Why Modern Day Feminists Are Making Me A Misogynist

rsz_sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice-11611Let me preface this article by stating that I am, in fact, female (and a liberated one at that). I am NOT slamming feminists or feminism as a whole, but rather noting some strange trends by some women these days who claim to be feminists. The women in question are, often young, idealists who, in many ways, are doing more harm than good to the feminist movement.

If you peruse any self-identified feminist space on the internet, you will find words and phrases such as “triggering”, “slut-shaming”, “girl-on-girl hate” etc. One word these women are constantly spewing is “empowerment”. What’s especially funny about this is that never have I ever encountered such a group of people who cling to “victim” status.

Many of these modern day feminists are quick to cry out “misogyny” the moment anyone has an issue with a person who happens to be female. They frequently blast other women for “girl-on-girl hate” just because a woman has the gall to criticize one of their “sisters”. I find this way of thinking utterly ridiculous. Since when does feminism mean that women are infallible creatures worthy of nothing but praise? I have always thought being a feminist meant lobbying for equality. Equality does NOT mean that you can say or do anything without being held accountable. Equality means you will be held to the same standards and outcome as everyone else. Now you are telling me that you should be treated differently because you are female?

“Trigger” or “triggering”. This is the cry of outrage in response to, well, pretty much anything. A “trigger” refers to a picture or words that “trigger” a negative memory/experience in the reader. Common themes are sexual assault, eating disorders, domestic abuse etc. Instead of scrolling past, closing the website or dealing with it like an adult, they will screech indignantly about it being “triggering” and demand that the offending sentence/picture be removed. I don’t understand how these women can function in the real world, where nobody really gives a fuck about their feelings. Because nothing says empowerment like being a thin-skinned perpetual victim.

Were you aware that taking off your clothes for the sexual pleasure of men was empowering? Neither did I. That’s what many of these feminists will have you believe. While I don’t think it should be a stigma for a woman to keep food on the table, I fail to see how stripping is an “empowering” career move. This includes “burlesque”, which is mistakenly thought of as “empowering” because many of the women are overweight and not terribly attractive. Instead of trying to make it some ridiculous political statement, why can’t you just admit that you (a) need the cash (b) are an exhibitionist, or (c) you mistakenly rely on male attention to validate your attractiveness? You’ll just have to trust me on the fact that the men in the audience are not picking up on the feminism. Oh well, what can you expect from women who on one hand claim to be against the sexual objectification of women while simultaneously engaging in “rape fantasies”. (I was pretty surprised to discover the amount of feminists who confess to having rape-fantasies.)

“Slut-shaming” is a feminist jab at people who look down upon women for expressing their sexuality. While I do think there is certainly a valid point about the double-standards society has towards women’s sexuality, this is another overused term. Some ladies seem to think that guzzling back liters of sperm and taking as much dick as they can until they are verging on prolapse is pretty feminist. They call it being a “pro-sex” feminist. If you do anything but high-five them, they will accuse you of “slut-shaming”. Rampant promiscuity is pretty nasty regardless of gender. I am not making a moral judgement here, I just think both genders (and genders in between or what have you) should be concerned about sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

The problem with a lot of these “modern feminists” is the lack of logic and the constant knee-jerk reactions. The issues they bring up are definitely valid and the terms that they use they DO actually have a place, yet the constant overuse of them constitutes a “boy who cried wolf” situation where they eventually lose their meaning. These women eventually become a shrill caricature of themselves and it becomes very hard to take them seriously.

Or, am I just “blaming the victim”?

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  1. Truly excellent article, well written and very accurate. I wish more people like yourself would write articles like this which highlight the truth. Thank you for taking a stand and speaking up.

  2. Very well written–particularly the point that the manifestations of feminism you reference (not all are the same) are actually harming women and women’s progress. I’m a man, and enthusiastic supporter of gender equality, yet see the resort to victim status and hair trigger judgment of all world events through a “power and control” lens as at best an ongoing reinforcement of the stereotypes that reinforce any existing “glass ceiling” (who wants a closet victim to lead the company you work for into a future likely to encounter ordinary economic competition or resistance?), and at worst an inadvertent, yet easily detectable, insult to women as a whole. Feminist ideology–even in moderate concentrations–can errode confidence and trust simply because it reflects poorly on the proponent’s sense of judgment and appreciation for the perspectives of others. It’s subtext is “I’m selfish/naieve/unintelligent/whaco (pick all that apply) because I haven’t been able to filter this stuff out from my reality. Therefore you’d be crazy to trust me with your future.

    Women can’t progress without recognizing what Gandhi taught–that every situation has at least seven perspectives–anyone who insists on one ideology to interpret the world has simply reached the level of their incompetence. Feminism thrives on a single perspective, and worse, adopts fascist tactics to enforce it, exacerbating the ignorance with the treat of real danger. Ergo, self-imposed failure.

    Unfortunately few men will pass this along–for a lot of different reasons. As someone who wants women to succeed, I’m taking a risk in criticizing here, but I can’t express enough how frustrating it is to see women being duped by other women in the name of “sisterhood”–“experience my the world the way true women experience it or you’re a ______.” Neither men nor women gain from such a shallow perspective, but until women themselves call it out for what it is-women as a whole will be chained to the success prospects of extreme partisanship, nepotism, and borderline mentality that has characterized the success curve of the centuries of virtually identical social/political models before them. Until women can call out that element and cast off the well-meaning but nearsighted B.S. their most favored motivating call–victimhood–will be a tragicly self fulfilling prophecy. Everyone sees it–but only women themselves can make this move. I know they have the intelligence and ability–I hope they can find the courage.

  3. “Because nothing says empowerment like being a thin-skinned perpetual victim.”
    I am writing that down.

  4. Over all not bad.
    I do have to call out a screaming flaw in your logic though.
    “(c) you mistakenly rely on male attention to validate your attractiveness?”
    Unless you happen to be a lesbian or a male that pretty much IS what you gauge your attractiveness by. i.e. Can you attract the interest of the men you desire.
    It cuts both ways as straight men gauge their attractiveness(or success) by their ability or lack of ability to attract the females they desire.

    I think the author would enjoy GirlWritesWhat and TyphonBlue’s youtube channels and respective blogs, OwningyourShit and Genderratic.

    I also must point out that feminism besides being pointless at this time where equality for women is pretty much a given should they choose to get off the couch and claim it and yet, we still fund hundreds of “special programs” for women as boys fall behind in school and men and men take longer to recover from the recession.
    Hell, it was feminist groups like NOW that killed the ERA because it didn’t contain enough “special protections” for women. What part of “equal” do these feminist “thinkers” not comprehend?

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  6. Lol @ Jason, a misogynist men’s rights activist trying to pretend to play nice. Dude, you’re not fooling anyone. We all know you hate women. We all know you don’t know what male privilege is. We all know you go on those “recommended” blogs and say horrible things about women. Though it’s cute that you think anyone is falling for it. lolololololol “equality for women is a given.”

    • its cute that you think you’re trolling is clever redhedkt. anyway, great article, glad to see someone who isn’t taking the extreme left or right that so many people do. that picture with the chick crapping hearts great too XD. the idealism you mentioned really is the crux of their problem (amongst many others…). so many time they have these ideas that can only happen in an absolutely perfect world.

  7. a misogynist is someone who hate women because they are women, today, a lot of people, (mgtow, womenagaisntfeminism, etc) can hate women not because they are women but because of what they are today, not human being anymore.
    You an i are not misogynist, we just hate fucking agressives animals.

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