just as anyone of us (sad to say you probably do too). This is a time for those people to mourn the loss of a life and celebrate the successes he had and the happiness that he brought to people around the world. He was an actor and an entertainer and a great one at that. To close, I would just like to say that you are as useless as the words you have written in your article. You are miserable and will likely die alone. I hope one day someone will write a terrible blog about how happy they are for your death. Have a great holiday season (alone in your basement apartment with your cats).

  21. HA This writer sucks. Hey, how about you rant about something that we should be ranting about? Make an article about Fukushima. You’re an idiot for even thinking about writing something like this. Stupid feminist, this isn’t journalism. You are going nowhere, fail.

  22. You are the true definition of a cunt I’m gonna use the first amendment to my benefit right now to tell you that your the true definition of a cunt whether you liked the guy or not there is just some shit you don’t say people like you are the ones who need to burn in a car crash just my opinion thanks

  23. WTF??? You glorify the death of someone? You seriously need to stop writing and posting because you clearly missed the class that should have taught you morality and empathy. That is, if you even went to school… because it appears what you know about journalism you read off the side of a cereal box. No wait, strike that, even cereal boxes make more sense than you do. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope when you die, someone writes something shitty like this about you only a few days following your death.

  24. I’d be so sad to see you writing this article if I was one if your parents. And you claim to be Christian, part of a group seeking to spread a message of love and tolerance? Instead you post this, bringing shame to not only to yourself but to Christians everywhere whether gothic or not. I guess people will do anything for a few minutes of fame, good or bad, but you may want to reflect on your character and delete this.

  25. Its truly sad that people like you exist in this world. Everything comes back around , karma is a bitch. You showed your ignorance by writing such a thing . Your perception of things is completely wrong , why don’t you spend your time getting the facts before you write something so stupid. Paul Walker has done more than you could ever hope to do , its truly sad such an amazing person has been taken from us and a person like yourself gets to continue living and writing crap like this. Movies were only a small part of this man’s life, he was trying to help the world as much as he could . Maybe you should write about that , get out of your ratchet hole you live your sorry life in and do some good like Paul did . RIP PW

  26. I hope your dog runs away, your cat eats ant poison, your girlfriend cheats on you with a man,(your clearly a lesbian) and your toilet explodes and floods your house with shit so all of your belongings can be as shitty as you : )

  27. Your a very sick person to do something like this I hope you enjoy life now cause u r goin to fort in he’ll for this

  28. Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist – That pretty much sums up your life… SEMI-amateur.

    This so called article is horrible and should be removed, have you no decency? Its easy for your pretentiousness to pour out via text on the internet, but I shall assume that you wouldn’t say any of this to someone’s face, or the next death your “fans” would be celebrating is yours.

  29. Fuck you cunt. You don’t deserve a life or right to speak freely. You never go full retard and I leave you with this: Paul Walker was more than just an actor. I’m sure even he found the movies cheesy and funny. He taught me about how something like cars can bring people together so closely. He did all he could for the good of mankind. What have you done? What legacy will you leave behind? The only shit you leave behind is this garbage and distasteful article that should get deleted.

  30. You stupid fucking bitch! How dare you laugh at death. I hope your bitch ass get ran over by a fucking train in the middle of nowhere so no one knows or cares that the worthless life you lead is over.

  31. You actually get paid to write garbage like this? More to the point somebody actually wrote you a check for this article and said “good job” while doing it? Go die in a burning barrel of aids covered dicks.

  32. I’m sorry that you feel this way about someone you have never met. I find it sad that you write such hateful words, whether they are about Paul Walker or someone else. I hope the ghosts of scrooge visit you one night and save your heartless soul.

  33. i want you to know who post this comment you stupid cunt. i hope your close family dies a horrific way and you have to experience living to the end of your days after their death. you must not know what his daughter feels right now but the karma that your asking for will surely come and i hope it tortures you. if you have anything to say back i invite you to say you fucked up inconsiderate cum guzzling closet whore cunt my email is

  34. You’re a sick piece of shit individual who should burn in hell. Who the fuck would think of this shit? Do you have any clue of his background? Celebrity douchebag? He’s done more for charity organizations and has donated millions of dollars to charity organizations and has personally gone himself to relief situations in countries across the globe after tsunamis and earthquakes. You must be one miserable CUNT to write something up with such lack of respect for someones death. You need God and quick. It is people like you who fuck society up with such sick and twisted beliefs.

  35. People like you are disgusting. Trying to get your name out by making fun of such a sad death of a really good man. If you were to really know who he was you wouldn’t be writing this “article”. If people a sad because someone has passed away you should respect that. One day you are going I loose someone and the last thing you will want is a disrespectful so call writer to make fun of the person you lost. You should delete this and find something better to write about.

  36. The last time I was this appalled by a lack of human decency, the Westboro Baptist Church was picketing at a dead soldiers funeral.

  37. You obviously are clueless of the F&F series. The 3rd movie: Tokyo Drift, did not have Paul Walker in it, so essentially the series can continue without Paul Walker’s character. You also are oblivious to other movies that Vin Diesel Has been in besides the F&F series. He stands his own ground in Hollywood, in fact there was a poll conducted and his character was more liked than Paul’s by 15%. So no, people do not think the world revolves around Paul, but his death clearly affected many people because he was a good person with a good cause, such as his ROWW charity. Get your facts straight before posting this ignorant bull shit.

  38. I hope you die and burn in hell you sick sadistic and snob-tastic CUNT. Fuck you! I even put my name here so you can find me and try to argue your “points” Bitch,

  39. The atrocious amount of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and Random Sections of Totally Unnecessary Capitalization in the above posts is hilarious. I thought the article was funny as hell. Apparently none of you get when someone’s stirring the pot.

  40. You’re so fucking inconsiderate and disrespectful. The movies were entertainment and even though some were a little cheesy they still made others happy. How can you be joyful over someones death? Especially someone who did so much for so many people. He started a fund for natural disaster victims and did many other things. He was a star before he could walk or talk as a child. This is just complete ignorance. I wouldn’t wish death among my worst enemy nor would I be joyous about it. I just hope you realize how disrespectful this is. Even how much I hate you and this post I still wouldn’t wish death upon you. Just a wake up call. Maybe near death experience. Idk. Maybe even a slip and fall in the bath tub with your lesbo lover. They have a cure for that by the way, its called trycoxagain. Look into it goth bitch.

  41. I’m pretty sure Paul Walker was more involved in, and gave more of his own personal money, to charity than a hate filled web hack.

    Sure, he was in some shitty movies, but he managed to do things with his life that bettered more than himself, and his personal ego. Who are you again?

  42. You’re a righteous piece of shit, you know that?
    I don’t often wish death upon people, but you – you really are a cunt, and I hope you die in the most slow and painful way possible.

  43. Top 5 reasons why you should die:
    1. You’re a cunt.
    No one likes a stuck up piece of shit that pours her pathetic life on a website and calls herself a journalist.
    2. Lesbian that no one likes.
    Let’s be honest guys like lesbians but we don’t like you because you are ugly as a horses ass.
    3. Goth?
    A pathetic excuse to wear black and hate on everything because your parents beat the fuck out of you when you were a child.
    4. Journalist?
    Says you graduated top of your class…did you achieve this by getting railed by every teacher?
    5. No one likes you.
    Obviously your shitty so called article is going no where and just shows you lack morals and class. You should rethink your life and maybe consider driving your car off a cliff and doing yourself and many others a great favor. On a nice note I would love to see someone take a fucking brick to your face it might look a little better you cunt.

  44. Neither the admin, nor the adora.bull emails worked. So here.

    To whom it may concern,

    Your publication Top Five Reasons Why We’re Glad Paul Walker Is Dead ( is one of the most crass and tasteless articles I’ve read in a long time. Looking at the rest of your blog, this appears to be a truly desperate and disgusting cry for clicks, no matter how hard you seem to be trolling.

    1. If you don’t enjoy the movies, don’t watch them. Turn your eyeballs elsewhere, and give somebody else your money. Pick your favorite charity.

    2. This is morbid and disgusting. How could someone who claims to be a christian spokesperson wish for the death of others? Paul and the rest of the cast of The Fast and the Furious (that includes Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster) inspired an entire generation of auto enthusiasts. Moreover, Paul founded the charity Reach Out Worldwide for which he was extremely active in Chile, Haiti, and Oklahoma (; and has contributed to shark research in the field of marine biology. To say that Paul’s life served no purpose is just bad journalism.

    3. If you don’t like news, go look at kittens on Buzzfeed. Just try not to click on the politics section, lest it hurt too much to ponder.

    4. Just, no.

    5. See #2 in reference to said “douchebag”. The law still has yet to determine what caused the accident that killed Paul and his friend and business partner, fellow auto enthusiast, Roger Rodas. Rodas raced professionally, and officials have determined street racing was not a factor in the accident, though speed may have been (

    I’m all for trolling, but when you bring it to the rejoicing in the death of another and disrespect for family and loved ones, you cross a line. I spit on your “semi-amateur journalism”. May you never make it in this business.

    With sincerest disgust,

    Your Angry Jalop

  45. He was also a guy that went out of his way to help others in need. But hey it’s all golden for you bc at least some people will read your shitty material and attention getting edgy post right? We all know that’s what you really wanted from this you sick fuck.

  46. All I can say is that you are the reason why we cant have nice things. I hope you die in a ditch. I hope someone kidnaps you for ransom and no one come to pay. I hope you lose your job over this article and spend the rest of your days walking to the ends of the earth. You are a dirty dirty fucking whore!!!!

  47. Impressive. Not only is this tagged as feminism but you have chosen to highlight about your career that you are a semi-amateur journalist and a spokesdouche for Goths For Christ. I very much appreciate your extremely, extremely, extremely dry and poorly executed humor. Or, more likely, your heinous ignorance and distaste. There’s a special section reserved in hell for your breed of see you next tuesdays.

  48. Hey was an actor and a marine biologist. He was leaving a charity event for an organization that he started that is provides aid to people abroad like the recent typhoon. You want to paint a picture of a shallow actor and playboy. However, you only prove that you are a lazy journalist and shallow human being.

    You can only look at him and the movies he was in for face value. There are deeper themes in these movies that are connected to a scene you can’t understand. Because when you look at a car you see a mode of transportation with a price tag. People who love cars appreciate it for much more than that. By the way hiding under a fake persona writing this garbage reminds me of the klu klux klan wearing masks to spew their filth. Why don’t you grow some ovaries and use your real name?

  49. you stupid betch why have you not yet killed yourself you gothic fuhk? i’m literally confused as to why God put such a dumb piece of shet on this planet.

  50. You must love kicking puppies and kittens too.

    Aside from the fact that this is your own opinion and everyone is entitled to have one, you completed disregarded the fact that he was a human being just like you and me. He had a family and a very long life ahead of him. So whether you enjoyed his films or not, you have no right to talk down on anyone – living or deceased, as you just did. Shame on you.

  51. First off I’d like to say you are extremely disrespectful. Goth dykes for Christ what a fucking laugh. The guy had an impact on a generation of people. We understand not everyone is a car person but what would ever make you say such horrible things about a good person. He liked cars and helped people. I feel really bad for you and your sad existence. I hope the amount of negative things people have to say about you and your garbage blog make you commit suicide.

  52. Writes sensationalist and shitty article based upon assumptions of someone she doesn’t know.
    Gets lots of page views because of how ridiculously bad the article is.
    She will probably get a ego boost from how popular this post will be.
    Then immediately become irrelevant once again because she can’t really write anything worthwhile.

    Also, LOL @ putting “voted most likely to ‘make a difference'” into her Bio. That has to be an extremely depressing life if that’s all she has to write about herself.

  53. Wow, have some respect for someone’s death.

    Semi-amature journalist… Hahahah. Just because you can type that makes you a journalist? Go crawl back into that dark, smelly goth hole you came from.

  54. If u were dying in the next 5 minutes and all u needed was a drop of blood to survive i would go and watch all F&F movies u worthless shit.

  55. You disgust me. Although you may not have appreciated him as an actor, have the courtesy to appreciate him as a human being!!!! Yes, people die every day that go unrecognized because they are not famous, but that does NOT give you a good reason to write an article why you’re “glad” he’s dead. That’s ludicrous. I do see that you’re using your right to free speech, however, it is small-minded, self righteous people like you that shouldn’t be in journalism. This writing isn’t worthy of toilet paper, let alone being published on a website. How would you feel if someone wrote an article like this about your family members, friends, etc.? Do you even know the legacy Paul Walker left behind? No. You’re so close minded you see him only as “that guy from the Fast and the Furious.” Shame on you. Open your eyes to see not only was he an actor, but a humanitarian. He HELPED many innocent people through his charities and even PERSONALLY went to peoples’ aid after tragic events left them destitute. HE was a good person, you however, are disrespectful, close minded, self righteous, and small minded. Get a life and figure out a REAL topic to write a REAL article on, not the attention-getting bullshit that’s above.

  56. This is what she wants you guys to do.. Because her writing skills sucks your comments and attention is making her famous.. She is using it to market herself famous.. Just ignore it then she can’t accomplish what she intended to do with this cheap way of getting famous by bashing on people..

  57. Adora you represent all that is wrong with people today, NOT A SINGLE FACT WAS CORRECT IN THIS ARTICLE! Do the editors at WMD not fact check? if not I got a true story for you, Elvis is an Alien!!!
    Lets put the truth out there
    1. there is at least one more movie IN PRODUCTION, more have been discussed. the F&F series is a cult classic, the fans want to see more. the cast has kindly obliged.
    2. You look forward to celebrities dying? what kind of sick twisted cunt are you?
    3. god bless our troops and most of us don’t care about anything you said in that statement
    4. Vin Diesel has a larger movie resume then Paul did. Vin is an actor Paul acted to help fund his career as a professional race car driver
    5. Rich douchebag???? yea a loving father, a celebrity who would stop and sign autographs for his fans and talk to them, if it was about cars, he would talk for hours. A man who did a lot of charity work and the car show he died at was organized by him, for his charity organization…..yea sounds like a d-bag to me bitch.
    Check your shit before to write something you piece of shit.

  58. You are a Kunt.. { yes a Capital K } Due to the fact that you’re one nasty bitch. I can’t believe you still have a job. I hope this article ruins you !!!!

  59. Top 5 ways the world would be better if YOU were dead.

    1. Not another person would be burdenened to listen to your pretentious drivel.

    2. You couldn’t procreate, preventing your disgusting self-righteous attitude from continuing to another generation.

    3. The world would be a better place.

    4. Your parents and family would no longer be mortified by your existence.

    5. The United States tax payers would be free from supporting your classless, ignorant, mind numbingly stupid ass, any longer.

  60. This is what a starving author does when looks and talent alone can’t get them noticed.

  61. The irony. Some sad, ignorant cunt writes an article because people actually cared about Paul Walker. Unfortunately, the same won’t be said about you. I’m disappointed I’m even wasting my time typing this, but I just want you to know that the majority of us hope your life is ripped from you limb by limb and the whole time you think about how much a waste of sperm you were.

  62. Go to hell
    Go to hell
    Go to hell
    You stupid no talent bitch. Paul Walker was a car enthusiast, father, friend and humanitarian. You are a deadbeat wannabe writer who should take the far too frequent usage of the word ‘we’ and shove it up your ass.

  63. You stupid cunt. Who the fuck let you out of the kitchen?

    Five hundred bucks to the first person to do a burnout on this bitch’s face.

  64. Lol national spokeswoman for goths huh, you just mad no one gives a flying fuck about you.

  65. Can’t believe you have the nerve to post this and give such awful opinions about Paul Walker AND our troops. Both give obvious reasons to have our full support.Just stay up In your pathetic dark studio apartment alone and starve for more attention. Continue to have an empty false Hope someone actually gives a shit about you and your death when it comes knocking. Because no one else will. No one but the grimm reaper will come walking through your door. And the rest of the world will just continue to operate, even more efficiently with out people like you who are the bottom of the barrel.

  66. You should be ashamed. What if your sexy Channing tatum died? Feminists are about useless… Preaching for equal rights but then cry about sexual harassment when a man tries to compliment you on the gifts god gave to you. Paul walker created a charity for tsunami relief and hurricane relief which donated millions to the Philippines recently. Vin diesel has an established career. He isn’t Paul walkers’ robin. The fast and the furious put both of them on the map. Even though Paul walker was on different strokes. And lastly, they and their movie franchise put more life into the car enthusiast community. Women have make-up and fashion, men have cars. Grow up and check your facts. Oh yeah, and the celebrity death thing is just cynical. Your vagina is evil. Good day to you.

  67. your a bumb cunt with no friends. its a shame people like u are alive. u stupid slut.

  68. Obvious your just trying to get your name out there. He was a good hearted Christian man who paid it forward.

  69. It saddens me that anybody who claims to be something “for Christ” can be so un-Christlike. I’m not sure you’re really doing His work, if that’s what you intend. Otherwise, you’re taking His name in vain.

  70. Why don’t you just die next, you’re fucking ridiculous. & being happy for someone’s death is just sad. Fuck you!

  71. Hmm there hasn’t been an exciting reporter death lately…

    Maybe we should push a certain reporter of a roof 20 stories high in a shopping cart..

    Your un educated and dull opinion of a great person makes you look extremely foolish and makes us picture you with a clise resemblence to the montauk monster.

  72. Adora bull, I hope and wish you die in the worse possible way, in the longest most agonizing way, some kind of flesh eating disease.

  73. this is the most ignorant article i have ever read. Glad you enjoy watching hero’s die.

  74. Don’t you guys know who this is?
    Thes is the dumb whore that Paul Walker turned down.. She is nothing more than a buthurt slut that couldn’t get the time of day from an amazing person so she blasts him after his death cause she didn’t have the guts to do it when he was alive. What a worthless cunt you are. You are no better than the westboro Baptist faggots.

  75. I can’t wait to read an article that states “TOP FIVE REASONS WHY WE’RE GLAD ADORA BULL IS DEAD”

  76. When your time to die comes, we shall all thank god stupid reporters like you are being cleaned from this world little by little. We don’t need people like you who would talk shit just to get a little bit of attention.

  77. Roflmao ugly ass attention whore, we will find you, we will pour acid on your face.

  78. Paul walker died on his way from a charity event that he set up for his foundation. Yea real dirtbag celebrity…smh

  79. U stupid dumb bitch I can’t wait until ur death so I can writhe a long article about ur miserable fucked up life. You can’t write for shit so y don’t I just find you and kill u myself and have sex with your dead corpse. Write about that bitch r.i.p Paul Walker

  80. What a disgusting excuse for a human being you are, not only was he a nice guy off the screen, he also did immense amounts of charity work, not just throwing money at them but a huge amount of hands on work, what have you done with your pathetic excuse of an existence?

    Writing sick articles like this is the only way you could ever get people to take notice, I actually laughed at the fact you call yourself a journalist, you are just attention seeking scum.

  81. How fucking stupid can you be? Couldn’t be farther from the truth about the guy, you seriously deserve to be human trafficked for the rest of your life you dumb cunt.

  82. You’re a stupid fucking dumbass cunt who only deserves pain and suffering you dont understand that you’re talking about someones life a Hero, a Legend, The One and Only Buster from 2001 he was a hero to not only me but others he made me who i am today he will always be my idol my hero and my favorite person on the stupid fucked up planet we live on he started the JDM popualtion all the Honda’s, Nissan’s, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Lexus’s, Acura’s, Mazda’s, and last but not lease Subaru i will never forget Paul Ever in a MILLION FUCKING YEARS my hero my idol Paul Walker

  83. All yall tht agree with tht bitch of a lady are assholes because the fast and the furious was the best series out. So i don’t care what anybody else has to say about it.

  84. Regardless of the fact that u all are just haters and posers….jealous of this man face the fact that he was a HUMAN BEING and it’s always a tragedy when someone dies! However when u die it WONT be a tragedy…it will be doing this world justice for insensitive ass holes like u!!!!! I bet u drive a f*cking Ford Pinto if ur lucky enough to afford that much! Better yet a damn bike ur punk ass stole from wal mart! U ass hole! Have some compassion! Dick!

  85. Poor woman, really makes me sad to know that are bitter souless c u n t a like you.

  86. You nasty sick bitch! Not only do you talk complete crap, but you’re also a vile disgusting piece of dogshit!
    Paul Walker was a great humanitarian who gave much to the needy. He never let success get the better of him.
    I sincerely hope you do the world a favor and stay off the Internet. We don’t want disgusting bitches like you on it.

  87. well honey you need to make your mind up, either
    he is a B grade actor. or as u quoted ‘ we haven’t had a real celebrity death in a while’…. so which is it ??? is he a real celebrity or just a B grade actor… get your facts straight

  88. Absolutely disgusting. Voted “most likely to make a difference,”? Not with writing like this, you aren’t. This is not funny, not cute, and certainly not inspiring writing. This is tasteless and heartless. I think you can do better than to produce this garbage.

  89. That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard…Your probably the only 1 who is happy…no one is joyful over death you stupid journalist. You make me sick and sorry I studied journalism loser.

  90. I think she’s a bit spot on with the it’s come out with too many movies. I also think it’s spot on that celebrities aren’t above the law even if he was rushing or not rushing to get to a charity event. To me they are like everyone else who should follow safety rules that are in place to prevent these kinds of deaths for normal citizens yes that means actors/singers I don’t agree with the part where they said that they are glad he’s dead. Sorry for the families loss.

    But it should be a lesson to not speed no matter what event you’re trying to get to.

  91. Unreal. It’s not even being a fan of the movies. They were okay at best this is about having respect for the dead. You obviously need help, so i’ll just end it on this note: you saying this garbage just to get people to read your articles for shock value is a path that never ends well.

  92. Hello, this message for Andora Bull.

    Hi Andora, we received your application for “crew member”. Thank you for your interest in working for Taco Bell NYC area locations. Unfortunately at this time, we will not be pursuing employment with you. While we realize you have many strengths to offer Taco Bell, we feel your qualifications are not up to par with the skills required for constructing artisan burritos to Taco Bell’s unrivaled standards. Upon reviewing your resume, we felt “TOP FIVE REASONS WHY WE’RE GLAD PAUL WALKER IS DEAD” was not in keeping with our strict ethical standards, and thus not in line with Taco Bell’s mission statement.

    Again, thank you for your interest in working for Taco Bell. We encourage you to update your applicant profile frequently, as our needs change.

    Juan Diaz, Regional Manager Taco Bell NYC metro area North


  93. This article is the epitome of trash, and the author is the epitome of a tasteless moron.

  94. To the stupid bitch who wrote this article, are you fucking brain dead?
    what was the logical reason for writing this retarded article?

    you know what bitch, don’t be surprised if this good for nothing piece of shit wordpress website ends up giving you a database error after I’m done uploading malware to your shitty ass server


  96. This article makes me sick, clearly you are as retarded as the dumb fucks at the Westboro baptist church who feed off of other peoples misery then calls them gay fags, i would like to thank AllanLambo’s Garage on Facebook for sharing this sickening article, oh expect a lot more hate from other Paul walker fans.

  97. whats wrong with you. how can you be glad that someone lost his life and a person like him, by people like you the world its like it is, people just wasting their time criticizing others and not dedicated to something productive.

  98. Your a worthless piece of shit and a sorry ass journalist..stop being a journalist and just be a muf diver

  99. This article is just Disgusting. How could you write something like this. He was a father, someone son. Have some respect for his family.

  100. What a disgusting excuse for a human being you are, not only was he a nice guy off the screen, he also did immense amounts of charity work, not just throwing money at them but a huge amount of hands on work, what have you done with your pathetic excuse of an existence?

    Writing sick articles like this is the only way you could ever get people to take notice, I actually laughed at the fact you call yourself a journalist, you are just attention seeking scum.

  101. Shit thats bullshit bitch. You dont know about him. You`re just know him and you dont have any respect for him. For human being just show some respect for him. You are so suck bitch

  102. die in hell u dumb stupid bitch he was a wonderful man and his movies are awesome so fuck u!!! u disrespectful cunt

  103. Get back in the kitchen you idiot. While you’re at it make me a sandwich and blow me.

  104. You’re a disgusting and miserable piece of shit and I hope that you rot in hell for eternity for the disrespect that you have for the dead. There’s nothing in your idiotic and ignorant article that is in any way relevant to his death. People like you should keep their fucking mouths shut because you have nothing intelligent to say. Didn’t your parents teach you not to talk unless you have something nice to say? Or in this case something intelligent and worthy to say. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about so maybe you should consider lettin a real writer have your job. Go clean toilets you nasty dirty cunt

  105. First of all…..the Fast & Furious franchise will never die! They’ll figure out a way to keep the story line going. That franchise is a beast. Your goth ass wouldn’t know car enthusiasm even if it left tread marks on your face! (Letty quote used well). If you don’t like the franchise, don’t watch it CUNT. You obviously wrote this post to get the negative reaction you crave so much. Well congrats, now you’ve invited every car enthusiast and Paul Walker fan in the world to hate you. And trust me that’s a lot! Paul Walker and this franchise means a lot to petrol heads the world over. Above that, Paul was a generous giving man, if you’d know anything about what he did as humanitarian actions. Honestly what a stupid bitch you are for this post. I guess you needed something to do between slitting your wrists. Please kindly Go fuck yourself.

  106. Adora Bull.. I hope you die.

    Paul Walker has done more for humanity than you ever will. I really hope you die in a fiery crash.

  107. You live with your ” heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball”, huh?

    I smell an angry dyke.

  108. Jesus Christ … Talked like this to dead people , so rude . Think before u think ok . Show respect to his family ok . RESPECT . Don’t teacher teach u when primary .. Damnit
    Can u just .
    Just .
    Just shut the fucked up bitch .
    Can u just go end your life today …

  109. Wow… I can’t believe someone actually wrote something this stupid. Please think about how selfish each of your reasons are and think about posting something more beneficial to society.

  110. The “modern woman digest” and this cunt of an author is part of a list of reasons why misogyny is a good thing. Go fuck yourself you cunt ass, liberal loving peice of shit. Fucking die. Email me if you want the list of reasons why your death would be a good thing. Now, Go get stabbed in an alley you fucking disgrace.

  111. Nothing to see here. Just another attention whore looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Typical female logic.

  112. Of course this article was made by a bottom feeder making 20k a year.

    If you could afford the cars we drive you wouldnt be so fucking jolly losing an asset to the car community.

  113. I honestly hope you are involved in the same type of accident but survive and remain handicapped for the rest of your shit life bitch !

  114. This tard must know nothing about what Walker did behind the scenes. Get your stupid ass back in the kitchen and whip up a sandwich maybe we’ll think about passing this article off as a joke. Irrelevant ass website “takin shots just to get a reaction”. Soldiers have days out of the year for recognition, none of your shitty reasons are logical. This skank is just like every other attention seeking hoe running around

  115. I should have just read the bio to know this was a worthless article. She was probably picked on by guys like this for being all too high and mighty.

  116. You are a sick, cruel human. How dare you sit there and say you are glad someone has died. I can only hope for the sake of your family that when something happens to you, there are people decent enough to not write horrid things like this about you. Or maybe they should since you’re clearly not deserving of any better treatment. People like you are what is wrong with society today. There is a special place reserved for you in the depths of hell. May God NOT have mercy on your soul (tho my better judgement tells me you probably don’t have one anyways.)

  117. You stupid fuck
    Gtfo! You just a sorry ass person who aint rich like him, haters.

  118. You’re a cunt.
    1. The movies were good entertainment.
    2. I hope you get AIDS from being raped by bleedy dicks.
    3. No death is a distraction from those who fight for our country.
    4. Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel
    5. Rich douchebags…except he gave back to much through charity and volunteering time to go oversees to disaster stricken places and help.

    We all hope you rot in hell.

  119. youre dumb as fuck. paul had a good heart and he actually gave a shit about those in need. hes helped many people and with not only his time, but with his money as well. to use a movie series he was in (and is a kick ass series) to excite yourself about his death is sickening to say the least. you claim to be for christ, but christ never wished death on anyone. youre just as bad and a screwjob as those westboro church asswipes.

  120. National Spokeswomen for “Goths for Christ”!! That tells me that you profess yourself to be a Christian, that you have accepted the lord and savor Jesus Christ into your heart and asked him to wash away your sins. Let me refresh your memory to Revelations 3:16 “But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!” Your are a disgrace to the Christian Faith and I hope when you stand at the Pearly gates God shows NO Mercy on you and casts you to spend eternity in HELL.

    In closing You are garbage. I bet you voted for Obama.

  121. You need a new job, because journalism isn’t the correct career path for you. People like you are why the Westboro Baptist Church even exist.

  122. You know what we haven’t had… a really good story about a blogger dying… I think that would be nice!

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  124. Wow, you dumb fucking cunt. You’re the single most disrespectful piece of shit with far too much access to the internet. You clearly know NOTHING about Paul Walker or his life. He has a 15 year old daughter he left behind. Guess what he was doing when he died…HE WAS HELPING WITH A CHARITY EVENT. Yes…a charity event to raise funds for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. How many of your “A list” actors/actresses do events like that…I’m sure its difficult for them to find time between getting drunk and high in public and causing other controversies. But its cool, I’m sure your life is just as worthless as the A list celebs you’re a fan of.

    Do the world a favor and go play in traffic. We all know the world doesn’t need any more spineless pieces of shit like yourself.

  125. The simple fact of the matter is that Paul walker does,not,deserve the disrespect this chick is giving him. Yes many other people have did that we have not heard about. But that is no reason to go online and wright a horrible article about his death. There is not need for people like you in this world.

  126. its cold! but its true… this was an honest person that at least one thing listed above^^^ bother someone!!..

  127. It’s funny how people like yourself seek attention … In the most fucktup ways … Pathetic !!!

  128. Well the wench, Adora Bull[crap], that wrote this should rethink her points. 1-they will probably make more movies using his death as momentum plus it is easy to write out a character. 2-nobody wants to see anyone die think of their loved ones. You are heartless. 3-death is never good news. 4-vin diesel has made various movies and I hope there are more. 5-paul walker was someone that gave back to society. More than you have ever done. Maybe next time you should think before your next horrible article.
    Sincerely US SOLDIER and college grad.

  129. Congratulatiins cuntsore, you have just wrote the journalistic equivalent of a prolapsed anus, go blow some more trucker dick

  130. this author is the reason we should have never given women the right to the freedom of speech

  131. This is by far the worst article I’ve ever read, if u don’t like him keep it to urself, you are entitled to your own opinion but I think I speak for most of the people who r goin to read this that u r a piece of shyt and noone cares for your opinion. The F&F franchise has by far been the best car movies I have ever watched and it will continue whether u like it or not. He was a good man and a great actor and its not right for you to be knocking on him especially since he can’t fend for himself. I guarantee that this article wilWill make a lot more people dislike you now so I hope your happy when your writing career goes down the drain!!!!

  132. Guess you got that reaction you were looking from most people, its pretty weak your riding the coat tails of a death let alone a public figures death in a pathetic attempt to gain alittle bit of fame, nice work you low bit human

  133. your a fat fucking whore i hope you die for writing this you stain, rot in hell you piece of shit

  134. This is extremely tasteless and disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself for writing it!

  135. He was father, a brother, a son, and a friend. Your very mean miss bull. I’m not a much better person myself though as I like to fantisize about inflicting pain to people like yourself. Have a merry christmas.

  136. How dare you call fast and furious fans “tasteless”…YOU ARE TASTELESS for writing this article.

  137. You are a terrible person, and an even worse writer. Do your damn research instead of running off at the mouth for attention. Paul was affiliated with numerous charities, and spent thousands of hours campaigning for those less fortunate. Even amongst the car community, the Fast & Furious franchise is seen as corny & overblown…But what drew a lot of us in was the family element present in the movies. A lot of us can relate to our passion for cars being an avenue (pun intended) to lifelong friendships. Paul was actually a car guy, and went out of his way to hire people from differing socioeconomic backgrounds to work at his performance shops. He wasn’t high browed or snobby to those less fortunate. He was well liked…Get over it. How you can revel in the death of a stranger is beyond me. I would say what goes around comes around, but when you die you’ll just be blissfully forgotten by those who feel relieved from your awful presence.

  138. Funny how she can write a article but couldn’t save a life if given the chance unlike Mr. Walker did. You’re article is worthy enough to print off and wipe my ass with. Sadly, even on the softest and most delicate tissue paper your article would still hurt my “sweet little ass”.

  139. Go bask in your own self loathing somewhere else. Honestly, you are an individual westborro baptist church. Congratulations on being a piece of shit.

  140. People like you fuck up the world. It’s sad that Paul walker died but your saying it’s a good thing that he died. Keep that shit to your self, your just an amateur Journalist. Guess what? I have the top five reasons why your an ignorant dumbfuck.

    1) You telling Paul walker fans that it’s good that he died. Imagine all your family members died. How would you feel? Did you ever think of that? Oh my bad, you were too busy trying to get famous over the internet. Paul walker and his fans will rock your shit any day.

    2) Do you make money like Paul walker? No you didn’t. You should try and keep your job for once, and if you can’t handle journalism go work at McDonalds. Paul walker actually went to college.And you didn’t. So you can say you are a dumbass compared to him.

    3) No more fast and furious sequels? Oh fucking well. We all know that we can’t change that. Maybe there will be another fast and furious sequel, we don’t know that. How are you going to make assumptions already? it’s only been like three days that Paul walker died. So get your shit straight.

    4) Vin Diesel will finally be forced to expand his career… Vin diesel? Just stop. You are never going to reach his level either so keep your mouth shut.

    5) Rich douche-bags die young? How do you know that? Dumb-asses like you should die first. I mean mad people already sending you death-wishes as you read this.

    In conclusion, you are an ignorant piece of shit and your just an amateur Journalist that does not know anything about Paul walker.

    *On my behalf sorry to all the Paul Walker fans. People like her need to learn how to respect people whether they’re rich or not.

  141. This is the worst thing I’ve ever read. I’m ashamed you’re on this Earth along with me.

  142. Wow.. Who in their right mind’s allowed this nonsense to be published?? Please drop dead and immediately go to hell. You are a seriously disgusting person. I would be willing to bet you are some uneducated skank who just knows how to “talk” and some how got mistaken for a so called writer. Kill yourself.
    Disgusting ugly bitch.

  143. You are an absolutely terrible human being. For one I’m sure you don’t know him personally so don’t sit back and applaud someone’s death just because your life is mediocre and fruitless and for two he has a daughter think she’d appreciate seeing this about her father who only recently passed? You’re a heartless human being if you don’t like fast and the furious don’t fucking watch them. that’s no reason to be thankful for someone’s death you ignorant sorry excuse for a human being.

  144. If this is what the modern woman thinks about, then I have lost faith in this world. You are a truly disgusting human being for writing this article. Your a fucked up piece of shit . You, A, have no brain, and , B, have no heart. “There hasnt been a good celebrity death in a while.” who the fuck comes up with that shit, are you kidding me? Go get a real job, or learn how to write a real fucking article. Its disgraceful to be shamefully exploiting ones death in such a way. How would you feel if when you died, someone wrote a article titled, “Top Five reasons we’re glad Adora Bull is dead.”I hope your fired.

  145. Dude you are a low life like come on man why don’t you go get a job doing something that your actually good at doing besides pissing people off. Further more I disagree with you and say any death is a sad death and don’t ever say you speak for people cuz you have no clue what people think obviously otherwise evryone who has commented on this wouldn’t have been so irrate with you. So to conclued this comment stop writing about things you have no clue over and ps fast and furious movies are just plan out awesome and majority have to think so as well otherwise the sales wouldn’t be through the roof and they wouldn’t keep making more!

  146. YOUR A FUCKING SCUMBAG , people like you should have been taken instead of him, Cant believe how much of a fucking cunt you really are. Have you ever lost anyone? DO YOU know what its like to have someone here oneday gone the next especially over a car trgaedy. Like wtf delete this shit before you get yourself killed by someone crazier then you. SMH fuck yourself hope you read this bitch – Directly at Adora Bull

  147. You stupid heartless bitch! How could you say something like this, how would you feel if people were listing reasons they were glad you died, well it will happen because to are a heartless bitch and that will be there first reason

  148. semi-amateur journalist, not even a chance. model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ.,
    not a chance there either. your just a pathetic soul looking for page hits. what a worthless human you are. good thing is, your Def not good at much of anything huh… poorly written article. and lame ass web page.
    may you get whats coming to you.
    and I’m sure you will..

  149. You are a sorry bitch, we should not be happy that some he is dead, Your dumb ass should go play in fucking traffic or may be lay your ass on the railroad track and have a train run thru your mother fuckin ass. This young man lost his life doing what he enjoyed. I am a f/f fan and all of the people who made it what it was. Please go fuck your self and join the dum ass motherfuckers who may have put you up to saying something so stupid, pleas shoot your self be for you get hit by a fast car..YOU SORRY FUCKING CUNT….

  150. You dumb cunt karma will bite you in the ass you will regret making this article and u will go to hell u stupid dumb bitch.

  151. Eat shit you piece of crap! Call yourself a journalist? I’ve written better and more respectful articles on toilet paper with the crap from my ass! Fuck you!

  152. You are a sick fu*k. Why would you write something like this on a man who just died.

  153. Congratulations! You finally got some of the attention you’ve spent your whole life trying to get.

  154. Say whatever you want about the man, but I highly doubt you’ll be as missed and remembered when you go. Every car enthusiast on the planet knows who Paul Walker is and knows what he is about, and appreciated what he did for the car modifying community. He used his status for the benefit of mankind and was universally loved by everyone who met him and then some. You’re using smut journalism to garner trivial notoriety, riding the coattails of another’s accomplishments and slandering their memory for your own personal gain. Paul has reaped his karma already and did quite well. How do you think your reaping will turn out when the world weighs the accomplishments of your lifetime if this is all you have to contribute?

  155. I have to wonder if you even took one second to think of the fact that this person, while famous, is also some ones son, father, brother, or even uncle. For some one who claims to be part of an organization for Christ, I sure He wouldn’t approve of you making light of his decision. I believe the Lord calls us home when we have accomplished all he sent us here for. I’m disgusted that you could be so insensitive to others. May God never choose to take someone who means the world to you and have others bashing that person publicly. I’m horrified that you found someone to publish such filth.

    • By the way, I’m a military wife. Mr. Walkers death has absolutely nothing to do with overshadowing our military. It was a nice try at gaining a few followers. Apparently us military folks are a little smarter than you give us credit for.

  156. Everyone Keep Calm this bitch adora bull is a semi amature who hopefully will get hit by a bus and no one will care. Dumb bitch wish someone shot her between the eyes.

  157. rich douchebag?? he spent most of his free time raising money for charity. he was on his way home from charity event when he died. he was at that charity event on a short film break from fast 7. he’s done more for this world than you or I ever will.

  158. You know what would be nice? If you died. One less douchy journalist writing useless articles that don’t provide any kind of positive contribution to anything. At least he was doing something good with his life. Or did you forget that he died at a charity event he put on for the typhoon victims. 10 bucks says he contributed more to society and the community than you or I or anyone else on this page ever will (not hating on the commenters, but will one of us ever be able to raise the kinda money his events did?)

  159. You are such a low life “journalist/blogger.” This is so disgusting and I hope karma bites you in the ass for your cruel words. My condolences to the Walker family and friends. Let’s pray they don’t even have to read a load of crap like this.

  160. this woman is crazy she is a hater she doesn’t realized that she disrespect the fans which includes me, families, friends, whats worse is that she said she’s speaking for everyone in the #1 reason then she is nuts!Ii got to admit I was furious while reading this article that she wrote and HELL YES!!!! she got many Apologiies to do! And for that I rest my case.

  161. God i’ve a favour to ask!!please return paul walker and take this bitch with u……

  162. I think I can speak for every sane individual on the planet when I say that you ma’am, are quite possibly the worst journalist ever to translate thoughts into text. Please try to never attempt this again, as you suck so greatly at it.
    Famous or not, this man lost his life. While I agree there are soldiers and other people sacrificing their lives and there’s no mention of it in our twisted society. This man DIED! Like he is no longer breathing. Have some fucking respect.

  163. That was by far the most grotesque pile of garbage I have ever read in my life. It ranks right up there with everything the Westboro Baptist Church does. You realize you’re talking about a person who dies very tragically and was looked up to by many worldwide. On an even simpler level he was a human being who has a family and a child who are deviststed right now. Have you no compassion? No emotion? How can you say “At least now your family can say your life served a purpose”? You might as well just punch his daughter in the face, and anyone else who ever looked up to him or aspired to be successful because of him. Regardless of your feelings towards the movie franchise you should do some research before you rip someone to pieces like that. If you actually knew anything about Paul Walker you’d know that he was a very intelligent man. He didn’t just play a car enthusiast, but he actually was one. He was semi-professional racer. He was also an avid marine biologist. He travelled the world exploring nature. And more than anything he was a humanitarian. He was actively involved in charity work and helping those who were in need. Right before he died he was at a charity event for an organization that he started! They were raising money to help the Philippines. Paul Walker was an incredible man. He was a better person than you could ever dream to be. Until you’ve done as much good in the world as Paul, you should do the world a favor and get rid of this slanderous, rude, and utterly disrespectful pile of garbage that you call “journalism”. Grow up. I hope someone writes a lovely article like this about you someday.

  164. this woman is crazy she is a hater she doesn’t realized that she disrespect the fans which includes me, families, friends, whats worse is that she said she’s speaking for everyone in the #1 reason then she is nuts!Ii got to admit I was furious while reading this article that she wrote and HELL YES!!!! she got many Apologies to do! And for that I rest my case.

  165. Really? And you called yourself a journalist? Disgusting, hope this get back to you, stupid sick girl. Enjoy your 15 minutes of “fame”. Womendigest or bitch digest?

  166. Too bad your sorry ass wasn’t in the car also … Oh well scum like you your time will come very soon muaaha

  167. You are one dumb ass bitch! Hopefully you and your family will die! Because you are a perfect example of what is wrong with this world!

  168. You are an ignorant attention whore. I can guarantee that if you put all of the best things you’ve ever accomplished in your life they would look like a sad, tiny lump of shit compared to the charity Paul Walker provided.  Just because you have a sad and pathetic life doesn’t mean you need to announce it to the world by writing worthless crap on the internet. Karma’s a bitch, bitch. You will get yours.

  169. Wow! Does this list make you feel better about yourself? This is just cruel and disrespectful. This man has family, friends, and fans that all love and care about and that are mourning his death. I don’t know how you can find this as a time to joke and ridicule.

  170. You are just a stupid retarded BITCH , do you want someone do the same bullshit about you if you die ? I don’t think …

    Your comments suck and i think you don’t have sex for a long time to talk shit like that !

    Go fuck yourself.

  171. I hope you die in a firey crash bitch better hope i never see u cause i will off you not a threat but a promise…

  172. 5 reasons why these two writers should die..
    1. both of them are insensitive human beings
    2. both of them are as dumb as a bag of shit
    3. both are just as bad of a writer as my little brother, he is 5
    4. both of you have no respect whatsoever.
    5. just die.


  174. You’re just a ignorant cunt who’s jealous of other peoples success, go bang your girlfriend or some other shit, some people these days..

  175. Your “heterosexual” life partner Janet….should there ever be a power to resurrect people and have them burn their tormenter after death, you’re at the top of the list to have Walker do that to you. When you die the world WILL be a happier and more liveable place to be.

  176. Lol, look at this typical feminist cunt hating and blaming men for everything.

  177. What a disgusting post and disgusting human you are. And how wrong you are, especially on number 5. He was a great humanitarian that did a lot for his fellow man. Probably more than you’ll ever do.

  178. Stupid fuckin bitch I hope you get what you deserve for bein such a heartless stupid cunt thats right your a fuckin cunt

  179. You are a dumb bitch. How could you have the audacity to say things like that about a man you do not even know?!? I would like to see you go say those things to his grieving family. And to even mention the other man involved in the crash is shameful. Go kill yourself you stupid slut.

  180. The audacity to be glad of someones death is quite astonishing. You sound just like those lunatics over at the Westboro Baptist Church. I had never heard of you before, and after this, I’ve lost all respect for you as a human and just remember….

    Karma’s a bitch.

  181. Wow! Does this make you feel better about yourself? A person died and you think this is the appropriate time to joke and ridicule? This man has a daughter, family, friends, and fans the love and care about him and the are mourning his death. He gave back to the community and dedicated him time and money, which I’m sure is more than you can say for yourself. This article is just plain rude, disrespectful, and childish.

  182. Because reading the pretentious bitter dribble you call an ‘article’ wasn’t enough, your personal description is more than enough evidence you’re a failure who will go to any measure to get attention.
    “National spokeswoman for Goths For Christ.”
    So you write a resentful article about a person who you’ve never met – a person who’s internationally renowned for giving his time and money to those less fortunate and created & ran an international aid charity – because you’re a self-loathing reject who is craving some e-fame.

    You’re a waste of space and a revolting person.

  183. So, you don’t enjoy the movie series, and other people who died recently that have had a greater effect on your life are not garnering enough worldwide attention?

    People die everyday, regardless of their impact on the world their deaths are mourned by the people that acknowledge that their life had an impact on them. Paul Walker and other celebrities seem to have a greater impact on many peoples lives then most. He obviously hasn’t had a positive impact on your life, but instead of letting people mourn you have joined the ranks of the Westboro Baptist Church in just trying to impact lives through hate.

    Instead of bitching about the death of a celebrity to get people to click on your column under the guise of being an edgy blogger or columnist, why don’t you hope that your life can resonate with others as Paul Walkers did without the blatant attempt at attention with disingenuous and nonsensical babble about why its good that he died. You use no logic and can not justify rationally that the world is a better place with Paul Walker dead.

    I can only hope you will take to writing things that people actually want to read vs trying to make a name for yourself by outraging them so that they pay attention to you. if you would like to discuss.

  184. Anyone who professes joy over the death of anyone doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. Let alone a self proclaimed semi-amateur with only a high school degree.

  185. You’re a horrible person. I hope you kill yourself to the thought of someone close being ripped from you. Famous or not he was still a person that was for the greater good.

  186. So, someone has to die because you don’t have enough self control to stay away from bad movies?

  187. Since you’re a “Goth for Christ” is this something Jesus would like hearing you say? Aren’t we supposed to be Christ-like? Hmm. Didn’t think Jesus was overly happy when someone lost their life in a tragic accident. This is a hurtful and disrespectful post. You shame all Christians.

  188. Paul Walker was an icon in the import car world. He was a true enthusiast and participated in car events and charities as if he were a normal person. He wasn’t doing it for the fame or recognition. He attended events to help out and enjoy it. He wasn’t just some celebrity douchebag trying to pull girls and get nice things. He had a daughter that he cared for and a long term girlfriend. He spent his time helping give others what he had. He was a legend in the car world. A true inspiration, regardless of the cheesy Fast and Furious movies, he helped me find my passion for cars. Some of us don’t grieve his death because he was a good looking guy or famous. We grieve his death because he was one of us. He was a car fanatic just like my friends and I are. He would go to car events as just a spectator, not as a host, or celebrity. He wanted to watch drifting and racing with his friends, just like everyone else did. He may have been famous, but he was the most humble and modest celebrity when it came to his fame.

  189. Your first post is irrelevant and quite frankly rude. The next Fast And Furious movie ‘Fast 7′ has been delayed but will still be coming out.

  190. Wow, you are truly twisted and demented. To sincerely be happy about a person’s death who did so much for people, traveled the world to help people and donated almost $3 million dollars to charities for children. I really hope karma comes around and bites you in the ass.

  191. This article is beyond disrespectful, if the author knew half as much as she thought she did regarding Paul Walker she wouldn’t have had the audacity to publish such an article. It is no wonder she would not mention the impact Paul has made with the charity he has founded providing relief for disaster victims all around the world, nor would she mention the impact Paul made on the Environment with his work with National geographic and the Marine Biology institute of SoCal, not to mention the basic fact of the impact Paul’s movies made on thousands of men AND WOMEN around the world igniting a passion in automobiles that may not have existed otherwise.

    she brings a firm “facepalm” from all journalists everywhere and gives true Christians a bad name. please refrain from ever referring to yourself as either again.

  192. Rich? Yeah probably, but douchebag? I’m sure he’s helped more people through his charities and nonprofits than you ever will.

  193. This is the easiest shit to write. You literally couldn’t have tried any harder to write something “funny”.

  194. You are one attention whoring piece of shit. I hope one day you have a daughter who is kidnapped, enslaved by sex traffickers, becomes addicted to heroine through forced drugging and then burned alive while you watch. Burn in Hell you Cunt!

  195. Who the fuck do you think you are you stupid, arrogant whore. Have some respect. Its people like you that deserve to die in car crashes like that, not a legend on the Big screen that was helping the world. Unlike you, you useless shit, sitting in your daddy’s basement. Feel free to express your opinion but have a little decency and respect. Also, those commenting above about looking at all the “butthurt”, well go fuck yourselves because you are just as disrespectful as the bitch who wrote this.

  196. Well, you got the attention you were looking for by publishing this article…
    It’s a shame that no name “writers” need to write articles such as this for people to notice them! After people stop posting this, you will go back to being an unknown writer best known for praising the death of an actor who was a role model to those like myself and a genuinely good person… Congratulations!

  197. Sorry to break the news to you, but another Fast and Furious movie will be coming out. And your writing is awful. Do you proofread? Try reading number 3 again.

  198. How pretentious, vile, sick, and plain old stupid of you to even THINK of doing an article about someone in this format. First, you’re glad someone is dead??? What the FUCK is wrong with you? Second, you chose Paul Walker??? The man has a 15 year old daughter. She’s heartbroken that she doesn’t have her father and this stupid shit called “Modern Woman Digest” has the audacity to try to defile a genuinely good human being who off-set was not even the least bit pretentious, didn’t even act famous, and secretly traveled the globe providing aid with his bare hands, not sending checks and then going about his day. I don’t hope you burn in Hell, but I’m not going to feel sorry for you if you do. The reason why Paul Walker was so relevant is because of his genuine character off-screen. He was a catalyst for the car culture we have today, filled with people who are passionate about building something with their bare hands and sharing the experience with others. He created a generation of gear heads. Get over yourselves. Seriously! I can understand your disdain for the movie franchise but you need to get off of your damn high horse and show some respect to a fellow human being. Quit trying to guilt people who consider Paul Walker a role model or symbol of their love for cars and for plain old show of humanity towards those struck by tragedy by throwing the fact that the media isn’t littering our screens with the names of fallen soldiers. Thanks for reminding us how many dead soldiers we have to name for you to be okay with a good person, who tragically died but left a big positive mark on so many people’s lives, to be shown on TV. Seriously, I hope you don’t have children. IF THIS is what you do as your living, you might as well no longer exist. What kind of good are you doing in this world to be passing judgement on someone who can’t even defend himself, nor does he need to prove anything to you. Pretentious asshole, you certainly are.

  199. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch. I hope she rots in hell for what you did. Also let me know when she dies so I can write 5 things why I thankful this bitch is dead. Go to hell and shame on your publisher for allowing this to be posted. I hope you get fired for this. I am sure this is the end of your career and once Walker family hears about this, you better have a lawyer on hand. Show some fucking respect for his family. You dumb bitch

  200. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Shame on those who are responsible for publishing this story and bigger shame on you, you nasty cunt, for using other people’s grief and sadness to get noticed.

  201. WOW! This is the reason why the 1st Amendment is too powerful. Regardless is you feel the guy was a bad actor, the thought of wishing death upon anyone is absolutely retarded. The fact that this amateur loser got published shoes how terrible this crap digest is. Here’s to you developing horrible breast cancer and letting it eat your body for years and years and not being able to change the channel as TNT does days upon days of Fast and the Furious marathons. Paul Walker was in a lot of movies that guys appreciated. Here’s to him bringing the Import Scene into the big screen.

  202. wow, you gotta be kidding me!
    You and your lack of brain leave me speechless. I’m not even going to share this bull crap that you wrote here, because that’s what you want. Attention to someone else’s expense, just like the Vin D. that you describe here, little leach. That’s all you’ll ever be, an amateur writer because writing this piece of shit will get you nowhere but to your own grave. Dumb cunt.

  203. As messed up as this article is, writing hateful comments to the author probably isn’t making you any better of a person. Just let it go, people. The day will come when we will all be judged once and for all and thats not for us to decide.

  204. I hope someone sodomizes you with a broken broom handle. Enjoy the splinters in your festering twat, you bitch.

  205. Pay this piece of shit NO ATTENTION – If one has to troll their own blog in a desperate attempt for recognition, I’m betting he’s better of dead than she is alive.

  206. You are a vile piece of shit. And what the fuck does this have to do with “all things related to womanhood and the challenges we face in today’s society”?!? Unless acting like a heartless cunt is the new feminism…

  207. Firstly, this whole article should be listed under “Too Soon”. Second I can tell this was written by someone who has no actual clue who Paul Walker is, nor has ever watched a single Fast and the Furious movie.

    And using “there has been no good celebrity deaths in a while” is a horrible reason. Does this author look through articles on line trying to find celebrities who had died? that is just sick. Yes his death has been a good distraction from hearing about the soldiers who have died fighting for our country, but if you’re sick of hearing about that, then don’t watch the news.

    And Vin Diesel has pretty much just been riding on FnF movies lately, but saying someone like him isn’t suited for action movies is to me like saying a ballerina isn’t meant to do ballet.

    Furthermore calling Paul Walker a “rich douchebag” is kinda mean considering the car he died in was going to be auctioned for charity (yes he was at a charity event). And as I read earlier there was a couple in a jewelry store looking at an engagement ring, when he walked in a bought the ring for them.

  208. You sick person! The fast and furious movies are awesome, not the best story lines, but the action and car scenes are great and kids love all that. The reason this article has pissed me off most is because he wasn’t just some snobby obnoxious actor who thought he was the best, he was a kind soul who done charity work for needy children everywhere, in case you didn’t know he was on route to his charity event when he died! So go fuck yourself you silly CUNT, people like you don’t deserve to have a good paid job like a journalist, or a model for that matter, when you write utter shit like this. I bet you’ve never done any charity work. Your article should be removed and you should be made to apologise. DIRTY MINGE MUNCHING BITCH.

  209. I think, you should write all of this in a piece of paper… And shove it up your ass. It’ll be productive for the media.

  210. This women wrote this for one reason, attention and a desperate attempt for a large amount of views , which she has accomplished . If she would have done her research about Paul she would have known that he meant a great deal to the automotive enthusiast scene . Not only was he a car enthusiast through and through , he was a very generous guy , who i had the opportunity to meet and chat with and from that experience he didn’t deserve to have such a tasteless article written about him . Yes , i do agree the F&F movies are a bit cheesy and they probably should have stopped a bit early on , but i enjoyed them all … i guess have no taste according to her.

    then again , she’s probably affiliated with the west borrow ” baptist church ” . for two reasons ..

    1. they released something online the lines of rejoicing Paul’s death via Twitter , even making a video involving they’re corrupted offspring .
    2. they are the largest group of harmless – pathetic people that just love the thought of attention from the media and people alike .

  211. I know some soldiers that have passed during this recent war and they will be missed dearly and as for Paul walker he was one of the few celebrities that actually did
    good things for others. What the hell have you done, nothing!!!!! People like u are a waste of fucking space, and I agree with a lot of other posts “goths for Christ” really that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard!!!! I hope that when u die, hopefully very very soon that someone writes an article about a pathetic old wanna be aka you, that was pathetic and who no one cares for and that everyone is happy you are dead. You are going to hell and again hopefully it’s so very soon. Die you stupid waste of life and as for a writer you are pathetic

  212. He died driving from a charity event you dumb cunt. How can you even write this. Go get fucked. I’ve never read something so wrong. Hitler was a better person than you.

  213. Your website states “Modern Woman Digest is an online portal for all things related to womanhood and the challenges we face in today’s society. Our goal is to open up new avenues of thought for females the world over and to promote the cornerstones of femininity–Motherhood, Family, Confidence, and Beauty.”

    “Adora Bull” wrote the most offensive, appalling article regarding the death of Paul Walker.
    I am guessing she thought she was being clever and funny but that man is someone’s father.
    This article does not promote anything but hate.
    Shame on you Modern Woman for including this article on your site.
    As a “Modern Woman” myself, I would not be caught dead reading another word of your website.
    I am completely disgusted.

  214. Honestly lady, you need to go sit on a chainsaw…
    Who the fuck do you think you are writing some bullshit like that? I couldn’t even imagine what his family must be going through, and i wouldn’t wish it on anybody, but when it comes to you….GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!
    Your a pathetic excuse for a human being and I can garauntee that when you finally pass (which i hope is soon), no one will give a shit about you!

  215. Your so pathetic. Why don’t you pick up a pen and a fucking peice of paper and write about how you do so much more and better then Paul Walker did.

  216. Just wanted to let you know that the Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket the funeral of Paul and Roger. I thought that you’d like to know so you could join them and be and be with other soulless fucks like yourself.

  217. Oh man, come back to the BX bitch. You’ll catch a beating so fast & furious that you will wish you was in that Porsche instead of Walker. Have little fucking respect for the dead. I’m sure you’re loving the attention this poorly written shit article is giving you. I’ll be more happy to put u on page 6 and help you get closer to Christ.

  218. People like you who glorify the death of a human being and is happy about that will be sooner or later your own demise. Life is a full circle, the karma you put out is the karma you will receive (that’s if u don’t believe in God). And if you do believe in God, God don’t like ugly and you will be judged. I pray for you that you are cleansed of your evil heart and that God have mercy on your soul.

  219. You dumbass cunt. You have no idea what in the fuck you are talking about so please don’t comment on something you know nothing about you pretentious douche. Oh yeah fuck you. He wasn’t a douche bag and he actually did more for people then your feminist ignorant close minded ass could ever hope to accomplish for men and or woman. Just wanted to give you the courtesy of letting you know what a piece of shit you are. Keep sucking at life.

  220. This is just sick and sad. Who are you to make light of other peoples suffering. It doesn’t matter who the person is who died, there are people that loved him and are going to miss him… that is what matters. Posting this hurts them and your career. You must be one miserable person to make jokes about someones death just to further your career. And about it shadowing a soldiers death. I have 6 brothers in the Military and mourn every soldier that passes but it doesn’t make Walkers death any less hurtful. You need to think before posting.

  221. Nice job harnessing the popularity of a family’s tragic loss to get your crappy Z-list blog noticed for two seconds. Paul Walker was a beloved philanthropist. You’re just another douche bag trying to ride on his coat tails. You might as well go join the Westborrow Baptist Church. I hope someone who knows you personally reads this and slaps you across your bitch face.

  222. “This proves that rich douchebags die young too”

    Wow. You know nothing about the content of you character and yet you’re constantly spitting on his grave. Have some respect, people like you are the scum of the earth. Infact, I look forward to the day that you, or someone close to you dies so that I can make a blog post on how much of a better place the world is

  223. I am so glad that she’s a representative of our Lord.

    Seriously people. If you’re going to call yourselves Christians. Act like it. If this was meant humorously, say so, somewhere, or be better at it because it sucked. All you’ve done is made a fool of yourself and the faith you follow.

  224. Your a dumb bitch. The sequels
    Are stupid but what u wrote is really fucked up. He just died 3 days ago. He has a daughter for christ sakes and she’ll probably see what u wrote, I hope u feel good about that.

  225. Adora Bull, you are a low life scum sucking bottom feeder. Karma is a bitch and it is coming back at you. you dumb cunt.

  226. I never realized such an enormous jackass could such stupidity.

    I bet you parents are so proud.

  227. what the fuck is wrong with you your a retard(no offense against the mentally challenged) you shouldn’t be allowed to have internet service ! Your a sick individual !

  228. This is just so wrong. I just hope you get a taste of your own medicine and that when pass someone will speak ill of you the way you are talking about him. Just remember KARMA is a bitch

  229. Just remember dear, when you die, others will remember you as the bitch behind the computer screen. Get a real job. I am so sick of people ripping on someone who has passed. Have some respect. This man had a family and people who truly cared about him. Clearly you lack that, in addition to any compassion for human life. Congrats on your five minutes of fame, that’s all this article will bring you. I really do pity you, how incredibly pathetic is your life that you find the utmost need to post such horrific things about someone’s tragic death? I’m so incredibly happy there are people like you to make me truly appreciate the genuine souls out there. Usually I continue to scroll past such idiotic postings, but yours falls into a category much more repugnant and downright senseless.

    May I add:
    1. No one asked you to like his movies. Not all movies are created in your favor. That is no excuse to write such a hateful article. Fast Five alone made over $600 million. I’m no financial expert, but I wouldn’t say it has been such a bad investment, nor is that “stale”.
    2. A good celebrity death? Really? Again… let’s go back to how successful and prosperous your life is. I’m assuming it isn’t seeing as you are so incredibly consumed with spitting on the graves of people whom you have never met. A death is a death. Period. End of story. Your opinion is essentially worthless seeing as the death of Paul Walker has had no real effect on your life other than possessing you to write such an ignorant, mindless article. Moving on…
    3. The news is depressing. Death is depressing. Once again, these things are not put out there based around your interests. I’m not sure anyone shares your interests, anyhow, so this may be something you should look inside yourself and decipher. Death is important. Paul Walker dying is not a distraction. His death is as important as any death within any family. Again, you probably wouldn’t understand this kind of passion, seeing as your family should have no reason to do anything but disown and hate you for being such a repulsive individual.
    4. You are making this really easy on me. Not sure who exactly who you think you are to judge anyone’s career, seeing as yours is nonexistent. Modern Women’s Digest is really something to brag about! Too bad I have never heard of you or this website prior to your garbage filled post that luckily for you, has made it to Facebook due to peoples’ utter disgust for you. Congrats! As I said, enjoy your five minutes and every well deserved hateful word that is sent your way.
    5. Your argument here really does not even make sense. Thus, I refuse to argue something that serves no such argument in the first place. So, in summary, I will simply apologize to you. I am so sorry that you are such a miserable human. Please educate yourself and think twice before posting another article. I tried my hardest to be nice – however, I took plenty of comfort knowing I would never stoop to your level.

  230. You are a fuckin dumb ass no life low lifeperson too write aabout paul .
    Paul was a really good actor and a good person in life out of actors he was the only one actually came and spoke too me in SD California he was so chilled we had a good conversation and in the talk we had he was a very very good person he left like a real friend .
    So please keep your bullshit too your self fuck you I don’t wish death on no one but damn I hope you get yours soon you low life fuck I hope you get sued and sent too jail and raped there and become someone’s bitch !!! I don’t understand how you live a life saying this .I hope nothing but the worest for you and your family .


  232. Your article is just wrong, You never get to know Paul and even after his death you still criticise about him. I guess that’s what all reporters only knows to do. You called him a rich douchebag ? Well please do remind yourself that he work hard for his career and also does charity to help others in need. He have a loving family and good friends that loves him. Imagine if one day you die, and people write shit about you too, would you or any of your loved ones be happy after seeing it ? It’s the same thing, If you can’t respect him then keep it to yourself. The Fast & Furious sequel movies might make him look like a lawbreaking criminal and such but still he is a good man. So you can take your pathetic article and shove it up your fucking ass.

  233. to bad you weren’t in high speed car wreck, then we could all make a list of good reasons your dead, you cock-juggling thunder cunt.

  234. I see what youre doing, and its okay. Any publicity is good publicity, nobodies ever heard of you and you have to make your mark for your career. You wont ever be as famous as paul walker, people wont care when you die, and aslong as you can take the heat from all of us, commenting here, for a couple weeks , youll get noticed for this tasteless article. We will forget about you and your shitty article In an hour or so but people will remember paul for a very long time.

  235. You are the dumbest bitch I have ever seen speak. It would be any early Christmas if someone shoot your ass

  236. This shit is stupid r.i.p Paul walker n ur fam n luv ones we didnt lose a great man but gain a great angel tha I hope looks after us all one luv n will dearly b missed by all

  237. How does it feel that everyone hates you? You have no respect for the deceased, and felt a need to write about how you’re happy that walker is dead. It doesn’t matter if you liked his movies or not, he was a good family man that is now dead. I’m assuming that the only reason you’re writing this article is for the publicity, however bad publicity is no bueno. You are a typical, self-centered, narrow-minded, feminist cunt, upset by all the grief to walker. Too bad no one gives a shit about your gothic for christ shit, or the fact that you graduated at the top of you’re class. When it comes down to it, you are just another miserable feminist cunt. I hope your fucking cat dies you dumb bitch. Maybe then I’ll write an article titled, “Top Five Reasons Why We’re Glad Vincent Van Furrball Is Dead”.

  238. I dont know girl,people. Wont accept. Those kind of commentary they are focus in some other shit of twalker s death,you may be right,just one thing he was great

  239. you talk alot for knowing so little and its all about cars so since there is more than 7 cars in the world then its ok to make more than 2 movies you fuckin sap wouldnt cut you out of a human centipede

  240. This is soooooo fucking awesome. No more shitty and furious. You miss are fucking awesome and I for 1 say thanks

  241. You are a disgusting individual. He was an amazing person who did so much to help others, and a friend and family member to many. I really hope you enjoy your time in hell, because theres a very special place for you there. And that’s coming from a homosexual man, so that’s really saying something. Trashy skank.

  242. Wow this is the most disrespectful ignorant shit I’ve ever read and I can’t believe somone would write about someone else’s death that way. He was loved he wasn’t a monster or a psycho he was a good person who loved life love his family had charities and loved cars. The car community will forever be inspired by him and miss him and we will forver do burnouts in honor of Brian o’connor <\3

  243. I wish you were on that Porsche so I could make a list Why I’m glad you’re dead

  244. I’m not going to waste my time writing a long winded “fuck you” comment like I had planned after reading this. I just want you to know I think you’re a dirty fucking CUNT!!!! No no wait, you’re a dirty fucking cum bubble popped from a dead faggot’s ass on a hot summer day. Just remember, what goes around comes around you sadistic fucking waste of a human life!

    Well, so much for not being long winded, but I feel better telling you what I’m sure you’re parents have been telling you your whole life.

  245. Although I wasn’t a fan of the movies or actor, I do not believe any deceased individual should be spoken of poorly, not to mention their death to be considered “good”. As with any deceased person, there are family and friends grieving. I’m sure the author wouldn’t want a similar article written about her should she depart. Hopefully, the author will refldct on her decision and realize it was a poor one.

  246. I am always shocked by how Ignorant, Heartless, Egocentric and Stupid some people can be.
    Guess who I am talking about?
    The writer: Adora Bull sh or Paul Walker
    Hint: Not talking about Paul Walker, he was the exact opposite.

  247. What a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being, how dare you say things like ‘I speak for everyone’?….. You don’t, you only speak for morons like yourself who have obviously never done anything of value with their own life. Imagine Paul Walkers family and friends who are suffering right now, whilst grubs like yourself make a joke out of such a tragic event.

    Hang your head in shame, and may Karma bite you on the ass.

  248. Are one sick person.You must belong to the Westboro church! You WILL burn in hell for being such a evil cold hearted person.I have never met him, I don’t really like most of the Fast movies, but I would never ever be happy about something like that.He had family and friends who now have a hole in their hearts.I feel the same way about his friend who also passed away.For you to bring up the wars and how sick you are about hearing about them is aweful!! There are so many good men and woman dying everyday in the war! You are a disgusting excuse for a person.people like you are the reason the world is so screwed up!! Don’t worry Karma is going to bite you in the butt.

  249. A writer DOESN’T write horrible things about someone who died! You should be fired! As stated above by other people if you have nothing nice to say then shut-up, Yes you should shut up. That’s disgusting of you to say SHAME ON YOU. You’re not a Christian…I spit on you. You don’t have to like someone or something but you don’t say shit like that!

  250. I hope you your family and the whole staff of your site all burn in horrible fires.

  251. You are a Horrible person. The Death of Paul Walker is a true tradgedy. You should be ashamed of yourself

  252. I hope you never repopulate. Not only are you ugly and a poor excuse for a human being. To top it off you would be an unfit mother. If you have children I hope they find a good home and don’t have to live with a poor excuse as a human being such as yourself.

  253. What is your fuxkjng point ! You are a disrespecting dirty little bitch who deserve more to die than Paul Waler. Paul Walker did so much to his fellow people. He was always there to help others. Go fuck yourself you dirty little cunt who calls yourself a writer. Also goths for Christ what a joke!

  254. Wow. What disgusting words from a human being. You deserve a death 10 times more agonizing than Paul Walker suffered.

  255. You effen dyke. Wouldn’t it be funny if you dropped dead you tasteless shit stain

  256. It’s been over two weeks since a soldier died in Afghanistan. Some of us actually care enough to know these things.

  257. “Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. ” hahaha what a joke, ‘Adora Bull’ First you make me laugh with such a stupid name, then I laugh at harder at you being a spokewoman for ‘Goths for Christ’. Then you finally prove your stupidity in an article like this. I’m sure people would gladly write an article like this when you die. There would be one less attention seeking idiot in the world if that happened. Please take a walk off a large cliff, thankyou.

  258. What the fuck is wrong with you? Bitch you are tasteless and heartless. This guy wasn’t a Douche bag he actually had a foundation that helped people in need. What the fuck do you do? Write on a gay ass blog, where the fuck are you going in life? I can’t believe the editor of this website would even let you post this. Learn to respect someone who has actually tried to make a difference, even though you probably wouldn’t know shit about that you goth bitch. Everyone should torment her until she PUBLICLY apologizes. This is the true definition of a basic bitch. fuck you you piece of shit and i hope you pay for what you just wrote about a person who made a difference.

  259. feminist cunt, someone should make a top reasons why feminist bitches will get no where in life blog…visit the website attached, i think you’d love to see what those guys are doing, cant believe i just generated traffic for your website…

  260. Well, I guess If you can’t get the audience by doing something good, you can do something stupid. Hope you die this Xmass.

  261. You’re an idiot! He wasn’t just a movie star
    He was an Automotive liaison. Often traveling to Japan’s Nismo™® tuning company. His deah also affected the automotive tuning and racing community. Go fuck yourself

  262. What a beotch!!….Really? Looking for your 15 minutes of fame? I hope you contract VD and die a slow painful death!!!

  263. Ur a dumb bitch. The car world lost a great man that inspired many car builders regardless if the movies sucked or not. Kill itself, better yet go play in traffic. Cunt

  264. Goth for Christ, are you kidding me. This guy was a father, a son, a humanitarian very likely on a scale you cannot compare and also a decent actor. The FF franchise may not be The Godfather but respect for all who pass and there morners is a little more Christ like.

  265. if he was a “rich douchebag” why would he be doing charity. he died help out a helpful cause.

  266. FUCK YOU!!!! IGNORANT ASS CUNT!!!!! There is a special place in hell for selfish, insensetive cunts like you!!! How dare you say you’re happy he’s dead – kill your self you self proclaimed hipster cunt rag… Did I happen to mention you’re a cunt??

  267. you write why you should date an asshole and yet you are happy paul is dead because you claim he is an asshole? why do you even continue to pay money to host a shit website like this, utter garbage is written on this site, call yourself a journalist? you pubescent troll

  268. I can’t believe a person could be so disrespectful. Paul was a good man, I never met him but he gave me a hobby that will last me a lifetime and because of it I have met many great friends. Paul died on his way to a CHARITY event, he wanted to help. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I’m thankful for those movies and Paul, he inspired me to see what a car really is.

  269. I really do hope that this is a joke. If not, I hope a member of the walker family has the opportunity to skull fuck your corpse and piss on your grave. Cheers :)

  270. You are a fucking stupid that probably hasn’t been fucked in years. Go cuts your fucking wrists and jump off a bridge.

  271. You dirty cum guzzling 2 cent gutter whore. Only someone with a huge lack of attentiton would write a article like this. I hope you die a horrible death.

  272. This is why people dont respect feminists. What a complete fucking bitch.
    ill be sure to join the rest of the people commenting here in dancing on your grave, and telling you’re family how the world is now a better place. See how you like it

  273. maybe you should write an article about the boston bombings, see how that turns out for you

  274. I never comment on things like this, nor am I a huge fan if his movies. However I do know he has probably done more for kids and charities than you’ll ever even think of doing. You down a person because he was a celebrity, their status, however you are some third rate column writer that probably sits in their little apartment with a thousand cats. Get a clue/life/a real job.

  275. You guys are fucking sick, the journalists here are all part of a stupid satanic cult, but please don’t worry because karma is going to fuck you up, you satanics all need a bullet in the fucking head

  276. Fuck you, in heat ways you can say that is good that paul Walker is dead? Kill your self stupid motherfucker pise of shiet and fuck you again asshole

  277. You have got to be the leader in douche bagger and a CUT sicker to boot. ..Please do us a favor stuff a prius up your dumbass and go play in traffic..or better yet shoot yourself in the face outside so we can all laugh at the awesome death of a shifty journalist. Fuckin skank!!!

  278. You need to go fall off a cliff !!! And bring your mediocre of a career with you ,shame on you for even writing this you’re truly heartless.

  279. Your are the most disgusting person Paul walker was an idol to millions as you sit there talking shit… no you should go get facts and learn how to write something worth while!!

  280. What the fuck is this? The vast majority of people are NOT glad that Paul Walker died. This is sad just like the news about the war you seemed so glad to have replaced by this. And you called him a rich douchebag? Do you even know what he was doing that day? He was at an event for the charity he started, getting toys for the less fortunate children, including those in the Philippines. And even if everything you said was true, you should have enough respect for the dead to not put something like this up, certainly not so soon after this tragic event occurred.

  281. Lol at this Troll. Now please refrain from trying to get in the spotlight by posting words you yourself don’t believe in, in order to capatalize on the tragic death of a talented actor. The fact that your talentless and poor just goes to show the rest of the kids in school that being booksmart gets you only so far in life. The likes of you who can’t function in the real world because you have 0 street smarts and 0 talent outside of a book shows why this country is so messed up. When your Mommy and Daddy said you were pathetic and useless, they meant it and were 100% correct.

  282. You’re existence should have ended in the back of your mom’s throat. What kind of human being gets a good laugh out of someone’s death. People like you are the reason we live in a fucked up world.

  283. What they all said ^^^

    Oh and please don’t disgrace the public with your terrible and absolutely hideous articles. One more thing FUCK YOU. 😉

  284. Your a just a dumb cunt looking for attention Paul Walker, Celebrity or not was a good individual who made a bigger different than any of your worthless online slander that is viewed by no one other than people who disagree with you but hey if that’s what you want keep posting stupid shit….

    Sincerely A specialist who regrets that he defends the freedom for you to literally speak from your rich stuck up entitled asshole.

  285. You’re a heartless bitch…oh and hate to burst your bubble but they aren’t going to stop making the Fast and Furious movies…they have already confirmed that…they’re actually rewriting Fast 7 so that it will come out…Paul was a great person, he helped communities and even has his own yea go suck on a cock you slutty heartless cum guzzling whore

  286. What a cold hearted evil person …I hope you never lose a loved one and have someone say the horrible things you just said….it just shows how truly ignorant you are and what this world has come to…may The Lord have mercy on you.

  287. You stupid cunt. He’s the only reason I watch fast and furious. You scumbag bitch.

  288. You have to be the most self righteous CUNT there is. Do you even realize the devastating affect death has on ones family? I only assume you’ve experienced it once in your life with family or maybe a friend. And yet you still choose to be as classes as possible and use this as your forum to bash a man that has actually given plenty to the world outside of his acting.
    1) the series of fast and furious. It’s as simple as this, don’t go watch the fucking movies and you won’t even have to worry about how many come out.
    2)good celebrity death? Are you fucking mad? What death is good outside of a select few few criminal types?this just goes to show how screwed up you are.
    3)now see here’s where I thought you were going into the whole “why is this more important that our troops death” speech. Instead you insult both sides. Again, you’re a very sad individual.
    4)see #1
    5)CUNT, CUNT, CUNT! Have you never done anything “above the law”? Whether it was as bad as how fast this car was driven or not matters. No one is free from breaking a law a time or two.
    You sit here and mock this mans death as if it’s just a joke and that a family isn’t grieving. You’re worse than the issues you have with the way he lived. And might I add that i highly doubt you’ve contributed with charity work in the way he did.

  289. I have never been a fan of his movies or his acting but this article is disgraceful. I think the other people have bombarded you with enough insults, all I want to say is who the fuck advertises that they finished top of their class in high school….really? Please never again post any articles where the public can read them, people with your type of thinking make me incredibly sad in the human race.

    Please have a shitty day.

  290. To the writer who I do not care to know your name.Yes some might remember Paul for being the actor from F&F. But I will remember him for his actions off the screen.

    I am glad to say I will never know who you are, and or care that you ever walked this earth.

  291. Wow! I hope you rot in hell you stupid bitch! That man had a 15 year old daughter! God doesnt like ugly. And you are hideous. I will pray for you.

  292. you have no right saying any of that shit. this man was adored by millions and no one has ever heard of you until now. you’re a peice of shit inhabiting a body walking this earth, and you don’t diserve to breath this air. get aids.

  293. GO FUCKIN KILL YOURSELF BITCH. And I’m not talking shoot yourself kill yourself. I’m mean fill your bathtub with salt water and cut your wrists just enough to where you slowly bleed out then get in the bathtub you dumb cunt.

  294. I had to read few comments and am glad there are women that can think and disagree. How can you be hapoy that someone is dead?

  295. Having a go at someone who is dead and cant defend themselves.

    Thats real tough. Do you also beat up 8 year olds and go around telling everyone how tough you are?

  296. It’s jealous POS like you that should be taken before thier time!!!! Just because you have an extremely dull taste in movies does not give you the right to bash someone after they have died tragically!! Show us any blog or post that you did before trashing Paul or any of his movies!!! You’re only doing this to be more like Miley and all the other batshit crazy woman out there that need attention but unlike them you are doing at an innocent human being that was tragically taken doing something for charity, trying to help people across the world unlike your pothetic excuse for life ripping people apart trying to make you feel better about yourself!!!! Stop writing please!!! Do us all a favor!!!

  297. This is the most offensive and inappropriate story I have read in years. I hope you get pressured into issuing a public apology.

  298. Wow Goths for Christ. A little bit backwards there. More like I’m a stupid picked on bitch with no life.
    Paul Walker did what he loved, which was being around expensive, exotic cars. You never know he may have thought the f&f movies were shit. But wanted to promote the racing community because that’s what he loved.
    To say your glad he died… well I guess your family may feel the same way about you.

  299. Lost my time reading only a few of this thank you motherfucker …. and remember you get what you give.. !!!! Be happy with the suffering of someone’s family is so sick.

  300. Look here bitch, Paul Walker has been an idol to me since I was old enough to understand what a person was. Although he’s an actor, a very tasteful one at that, he’s an amazing person. He’s helped so many people with cherity organizations, wildlife foundations, and been an idol to my family and many other people as well. Before you go on ahead and post stupid bullshit like that, think to yourself, would you have the fucking nerve to go in front of him before he died to say such a thing? I think not. Stupid shit like what you had to say gets you beat the fuck upside the head where I’m from. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day in the very near future someone comes along and beats the ever living piss out of you and blows your company to bits. You should be completely ashamed of yourself. This post is a disgrace to all of Paul’s family, friends, and fans. Everyone hopes you’re happy with yourself for making you look like the dumb cunt you are. I personally hope you rot in the firey depths of hell you corroding waste of crude space. Fuck you.

  301. What the hell is wrong with you ? Have you no class. This was a real person. Regardless of how you feel why don’t you respect his life. Famous or not. It’s people like you that make this world so damn ugly. Christmas came early … Really. I feel sorry for you. You need some serious help and maybe get laid. Your issues must fall deeper then being a lame bitch talking shit on someone who touch so many people and did so much good is this world. Bitter bitch

  302. I hope your out of a job after this piece of shit article. Your a heartless ignorant steaming pile of self hating shit. The world needs more feminists like we need more fat kids in America. Btw, there’s not a damn thing “adorable” about spewing hate due to ignorance and a lack of connection to the rest of human kind. P. S. QUIT YOUR JOB AND STAY IN THE BASEMENT.

  303. Wow this disgusts me that you call this journalism. If you look into Paul and the life he lived you may have a change of heart (maybe not seeing how cold this article is). He was an extremely generous person, a car enthusiast (he wasn’t just acting in the F&F series he was enjoying himself and others), just straight up good guy who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to help those in need. I really hope you rethink and regret what you wrote. They disgust anyone that has any sort of intellect and has read the facts despite personal opinion about a movie.

  304. What a total bitch. Lets write an article about your death and how much of an insensitive bitch you are. Lets go to your funeral and piss on your casket you sick cunt.

  305. This man physically volunteered his time and went to areas of natural disaster around the world to help out. What do you do?

    • I hope the next “semi-amateur journalists” death will be Adora Bull! That will be so amusing for a couple of reasons.

      1. We will not have to deal with her sad attempt at humor.

      2. We have not had a good “semi-amateur journalist” death in a while. Maybe the one of those terrorist groups could practice chopping of her head instead of REAL journalists.

    • She sits here spewing shit in an attempt to become an attention whore to get hits on her blog.

      • Absolutely. And it works, unfortunately. The best we can all do is try to contain ourselves and not get too worked up about it, or ignore her completely. It’s just bothersome that while some bloggers struggle to find a voice and a demographic, she gets hers by being insincere and rude. Sort’ve like Nancy Grace.

  306. I get were you’re going, I really do…

    but that wasn’t even really that funny…

    so now you just seem like a bitch.

    BTW: We all know the movies were crap. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t entertaining or at least nostalgic for the most of us (many of us grew up on those movies).

  307. Your a horrible person. Just because you aren’t a fan doesn’t mean it isn’t effecting others. Have you thought of their family? No respect! Grow up.

  308. Wish the woman that wrote this article died instead. Surprised to see she found the time to write this abortion of an article when she still has all the cooking and cleaning to do.

  309. Wow this website should be shut down this article is so tasteless you are fucking pathetic whether the movie sucked or not he was still a human with a value on his life and people who cared deeply about him. Maybe your bitch ass should jump off of a cliff so we can write a article on how much you fucking sucked at journalism you piece of crap!!!!

  310. you are a horrible person. i feel bad for your kids. if you have any. they are going to be nasty fucked up in the head cunts just like you.

  311. Walker must have rejected her phone number or wouldn’t date her. If that’s the case then understandably so. This chick should really be slapped in the brain. No remorse, no respect, at all. Walker probably dumped the Bitch way back for being the douche bag she is, now she’s bitter. Lol

    • You must be jealous that he had a successful career and you just sit around writing shitty Internet articles and waste oxygen. Do us all a favor and die.

  312. May you be blessed with cancer and die a lonely againizing death you heartless cunt.

  313. You are a puta enough said you are a disgrace to the human race how dare you speak disgustingly about someone he is gone why not have a little respect instead of writing stupid shit like this as you can see on everyones comments no one likes you so what if you think fast and the furious was lame keep your sucky ass comments to yourself how about look in the mirror a criticize yourself this man was a great person having a organization for people in the filippines people having no home no food nothing to give to their children and he raised money to help them out… what have you done for anybody or the world? Oh wait I know you pissed everyone off by writing this ridiculous blog its disgusting you’re disgusting karma will bite you in the ass real hard learn to journalist writing positive things and things can bexome better istead of being a disgraceful ignorant cuntbag pendeja sucia

  314. Your defecation on the Internet won’t be looked over. We need more ignoramus feminists hate spew like we need more fat kids in America. Do your homework and realize you are alone in hating this generous man. P. S. QUIT YOUR JOB AND STAY IN THE BASEMENT. pretentious Bitch.

  315. Bitch go die, whats wrong with you, over half the world is saddened by Paul Walker’s death and your here writing a fucking article on why you’re happy about it. You are probably the one person to be happy about this death. How could you possibly say this about a good man? When one of your loved ones die, lemme know, ill write an article about why I’m happy and lets see how you feel. FUCK YOU heartless bitch…

  316. Unbelievable. Only someone with low self esteem would take the time to post an article defacing someone who died in a tragic accident. I understand that we may not be hearing about solders overseas who have passed away but, It is tragic that we have lost a good soul who has done so much for efforts like the relief in the Philippines. I think that your gratefulness for someone’s death is tasteless. A good person has died not a gangster or child molester. You should be disgusted by your own actions here. I don’t care if you didn’t like his movies, I don’t care if you think Vin Diesel needs to up his game, I don’t care if you think Mr. Walker is a “douchebag” because he has money and uses it for charity. No one here wants to here your opinion of Paul Walker. Also I certainly do not want to here your gratefulness that someone special in our world has died. You have no heart and do not deserve anything more then the absolute least respect.

  317. To the “American semi-amateur journalist” with the high school education, quit writing while you’re ahead before you set your professional career up in flames. Regardless of how you feel about the movie franchise, or Paul Walkers career, or his performance as a professional Hollywood actor, it doesn’t give you the right to be cheering on for his death. It’s disrespectful and offensive to a lot of people. What happened was a tragedy and in the end he was still a person just like the rest of us, and no one deserves this kind of treatment and hatred after they’re gone. God forbid if your life was taken away from you, you or your loved ones would not appreciate it if the rest of us were grateful for it. You probably wouldn’t like it if the rest of us were to publish a list of reasons why we despise your career choices and despicable writing style.

  318. This is just sad…hearing this ignorant piece of shit that calls it self a journalist write such bull shit just to get her shitty ass name out there.Just cause you write an article that no one cares about makes it funny because it seems that you want to get ahead in life by making Paul Walker look bad but lets face it you are an amateur journalist that will have to suck a lot of dicks to move up in life.I really hope you die soon and no one will really give a shit because they will only remember you as the amateur who sucked dick at this journalist bullshit.

  319. Wow. It’s people like you that I have no faith in humanity. AT ALL. I understand that it’s your opinion and we have “freedom of speech”, but do you really have to go that far??

    I would understand if he was a sadistic, egotistical asshole who only care about money, sex, fame and being the “best there is”.

    I respect him just like I respect the men and women who served this country and all the other individuals who made living in this world tolerable. Paul is still human; just like the rest of us.

    I do not have a lot of respect for people who flaunt their money and fame for no reason at all, and I get that some, if not most famous actors/singers do exactly that. But Walker wasn’t one of those people. He gained more of my respect when I heard that he was on a charity event for my home country. Yes, it was unfortunate that he passed away that day.

    What I just read was totally unacceptable. Go rant about someone who is a selfish dickwad who doesn’t give a fuck about this world but himself. Then maybe, I will understand where you’re coming from.


  320. Your a piece of shit and a cold hearted cunt. Go suck the dicks of the westboro baptist church while you’re at it, you worthless excuse of a human being.

  321. You stupid, disgusting bitch. If I was a Christian, I’d be sending you death threats.

  322. This is awful you are obviously a very cold hearted person! Imagine being a young girl that just lost her father then seeing some crap like this!! Sleep well WITCH!!

  323. You know what would be a “blessing for the world as a whole?” You having your feet concreted together will thousands of pounds of weight and dropped in the middle of the ocean, where instead of dying of suffocation, the pressure from the ocean would miraculouosly blow your head up and you would literally be a piece of shit at the bottom of the ocean where you would be eaten by a bottom feeder.

    thanks, Jeff

  324. How can someone say such horrible things about a father, son , a people person that man did more for charities thin you’ve done for your family i bet. Yo heartless bitch .Why aren’t you fired yet

  325. Adora Bull. let me make a few things plain to you. You sound like a load of bull, you talks a load of bull, and if it were you that died, you can be sure that I would be creating a website and filling it with my own load of bull all about you. so suck a dick. if you had hopes on being a reporter, i can guarantee you they’re gone now. lets see how far you get as a reporter when i send this article to every newspaper and tv news station in the major cities? you’ll be lucky if you don’t get sued for slander and spend the rest of your miserable life living in a cardboard box under a bridge. and in fact i hope you do!

  326. They should die for saying this .. but sadly they are just practicing the freedom of speech right :(

  327. no matter what he was still a person with a family and other people that cared for him. Your a piece of shit for even thinking of writing anything like this. Karma is a bitch and will bite you in the ass some day soon. Words can even express what a cunt and total waste of life you are

  328. Who wrote this seriously just needs to put a bullet in there head and do us all a favor. There is no need for people like you in the world, so just save us the trouble and off your sorry ass. You stupid bitch.

  329. It’s soooo wrong to say ur glad that someone’s dead!!!! GO TO HELL!!
    One day when one of ur loved or close people die you’ll realise!

  330. Jesus Christ this makes me sick. F&F is a movie-franchise that is for people who love cars. If you don’t love cars, don’t knock F&F. But I guess if judging people you know nothing about is okay here, I’m just going to judge that you were picked on a lot as a child and still have a lot of demons to handle. That’s okay though. If you need to vent your hate and blatant disrespect towards people who live(d) their lives to the fullest like Paul Walker through your insignificant magazine, that’s fine. You’ll never achieve anything in your pitiful, hate-mongering life, despite your “most likely to make a difference” title. So I would like to end this message to you, Ms.Bull (Or Mrs. depending on what in the actual fuck a heterosexual-life-partner is) with a big, fat, FUCK YOU from all the F&F fans in the world. Get up out of your computer chair, take a step back, bend over, and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE, YOU IGNORANT, COCK-SUCKING, GOTHIC, WRIST-CUTTING, PIECE OF SHIT.

  331. You know nothing about car culture or paul walker. Maybe you should look into these subjects and maybe… just maybe someday you will get a boyfriend.

  332. She hasn’t gotten laid. And she’s mad he has the attention of everyone and no one seems to be paying it to her. So she decided to bash on a man that passed away to get the attention she wanted

  333. Heres my step by step guide to become a full blown CUNT. Theres only one step really just be like the dumb bitch that posted this article.

  334. What a tosser. Notice it says amateur writer or whatever under her pic. Cuz shes incapable of writing anything with a sense of honesty and experience within it. Sounds like a fucking freshman in high school wrote this shit. She’s probably in her parents spare catch-all room soaking wet watching twilight. Piss off twat.

  335. 1. You’re the perfect example of ignorant.
    2. Paul Walker spent most of his time off camera donating his wealth and his time, which is more than anyone can say for you.
    3. He lead a more productive life than you will ever aspire too. So what he made bad movies? Thinking that made him a bad person means you have some really warped views on the world and how it works.

  336. Go fuck yourself you ugly p.o.s. he gave and gave and you are publishing an article that its good he died? Wtf do you do? Sit on your fat feminist ass and do nothing? I feel sick we breathe the same air. Hey remember, karma is a bitch, and i hope it fucks you HARD!!!

  337. I have always tried to avoid using the word cunt. And I dont even think it is the best way to describe you seeing as though cunts have a use on this earth. For you to pass judgment on paul walker, who died at a charity event that he was hosting to help others, is disgusting. I hope someone reads this that lives close enough to you to give you the bitch slap you deserve. Im not even a fan of the man but what you said was uncalled for and I hope you suffer greatly for your comments.

  338. Your ugly just like your articles and your cat I hope get hits by a car. And your life partner dies of boredom over your terrible posts of other people’s grief……..stupid bitch

  339. Heartless prick. You’re a bloody moron. If you have nothing nice to say then keep your opinions to yourself you ignorant pukio. Alu e ai gi ou kae lou alelo!!!

  340. You’re a heartless bitch. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to exist. The fact that you are some no-name author makes me feel good. Writing horrid bull shit like this will get you no-where in life. Karma is a rude bitch, and I have faith you’ll get a huge helping of it. My only hope is that you suffer through it and that it lasts for a LONNNNNG time.

    Paul Walker did tons for his community, communities around the world, as well for the following that his movies created. He brought tens of millions of people together to follow the life of car enthusiasts. He was in no-way shape or form a bad person, and deserves nothing but the most respect an actor from Hollywood should have. He used his wealth and fame to better others.

  341. Wow. you have nothing better to write about??

    Your GLAD a human being, an actor, a father, a son, etc is dead??

    What kind of lame excuse for a internet site do you post on???

    completely classless

  342. What kind of dumb cunt would write an article like this… This man had a family who loved him and you’re here writing this article that is completely fucked up. Go fuck yourself with a cactus, and hold the lube.

  343. You dumb fucking excuse of a creature. Congratulations on your sorry ass excuse of an article. Your reasons and support are absolutely pitiful. No wonder you’re an amateur. Because of this article, you can watch your writing career crash and burn. See you on the fucking street waving a little cup for change. Bitch ass

  344. Just because you failed at life doesn’t mean this article is justifiable. The fact you wrote an article so appalling reveals that you must have been a disappointing child who was undoubtedly lesbian. Only parental and family hatred could spur a piece of shit person like yourself. Your journalism career abruptly ended for writing this atrocious article. Your punishment for saying this will definitely be a fiery death from some angry F&F fan cutting your brake lines. I hope hell is as ironic as your death you stupid cunt licker. Burn in hell bitch.

  345. This is so disrespectful. I hope that one day, when you die, someone writes sickening shit like this about you. Your family will read it and wonder why people are so messed up. You are the definition of what is wrong with this country. But I digress. I’m not the ugly goth that can’t get laid.

  346. Are you serious? While you think you bring up a noble point about this countries fallen heroes you must realize Paul walker was not a typical douce bag celebrity. He genuinely cared about his fellow man. He has contributed a large portion of his wealth, more than you will ever make as a scumbag journalist, to charity. He didn’t choose the fact that he was famous. But you know what instead of acting as an immature uninformed typical celebrity he did his very best to give back to the community. You may not see the direct result of his actions but he contributed more than 99% of Americans. You are disrespectful and a shame to the world of tasteful journalistic ability. You need to apologize for every word you’ve written here as it is blasphemy.

  347. Modern Women’s Digest huh? So the women who read this must know now it feels to have kids lose a father?

  348. You are a sick excuse for a human being. Regardless of what Paul Walker did professionally, 2 families lost a family member in an accident. How would you feel if someone in your family died in a car wreck? Or, how would your family feel if it were you? Happy? Relieved? I guess it’s opinions like this that are the reason you don’t write articles for a real magazine. Modern Woman Digest? I had never heard of this rag until I saw a link to this article on Facebook, and I work in the magazine industry. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being and I hope someday you realize just how screwed up you are.

  349. You stupid fucking insensitive cunt. I hope you fucking die a horrible death you jealous fucking whore!

  350. Let’s face it this bitch is jealous she isn’t him Paul walker was and always will be a legend. The fast movies won’t be the same without him this bitch is stupid as funk and ignorant

  351. I know you are posting this because you have some sick fetish with getting a rise out of people. Or feel like your negative opinion somehow makes you feel smarter than the rest of us. Obviously your mom never taught you the saying (if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all). I would greatly appreciate it if you could take your meaningless opinions and shove them so far up your ass that no one has to hear them again.

  352. Since your mailbox is full, I would like to ensure that my message is received.

    Congratulations, you are a moron.

    Way to make it apparent that you are an obliviously pathetic, attention-starved, heartless, ass hole. You are monopolizing someones death to get yourself and your lame, underdeveloped opinions out there and seen by the masses… and for what? What could you possibly gain from this? Were you hoping to “get noticed”? No such thing as “negative” attention in your world? Well let me tell you what – when you die, I am sure your life won’t be noticed by many if your life is any reflection of your recent writing. Why would you put something so ugly out there in the world knowing full well that what goes around comes around? Voted most likely to make a difference?? Well congratulations on doing the exact opposite from what I can tell of your sad life. I hope that at some point you can use any future platforms and talents to the betterment of others instead of pissing on someone who did no harm to you. You would think that as a homosexual (someone who is always getting pissed on for doing no harm to others) you would have better sense about yourself.

    Shame on you.

  353. Hey CUNT,

    Do us all a favor and literally blow your own brains out. It’s opinionated degenerates like you that make this world a shitty place. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’d prefer to see you dead instead of Paul. FUCK OFF – YOU ARE A PIECE OF GARBAGE AND SHOULD BE DEAD. YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT AND MOST LIKELY A FEMINIST LIBERAL CUNT MUNCHER. I actually knew Paul and he was one of the most genuine and generous people anyone could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I dont care if you were joking or not, this is so offensive and utterly disrespectful. I hope Karma comes around and really fucks you over you fucking garbage can. Do us all a favor and go kill yourself. We all would rather see you dead than Paul.

    You are a complete waste of life,

  354. You’re heartless. 1. Fast seven was the last one being made. 2. Greatest netting movie franchise in history. 3. Walker did acts of kindness ans not for publicity. Most were not known untill now. (I.e. buying an engagment ring for a marine to give hiahis girlfriend) maybe because you cannot relate to the series or what he was about is why you were selfish and heartless enough to post this. Walker inspired thousands of people in the car world. Have some respect.

  355. Wow what nice things to say about someone that has passed. I hope you die slowly and painfully. And someone tries to ruin your name by writing horrible degrading statements about you. You sorry low life piece of SHIT.

  356. You are such a waste of air. Goths for Christ. You don’t deserve to have that name aanywhere around you or your shitty post. Your post is about as unchristian as you could go. Why don’t you and I’m sure worthless life partner share an embrace with a .357 in your mouth and squeeze that fckn trigger and make the world a better place.

  357. Revolting. You are one of the reasons why humanity is so fucked up. Disrespectful mole.

  358. No wonder u write on a website that noone pays attention to, because your such a fat cunt bitch that noone would pay you to actually write for a real publication. Have some fucking respect.

  359. You are a disgusting human being and deserve all the blowback you get for writing (I use “writing” as a loose term here) such tasteless, pretentious and utterly disrespectful rubbish.

  360. What gives you the right to say this?
    Your opinion is disgusting, who the fuck cares if he was in a poor movie franchise(in your opinion) that doesn’t mean he deserves to have this filth written about him, nobody does.

    You say he was a rich douchebag celebrity, he had his own charity organisation helping people in the Philippines, yeah sounds like a douchebag to me.

    So continue sitting behind your keyboard writing this slander after all your life is going to end up as nothing.

  361. You’re an asshole.. He had a family how could you say something like that. People like you are the reason why I lost faith in humanity. I didn’t know the man personally but I would never say I’m glad that someone died, and good celebrity death? You need a life get off your computer and actually live your life. Stop caring how others live their life.

  362. Ha ha too bad you’re an ugly feminist, not to mention a walking contradiction. Goths for Christ? Seriously, who the fuck are you? A nobody. Just remember that the next time you want to shell out that hatorade. Because the fact of the matter is, calling yourself a christian doesn’t make you one.

  363. You are a horrible journalist. I really hope that everyone I share this with on Facebook Emails and ruins your life and reputation. You seriously had nothing better to do? Think about his family and friends that are mourning and all of those he inspired. Rot in hell

  364. Honestly, it’s pretty fucked up that you could write your ‘journal’ about why you’re glad someone’s dead. Maybe just maybe someone will write the same fucked up shit about you when you finally kick it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  365. You are a terrible person, you should feel ashamed about feeling glad that a young man died.

  366. Why all the hate, is it cause your career only amounted to writing for a shitty website no one knows about? Paul walker has done more good in disaster areas than you ever will in your life. Before you start writing about being glad for a good persons death look at your own life and how shitty it is.

  367. I’d rather have a Porsche carrera gt and be rich than a gothic disgrace to the world with a girlfriend named Janet and a cat and have to write pointless articles. Good job on contributing to the world.

  368. This is coming from an American soldier and police officer, this article is a disgrace. I’m not coming from a Paul fan point of view I am a part of society. To be glad someone is dead is heartless. Soldiers die an honorable death, to say this is a distraction is far from correct isn’t you arnt a fast and the furious fan you would see his death as any other, unimportant to you. You bring on all this hate when talentless publishers write such bullshit. You have no talent and as of right now I could come up with 5 reasons why your death would be a goodone all because now you are scum. Join the WBC if you see a death this way youd fit right in.

  369. What a sad and lonely life you must live, Adora Bull. It truly speaks volumes about your “amateur-journalism” ability (or lack thereof) that you would have to write something like this just to get a rise from the readers to fill the gaping hole inside of your worthless, insignificant being. I’m pretty sure you’ve attempted suicide at least twice in your life and my best advice to you is, keep trying. Cheers.

  370. Of course a jaded bitch like yourself would thrive off this kind of scrutiny, anything for attention hey? Your just a sad human being. Shame on you.

  371. I can’t wait tell you die so the world can tell your family how fucking worthless you are.. brain less c***

  372. Bitch, that’s exactly what you are. Does it bother you that no one will mourn you when you’re dead? Whores like you are the reason feminism a bad name. Rotten cunt.

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  374. Y’know what? Adora Bull, I would love to see your head ripped apart from the rest of your body. You are in fact the biggest cunt I’ve ever seen before. How about YOU die in a car crash and we all say, FIVE REASONS WHY ADORA BULL’S DEATH IS A BLESSING TO THE WORLD. And My only reason would be because we got rid of one less waste of time and space. Do you honestly get pleasure out of somebodies horrid death? What kind of sick twisted person are you? You’re an armature journalist, and people already wish you’d die. You must not have any, ANY idea what a great man Paul Walker was… Maybe that whole gothsforchrist thing means you want to step up and be the next big death… of someone EVERYONE HATED. I’ve Already said it, but I’ll say it again. GO. FUCK. YOURSELF. ADORA. BULL

  375. Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball. Like Adora Bull’s Facebook page or email her at:

    Read your bio; what a sad sorry life you lead. My guess is no guy ever found you attractive so, oh well, time to get a cat and move in with your “hetero” life partner. You’re going to die alone. I guess if I wanted attention and had no soul, I would post the same dribble you posted here. I hope someone finds your employer, sends them this and gets you fired and you end up on the street. I also hope this gains a lot of media attention and your reputation (not that you already had a good one) gets destroyed and not even McDonald’s will hire you.

  376. More like “top 5 reasons people fully understand why you are a shitty human being”

    I wasn’t a fan of his acting but that doesn’t mean I or anyone else should be glad he is dead.

    What pisses me off even more is that I’ve lost brothers in arms so a sad, hateful, attention seeking piece of shit like you can spill your bullshit.

    It’s always a disappointment to find scum like yourself running free in this world after making and seeing sacrifices paid so you can.

  377. Satans coming back to return the soul you sold him cause he can’t even handle a rotten possessed soul of your alien race

  378. I cannot believe how disrespectful of a human being someone can be you should not be able to write or even be considered a journalist with your hate speech

  379. You are a fucking idiot. Show some respect. Looks like you dont have many fans on your side with this one, moron.

  380. Paul Walker ran a Charity to help people. And all you can do is write shitty articles from a computer chair. He was more then a shitty actor . Get raped , Cunt.

  381. You are no better than that westboro baptist group! Congratulations. You are the reason this country, or world I suppose, is so messed up. You have no sincerity towards loss of life! You can end yours for all I care!

  382. How about you tell that to his ten daughter and his family that just lost him. Your sick. Maybe you havnt lost someone close to you like your dad or mother. Maybe when you go through that you will regret this article. Heartless.

  383. Ur a trashy hoe. Paul walker was a great man and a great celebrity. Hey adora bull. Tell me. How many charities do u contribute to? Nevermind that. This man was a father of a 15 year old daughter. Ur trashy and i hope this article ruins ur career that u probly wasted 4 yrs of school for

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  386. This is digusting. Just because you may not like an actor doesn’t mean you get to disrespect his family and people who cared for him. You are a horrible excuse for a human being.

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    Don’t take what she says to heart she means nothing to this world.. small time journalist lmao

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  392. I dont carw about the movies or the death. I care for the kid he left I lost my dad when I was 9 yes she did have him for a few more years but still it all feels thw same. No matter had much money or what ever he left her all any kid wants is there father

  393. What is up with this crap!?!?!? Seriously? the man is dead and you post this bull crap? you should be ashamed of yourselves. He was a good man and the franchise was a huge success just for you I know its going to go on. . the man did charities to help children out what did you do? I bet you just sit around a computer all day and make stupid idiotic senseless selfish crap like this all the time.

  394. Karma’s a bitch, you get paid to write this shit, you are a worthless human hope you suffer a death much more painful, way to talk shit on a celebrity who used his publicity for good…charities, helping. Earthquake and hurricane victims…when you leave this earth what will you be remembered for? Bashing people who you who tried to make good in regular people’s lives, rott in pieces cunt

  395. what the fuck is even wrong with you? He wasnt just a celebrity he was a father, he was a son. my God like seriously ya sure you dont like the movies whatever but that is no goddamned reason to say your glad someones dead. hes done nothing but good for the world hes a real person. you stupid bitch.

  396. Top Five Reasons This is just a cry for attention:

    1.) Let’s just get this one out of the way, you wrote an article about why you’re glad someone died. Nothing screams ‘GUYS LOOK AT ME!!’ quite like a senceless article that underminds common morals/respect

    2.) Apparently celebrity deaths get ratings just like movies due. Unfortunatly no one will even hear of yours. Maybe close relatives…but judging off how respectful of a person you seem to be, I’m sure they’ll feel the need to pay their respects.

    3.) Writing a little bit about yourself after the article, praying to goths, that someone gives a shit.
    -Top of your class on Highschool? Does that get you jobs?
    -Most likely to make a difference? Paul Walker was voted Best Hair…because apparently that means something too.

    4.) Posting a link to your Facebook page, quite literally expresses the want for attention. Now not only can people come make hateful posts on your wall for all your friends and family to see (just like you want), you’re going to accept their friend requests just so they can do so. Nice

    5.) ‘I’m gay and gave a cat a sophisticated name!’
    Enough said

  397. seriously how can you even write something like this, how can anyone even happy about anyone being dead, I wouldn’t even be happy if my ex boss was dead just cause I hate it him. That doesn’t mean you can go write that you’re happy Paul aren’t alive anymore. This is low, I hope you get fired asap.

  398. U are stupid and heartless ….what if you lossed a love one or u die how would you feel. ….you will never be half the person he was…… easy to criticize someone when ur unhappy with ur self …… people like u are what’s wrong with the world today. … we lost a great man. …and a little girl lost her dad …..u need to keep ur mouth shut

  399. I’m all for sharing your own opinion and letting your voice be heard, but this is really just simply heartless. It is entirely too soon to be saying some of the very hurtful and mostly inaccurate statements in this “article”. Paul Walker’s family is in a state of grieving, I for one completely understand since I lost my dad about eight years ago when I was ten. I know if something like this was written about my father I would not at all be thrilled or okay with the fact that someone is supposedly relieved by my suffering. I believe in sharing opinions; however, this is a judgmental piece about a man that only his close friends and family really know, not some outsider how has never spoken to Walker personally. This is a incredibly disturbing piece that lacks much needed support that it will never have, and the only thing I really honestly have to say as a response is that I am ashamed of humanity.

  400. You are such a DESPICABLE DISGUSTING UGLY PEACE OF SHIT, You need to go to CHURCH and PRAY
    We hope and pray for you that you live to see 2015 the way your talking about the dead.

  401. Only Thing I have to say is Fuck you. You cold hearted Bitch. People like you do not need to breathe the same air as everybody else. I hope you rot in Hell and you only wish you were half of what he was.

  402. So would anybody be against strapping this girl in the passenger seat of a car with her good friend driving amd the car wrecked and both died amd then talk about how happy we are or how better the world is without her??? Just saying. Paul Walker is/was a respectable human being/actor. He may not be on this earth anymore, but he will always remain in the hearts of his family, friends, and I’m going to assume over 1 billion fans globally. “Fresh to Torretto’s hot rod heaven” (I know the line is “Fresh from…” bett he is in hot rod heaven with his famous R34 right now I bet). Oh, and let’s not forget about Blue Crush, Joy Ride, or Diesel’s Pacifier, or Riddick or XXX.

  403. You are sick and disgusting. It takes a truly horrid person to be glad someone else is dead.

  404. I feel sorry for your parents. Knowing they brought such a despicable person like you into this world. Poor class that’s for sure.

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  408. This article among many things is just low. Who ever has written this clearly hasn’t been inspired to enjoy the passion of cars nor do they see the value of the life that has been lost.

    Paul did to many of us what may be never done again by an actor. He LOVED his part and he lived the life of his part off camera. He showed us true passion.
    You never heard about him being on drugs, you never heard about him doing anything like other pathetic pukes of celebrities such as those depicted on some of thousand pathetic reality TV shows. People

    He was a charitable man who helped many misfortunate people and did not abuse his fame and wealth.

    The author of this article is truly a disgusting human being and has no right to be saying the things they did.

    As I have heard many people say ” Give us Paul back, we’ll give you beiber”

    Rest In Paradise Paul.
    You’re a true hero and an amazing person.

    PS you will loose someone someday that has inspired you to do something important and hopefully more beneficial to your life and society than writing pathetic articles on the internet.

  409. You’ve done fucked up don’t be a fucking hater and what the fuck you mean their hasn’t been and celebrity death in a while, what the fuck are you looking for internet fame? bitch go fuck some dogs and eat tacos for break fast.

  410. How dare you write something like this? What kind of horrible person are you? Paul Walker was a celebrity and good human being. He helped people. That kind of person should be mourned not used as a topic for an article written by a price of shit just trying to get attention!

  411. You are the meaning of the word cunt. First of all I wouldn’t grieve for someone I dont personally know, that said it seemed that Walker was one the few real people in Hollywood. For what its worth the Fast and the Furious franchise has a lot of fans and its not because they are Oscar winning movies, but because they appeal to many people who love and enjoy cars. Do yourself a favor and crawl up a hole and hide forever.

  412. Wow is all I can say. This has cleary been written by an individual with as much spine as a prawn. And the same amount of wit. Paul Walkers passing was by no means of his own actions. Had he lost control in an inappropriate situation(such as a suburban street killing people by doing a burnout), we may have some sort of a different outcome. But as it was by no means of his own, this is a rather low article.
    Clearly a bra burner who says I will never sleep with a man, yet still goes out and purchases the largest, veiniest dildo at the sex shop. I hope one day the person you grew up watching and idolising passes, and when that person does, you have someone as equally facetious as yourself, villifies that death.
    Clearly the person who wrote this would have been more usefull as a stain on the sheets than being brought into this world.

  413. You have to be the worst human being on this planet. That is ok because I am sure your ovaries are a barren waste land, shriveled from your soon to be discovered cancer, that will hopefully lead you down a path of painful and lifeless death. If you do ever spawn little horrible excrements that slither their way out of your empty soulless shell you call your body, I hope they are killed in some horrible accident, so you can know the pain that that the Walker family is feeling.

    Thank goodness you will rot in hell…enjoy the rest of your pathetic life you hateful bitch.

  414. After reading this so called “article” and claiming that this piece of shit is even considered what you call journalism is quite said. Why one thing I agree with you is the ignorance of dying soldiers overseas is true, that doesn’t mean Paul Walker or anyone else for that matter shouldn’t be thought of and for the record for the death of Corey Monteith was tragic I don’t feel any sympathy for him because he CHOSE to do the drugs that he did knowing he had an addiction and even went to rehab and yet fail to grasp self control. I’m not here to call you names like a cunt or stupid whore. But I am more than disgusted on how you percieve yourself. For one, I myself am a car girl and the only reason why I have an interest in cars so much is because of Paul Walker and if you actually did your research which journalists should do like yourself you fail to mention about all of his organizations and humanitarian work Paul did. You are walking on thin ice and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but in this case your opinion is way too generalized. You may not like the Fast and Furious movies or the continous sequels that keep coming out but there’s more than enough devoted people like myself that will stick to it. From what I get, you’re really not into the whole car subculture and quite frankly I don’t want you to. You need to understand that without Paul or any of the Fast and Furious movies, the car scene would not be the same. They introduce a whole new idea of tuning cars and car racing to a mass audience. This is just more of a B list celebrity dying, to us he’s a legend but then again I don’t expect you to have the slightest clue to understand. I hope this article will be recognized for the lack of information and dignity which I think journalist should carry through that obviously you don’t have. To end this comment, I hope you feel great about yourself because from reading all the previous comments all I see are really negative and threatening comments which is quite sad for you actually.

  415. I really think this is insensitive. Ever heard not to talk ill of the dead. I love the Fast Movies and no one deserves to be talked about like that. It is a pretty low blow. What is a goth Christian? I am guessing a Christian that dresses in Goth. I am sure they are many goth Christians that wouldn’t talk like that. I am a Christian. My belief is of love. I don’t hold the same values as you. This really disgusts me and should be taken off of this site. Rest in Peace Paul Walker.

  416. U stupid fuk! Talk about selfish! This is a good way to get the shit beaten outta you and im sure noone will give a fuck after that pathetic rant! I know im gunna laugh

  417. What a load of shit.
    Paul Walker was a charitable dude, doing his part in changing the world for the better.
    You’re a retarded slut trying to troll the globe into spreading your name.
    The entire world now wishes you dead. Congratulations, you absolute cunt.

  418. How dare you. You need to apologize for posting such a horrific article. Paul Walker’s death is in no possible way funny. He will be missed by many.

  419. I hope u die for writing this. Fucking dumb ass bitch. You seriously must have no life other then to hate on people more successful then you. Jelousy to the max. STUPID FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  420. You sick Peice of shit! Hope you rot in hell where u belong!! I have so much more to say but your not really worth my time! 😀

  421. You need to loose your job and be left homeless for taking avantage of any ones death celebrities or not you should be sued by his family and friends to set an example to people like you that you cant get a way with this

  422. Hey Miley-

    Oh wait you are just a wanna be ass hat looking for attention. Paul was genuine dude and charitable what the fuck have you done for the people of the Philippines?

  423. go fuck yourself you stupid bitch, I hope someone you care about dies and a stupid shithead like you writes a list of reasons why it’s good your beloved one died(if you can love, which I highly doubt). I’m ashamed to have read this or to even share the same planet with you, you are scum and are really not making this world any better, just fucking it up even more. I can’t believe you used your time to write something like this, the lack of inteligence and self-respect you have is really beyond my comprehension.

  424. You’re a cunt. Fuck you. You never met the man, and he’s never done anything to you either. You’re a tasteless bitch and I’m proud to step down a level and tell you to go fuck yourself for being so god damn disrespectful. You’ll die one day and no one will give a fuck about you.