How Video Games Are Turning Your Children Into Homosexuals

erandil_blood_elf_freebie_by_neamhni-d5bdqkoAlright moms, listen up. There’s a pandemic going around right now, that no one seems to want to touch with a ten foot pole, in fear of being “un-politically correct.” But I’m here to say what no one else wants to, because as a journalist, that’s my job. It’s also my duty, as a proud American woman, who wants only the best for our nations future. It’s high time we call out video games for what they really are – packaged weapons aimed at our children by the Gay community to turn our children into homosexuals.

Let’s look at the timeline and facts. Video games, as well as homosexuality, have been around for a while. Video games, as well as homosexuality, was an invention of the early 20th century, although video games, as well as homosexuality, only started to become popular and socially acceptable in the late 1970s. Do you see any coincidences yet?

Let me continue. The computer, where a large majority of video games are played on in our modern age, was invented by a homosexual named Alan Turing. While slightly off-topic from the subject of video games, allow me also take this time to add in, a large majority of serial killers were also homosexuals.

Now, let’s take a look at the genres of video games that are gaining popularity over the recent years.

Sports games such as Football and Soccer. Do you really expect me to believe that these games are geared towards teaching our children how to play sports better, how to be healthy competitors, and encouraging them to stay fit? There’s nothing more homosexual than watching a bunch of men in tights running around wrestling with each other for some balls. It’s even worse that these children are forced to play the game with a viewing perspective of their character’s buttocks the whole time. I find it incredibly hard to believe that the developers of these games did not know what they were doing when they made their characters overly muscular while wearing tight little shorts like seen in the attached photos. Not only does it encourage homosexuality, but it also encourages cross-dressing.

Role Playing or Fantasy games. This genre is especially dangerous to young, impressionable minds out there. Not only are all the male characters in these games extremely feminine and heavily into cross dressing, but many of them are so girly that it’s hard to even tell what gender the character even is. This is cause for great concern, as it instills in our children a sense of gender confusion, or gender neutrality, and sends the message to little boys that it’s okay to be gay or at least be really effeminate.  Take special care when allowing your children to play these types of games. Avoid any that are “anime styled” or made in Japan, or any games that have an overabundance of magic themed characters, as they often showcase male characters with long, flowing hair and wearing dresses.

voldo1Massive Multiplayer Online games, or “MMOs.” This genre is fairly new but gaining popularity at an alarming rate, as the internet becomes more of a household necessity as the years go by. Like the Role Playing or Fantasy games listed above, these games are riddled with effeminate, cross dressing male characters for children to play. The only major difference in this specific genre is instead of playing these games by yourself in shame, you are playing “online” with a massive amount of other players plopped into your game as well that you can interact with on various levels. This may seem harmless, and good for their social skills, but it is actually quite dangerous. Most people who gravitate towards these games are sexual predators, many of them being pedophiles specifically. These dirty men will make girly looking characters and attempt to engage in lewd activities with whomever they can, something that has come to be known in the online community as “cyber sexing.” They don’t care who they do it with, or what age the person behind their avatar is. Infact, studies have come to show that these predators find more sexual satisfaction when the person they are cyber sexing is under the age of 16. Be careful, parents, when your child asks that you buy them a game in this genre. This is the most dangerous of the three genres listed here. Your child is pretty much guaranteed to walk away from it as a homosexual, if he’s not already, since to want to play these types of games, you must have some homosexual tendencies to begin with.

Of course this is only touching the tip of the ice burg, on the issue and on all the different genres of video games out there that are a subliminal danger to your children. My advice to you is, keep your children away from video games at all cost. It is a clear tool for the Homosexual agenda, in which to recruit new members to their “team.” They think they’re clever and not being noticed, going after the young and impressionable, before they’ve really had a chance to realize what sexuality is, and to brainwash them into believing that they’re gay and it’s okay. It’s time to take a stand, parents. It’s time to tell the Gay Agenda, NO! You cannot have my child.

Adora Bull

Adora Bull

Adora Bull is an American semi-amateur journalist, alternative model and national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ. She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She has recently been dubbed by her fans as the "Miley Cyrus of Journalism." She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball. Like Adora Bull's Facebook page or email her at:


    • What do you expect from someone that lists graduating from high school as one of her accomplishments?

  1. Adora Bull. What a great BS pen name. I guess you feel you’re “safe” hiding behind it…
    Anyway, I won’t try educating you about history. You’re beyond it, obviously, so it’s pointless. Can’t fill a cup that’s already full. Of shit.
    Anyway, homosexuality is NOT a modern “invention,” regardless what your pastor screams. Da Vinci was GAY. Fuck it, I won’t go through the list of great gay minds of antiquity that practically created what we call civilization.
    You don’t care about civilization. You aren’t civilized. You don’t care about the truth. You’re just a liar. Not only is your depiction of any of this patently false and jingoistic propaganda that only sounds reasonable to rapists and lynchmobs, but it’s also amazingly cowardly.
    Wanna know what makes men gay?

    • Dude, calm down and read her description. Her “heterosexual life partner” is named Janet. Find a guy named Janet, I dare you. It’s called satire, learn to take it for what it is.

  2. If this is satire, not bad, a good laugh and thanks for it. If..for some reason it isnt then still, thanks for the laugh, I’m laughing at you though, not with you.

  3. And here I thought that video games were sexually objectifying women, making them more appealing and sexy to men.

    Make up your mind internet, my penis doesn’t work that many ways.

  4. Yes? So? We invented video games (and serial killers) after we popped into existence in the early 20th Century to cultivate more of us amongst the supple innocent minds of god-fearing children.

    What of it?

    Get your own gig! Sheesh!

  5. I dont even know what to say. I am genuinely left speechless as to the total idiocy of this article. I pray that this was a satire and not a genuine article, because if this was real then I have lost all hope for a large margin of our society. I mean, just wow. How does a person become this delusional? How do you detach yourself so cleanly from reality and logic? Its almost impressive how far from our plane of existence this author has apparently reached. It appears that in her world everything has to be complete bullshit for it to make sense…..

  6. Uh…..what did I just read?

    I’m beyond confused on the intent of this blog. Is it serious or a Troll post?

    For the sake of argument, I am going to assume that it’s a genuine post and tell you that I have never read anything more ridiculous. Grasping at straws much?

  7.…too much muscle is gay…not manly is gay..oh..marvelous..simply marvellous

  8. I sincerely hope you’re joking.

    Get out of the stone age and stop being a judgmental cunt.

  9. obvious troll is obvious.
    no one who graduated college “top of her class” would be this retarded-
    wait, she didnt go to college?
    never mind. i withdraw my previous accusation.

  10. This is so stupid that I can’t tell whether the writer is serious or just making fun of homophobes.

    • I know right, I am not sure if this is for real or not. I was expecting it to end in a really obvious sarcastic manner to point out to any homophobes reading how stupid they sound but it didn’t.
      I know if this was for real she would hate me, gender-fluid man who will soon be married to a loverly guy. ^__^ I blame the video games, durrr 😛

  11. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I one of the women working in the video game industry, and this is the first time I’ve heard about this. Usually we get slammed for our overly sexy women, not our traditionally dressed men.

  12. Seriously what’s wrong with this site? everyone on here is an incompetent, imbecilic moron…video games are the reason I’m gay, thank you for enlightening me a thousand year old question we have yet to find the answer for…you are truly a genius and an inspiration to us all…

    • I can answer one of the reasons why men become homosexuals, it’s because they have allowed penetration into their nether regions which causes a really good sensation when the glans makes contact with the prostate gland. When under the influence of marijuana and nitrates (poppers), the feeling is heavenly, without the pain normally present when penetration occurs, allowing all inhibition to fall by the wayside. It may sound weird, but most men that are with women that had a homosexual encounter(s), but they will probably tell you it has humbled their masculinity a little bit and that they come to understand what women go through with men while they are having sex and that they respect the women a lot more; leading to happier relationships.

      • Are you surprising your own homosexual tendancies?
        Can’t you accept a male who likes having sex with other males?
        There’s no cause or link to homosexual behaviour

  13. If this is satire, its really good. If it is not satire, then the author is in serious need of psychiatric care.

  14. How can anyone be so stupid half of Ancient Greece was gay and they are classed as one of the most advanced ancient civilisation I am gay an. I think I’m speaking for the whole gay community when I say we do not purposefully go around trying to change people from straight yes we are accepting but are you really that neive to think that anyone would do that to write the article is bad enough but I hate to think how many arrogant people there are out there that would openly believe such absolute bull s**t

  15. I’m not even going to take this seriously, as a piece of comedy writing however it’s brilliantly hilarious.

  16. Well… there was a study conducted some time ago about the brains of homosexual men and straight men. Apparently the homosexual men have brains similar to the “females”. Well that’s just me learning stuff at a university. Personally I think this is pretty stupid, it’s like… trying to take down video games AND gay people. Pretty futile imo because hey… the gaming industry is huge and people are accepting homosexual people.

    I kinda feel offended though as a gamer myself.

  17. Ha! For a start, I adore your bio – really, how stating that your partner lives a heterosexual life makes me believe that this is just you trying to improve your own hetrosexual portryal. As to what history ‘teaches us’ (Merlin, I hate that phrase), let me introduce you to Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron. Finally, let me say that I find it highly insulting that you compare, whilst “off-topic” from the subject of video games, homesexuals to serial killers. I may not be a mother, but well done for installing prejudiced beliefs. I’d advise you to play the games first, and observe how they’ve been age rated for a reason. This was meant only to be a quick note, as I’ve a University class in a moment, but ah! – you ignorant people do make me irritated.

  18. Please, please tell me this whole thing is a wind-up. It would be more at home on The Onion.

    For the record: 35 years a gamer, and still straight.

  19. Not to go into the wild amounts of inaccuracy that I’m sure you’re not interested in, but… You claim to be a Christian. Have you read the bible? Homosexuality existed thousands of years before the 20th century.

  20. This isnt satire this woman always makes stupid articles like this, she is actually just an effing nut and would be more beneficial to the planet if she wasn’t a part of it…

  21. And if this writer is not pulling the “Poe” card then they are truly lost in their own world.

  22. For everyone who is taking this article seriously, has anyone noticed that the author’s partner is called Janet? Now while it says that this person is her heterosexual partner, I don’t think any man in the world is really called Janet, Jan yes, but Janet no. Now I realize I’m probably wrong and there will be a bloke called Janet somewhere, but I’m pretty sure that Janet either doesn’t exist or is really a woman and this whole thing is intended to be satirical.

  23. Christ, it’s obviously satire you morons. Just look at her bio:
    “She graduated top of her class from Bronx Haven High School in New York City, voted most likely to “make a difference”. She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball.”

    Hmm, Janet, that sure does sound like a guy’s name.

  24. Haha you can’t be turned gay you fucking fool get a grip ! I play football and box. Yep it was definitely sports that made me gay you people make me laugh. Do you realise how many people are laughing at your stupidity. Hope you don’t turn gay from reading a comment from a gay person.

  25. Are you stupid lady
    MMORPG’s and stuff turning children homosexual
    No, just no
    That is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

  26. I’m sorry, but this sounds like the writings of an feminist extremists. I know many people that play video games that are straight.
    The only evidence you have is that a creator of a game is a homosexual therefore makes gamers gay.
    That’s like saying, if some owns a brewy that makes alcoholics.
    Your opinions are very right wing feminism.

  27. I was shocked up to the point where it said “She is an American Semi Amateur Journalist” then i understood why she sounded so stupid .

  28. I am assuming this is a joke, a witty piece of satire. If it is serious… I give up on the human race,

  29. I’m not sure if this is a troll or not, I mean first where the heck did you get your statistics? Homosexuality been around a lot longer then video games, I don’t even want to guess where you got the supposed statistic about a correlation between homosexuality and serial killers but it’s wrong, just wrong.

    Secondly do you not watch sports dose your home not have a local football team? Does your local high school not encourage people to watch sports as a form of social interaction and camaraderie? Playing sports related video games is learning, not about the how to play the sport, but strategizing and understanding other, healthy competition, and in fact is teaching kids how to lose as school now a days are not allowed to have ‘losers’ it’s like chess but with a ball. or do you think computer chess is Gay too? Also the images you attached aren’t from sports games so You can’t say ‘see images attached for reference’ if you don’t attach the right images.

    Ok next genre

    Fantasy, OMG kids accepting that their different OH THE INHUMANITY! Ok enough of that to brass tacks, Fantasy is actually a genre that largely attracts girls to gaming, I myself am an avid fan of Fantasy based games particularly the Anime based ones you demonize so much (Thank god for japan) Anyway, it’s not about making them girly or were ‘dresses’ (there robes seriously lady do you think Scottish Kilts are gay to?) A. those types of effeminate looking men are attractive to a teenage female audience B. Are you honestly telling me you’ve only ever seen men with crew cuts attractive what’s wrong with long hair on men? And C. again OMG diversity Say it aint so! They’re not all effeminate there are just as many manly ones as there are effeminate ones, Asia just happens to allow for a lot more gender diversity in their art work because they, at least, have accepted that not everyone looks the same.

    MMO Ok First not a genre a genre is like ‘fantasy, Scifi, Historical, and MMO is a ‘Platform’ it is a ‘type’ of game… Seriously did you do any research? I thought you were supposed to be a journalist? Do it right! *coughs* ok Back to MMO

    Once again, not new, MMOs have been around since the internet, they just haven’t always had great graphics and paid subscriptions. I’m pretty sure if you’re playing video games you’re not playing them ‘in shame’ because oh my gosh kids are interested in something other then drugs and sex! And seriously Pedophiles? Seriously?! You’re going to pull the Pedo card? Are you high? Like where you smoking an illegal substance or taking a powerful prescribed painkiller while you wrote this? Most people who play these games are men and women in their early 20’s to mid 30’s a fraction of whom are in collage, some who work very demanding jobs, and some of whom are soldiers who fight for our country and your right to write this bull crap and call it ‘journalism’ Now yes I admit I’m sure there are predators on these games but shockingly there’s predators everywhere, you teach your kid to stay safe not fear the monster that might not be there.

    Also I’m pretty sure being attacked By a pedophile doesn’t make you gay it’s a horrifying and traumatic experience that can often turn a person off of sex completely, and by using it as an arsenal to fule your agenda your being horrifically insensitive to such a real horrifying and traumatic event to a child, the hell is wrong with you? So just… stop… seriously.

    Also did you really just say all your readers kids are homosexual because they want to play video games? Nice way to appeal to your readers lady.

    Of course, this is only the tip of the Iceberg, There is no hidden Gay agenda, because you don’t recruit people, But that’s up to you and your beliefs. Video games are not a hidden Gay agenda, Video games are a bunch of pixels meant to appeal to children and adults, the very first games such as space invaders and Pac man had absolutely nothing to do with gender what so ever.

    Sports games are a lucrative attempt to cash in on an already large market of sports paraphernalia, not to make kids what guys in shorts. Fantasy games are a form of escapism and storytelling like a good book or film, not to force boys to be effeminate. MMO’s are a chance for people who suffer social anxieties to get to know people and build friendships without the pressure of being in uncomfortable situations, as well as having good old fashioned fun, like playing an imaginary game with your friends on the playground at school.

    You think your being clever spouting a bunch of ‘facts’ without a single article or shred of evidence to support your wild and biased claims against a medium you clearly have it out for, this is not journalism and if you truly see yourself as a journalist you have failed yourself and your readers by publishing this highly inaccurate and hateful article on a subject matter you clearly have no knowledge of.

    Next time your try passing yourself off as a serious journalist with a ‘responsibility’ to expose the ‘truth’ why don’t you research what the truth is first?

  30. Can the writer of this article not be so idiotic to write this misleading crap. She seriously needs to be fired for even writing misinformation like this.
    And y’know A LOT of things can make you homosexual. The way this article is written by this “Proud American Woman” makes this seems she’s hostile towards homosexual, and in actual life can’t do a single thing about.
    How pathetic.

  31. “Her heterosexual life partner Janet” if that’s not code word for ‘please help me I’ve forced myself so far into the closet in order to conform with my warped beliefs, mostly likely dictated to me by my parents, that I can’t get out!!!’ then I don’t know what is.

  32. You have GOT to get a life of your OWN. You know… With original ideas, thoughts, and intelligently… Like… Leonardo Da Vinci, Oscar Wilde, Michelangelo, Hadrian, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Proust, Hugh Walpole, Jean Cocteau, Thornton Wilder, Noel Coward, Sir John Gielgud, W.H. Auden, Quentin Crisp, Jean Genet, John Cage, Alec Guiness, William S. Burroughs, Dirk Bogarde, Franco Zeffirelli, Allen Ginsberg, Rock Hudson, Andy Warhol, Stephen Sondheim, Joe Orton, Richard Chamberlain, Yves Saint-Laurent, Rudolf Nureyev, Sir Ian McKellen, Derek Jarman, Freddie Mercury, Clive Barker, Schubert, Handel, Samuel Barber, Benjamin Britten, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Byron, Blake… David Bowie (occasionally)… (all GAY incidentally)…

    So, if you still live under this ludicrous notion that being gay is somehow ‘bad’, may I suggest NEVER going to see a play, or watch a film again. May I suggest NEVER listing to any music again. May I suggest NEVER reading again… Because, my dear, MANY of these wonderful works are from these people you have ordained unworthy of you.

    Your ‘goth’ loving god… the god of ‘unconditional love’ is all-powerful, and…

    Matthew 7:1-29

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. …

    Your Jesus said “You judge according to the flesh; I am not judging anyone”.



    Let’s look at “homosexuality as sin.” The primary sources for this belief are the two mistranslated verses from Leviticus, 18:22 (“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”) and 20:13 (same as before, plus “we should kill them”).

    If you go back to the source material, in Ancient Hebrew, you’ll find that the verb used for “mankind” is shakab, and the one used for “womankind” is mishkab. And shakab, in its sexual sense, is used when you are talking about forcible sex (such as, say, rape), or any sex against the will of the victim.

    For example, shakab is also the word used in Genesis 34:2, when Shechem defiles Hamor the Hivite; and in 2 Samuel 13:14 – “…but, being stronger than she, forced her, and lay with her.” And in Isaiah 13:16 – “Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.” It’s even used in Exodus 22:19, “Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death.”

    There are references to consensual sex in the Bible, but none of them, if you look at the source material (before the translation errors crept in) use the word shakab. So the correct translation of the passages from Leviticus is an exhortation against homosexual rape: “Thou shalt not force sexual congress on a man, as (or instead of) with a woman.”

    Personally, I prefer the Word of God over the Mistranslation of God. Simply because you happen to disapprove of homosexuality, you shouldn’t push your own prejudices as the teachings of the Lord.

    “But in vain do they worship me, Teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men.” (Matthew 15:9).

  33. I also hereby ordain you Pope of Discordia. ALL HAIL ERIS!

    The rights of a Pope include but are not necessarily limited to:

    To invoke infallibility at any time, including retroactively.
    To completely rework the Erisian church.
    To baptise, marry, and bury (with the permission of the deceased in the latter two cases).
    To excommunicate, de-excommunicate, re-excommunicate, and de-re-excommunicate (no backsies!) both him-/her-/it-/them-/your-/our-/Him-/Her-/It-/Them-/Your-/Our-self/selves and others (if any).
    To perform all rites and functions deemed inappropriate for a Pope of Discordia.

  34. …By the way… I never played videogames as a child. Do I have your permission to breathe now?

  35. I don’t see much scientific proof behind this article.

    However, after reading poorly-written and -researched pieces like this, I was turned retarded. The world would be a better place if people like you took less time writing nonsense like this and spent a little more time killing yourself.

  36. I hope this is a satirical post. Either way, let’s just read through and pick out every little cotton hair of bullshit to analyse it.

    “video games, as well as homosexuality, only started to become popular and socially acceptable in the late 1970s. Do you see any coincidences yet?”

    That’s a load of crap because homosexuality is not like a clothing trend. It doesn’t rise and fall in “popularity”. People have always been gay, and always will be- only historically our society is changing and so it’s more acceptable to speak about it. It suddenly got more “popular” in the 70s because it was an era of sexual liberation so it wasn’t so taboo. It doesn’t mean more people were gay.

    “Let me continue. The computer, where a large majority of video games are played on in our modern age, was invented by a homosexual named Alan Turing. While slightly off-topic from the subject of video games, allow me also take this time to add in, a large majority of serial killers were also homosexuals.”

    Alan Turing was a mathematician, and yes, he was gay- but he also ended up killing himself. He suffered depression most of his adult life and was not a bad person. He most certainly did not help invent the computer with the intent to cause generations to turn gay- back then computers were simply calculators. They were incapable of video games, and it was an unthinkable concept.

    “This genre is especially dangerous to young, impressionable minds out there. Not only are all the male characters in these games extremely feminine and heavily into cross dressing, but many of them are so girly that it’s hard to even tell what gender the character even is.”

    Characters in RPGs are designed to be genderless, to promote equality of both genders. I assume you’d be against that anyway, seeing as you seem to be into the traditional american way of life. If you hate homosexuality so much, I suggest you also give up working, stay at home to cook and clean and bear children and live in relative silence whilst your husband works himself to the bone and drinks himself to death. After all, isn’t that the american dream?

    “Most people who gravitate towards these games are sexual predators, many of them being pedophiles specifically.”

    I would like to see some factual evidence for this. I think you’ll find most people who play MMOs are as far from paedophiles as is humanly possible.

    “Of course this is only touching the tip of the ice burg, on the issue and on all the different genres of video games out there that are a subliminal danger to your children”

    That sounds like a cleverly disguised sexual joke anyway- plus that’s not how you spell “Iceberg”. Jesus Christ, woman.

    “before they’ve really had a chance to realize what sexuality is, and to brainwash them into believing that they’re gay and it’s okay. It’s time to take a stand, parents. It’s time to tell the Gay Agenda, NO! You cannot have my child.”

    So whilst you raise your child on television and the media raises them on images of slutty, unrealistically beautiful women, warping their sense of sexuality before it’s even fully developed, you’re so opposed to homosexuality that it’s the unthinkable?

    As for protecting the sanctity of marriage (off-topic here, but let me finish) Kim Kardashian’s marriage was 100% legal. She made $17m out of the publicity of it, and she divorced after 72 days- yet two men who are deeply in love and have been in a happy, stable relationship for many years, willing to have children and raise them in a caring home, are not allowed to be married? Wow. The world we live in is so hateful and retarded.

    I’m kind of 50/50 on whether this article is satirical or not, but I’d just like to point out that if we genuinely can’t tell then it must be really badly written either way. It’s appalling journalism regardless of the intent and you should take some writing classes- or at least find someone with a sense of humour to write for you.

  37. Finally. Someone has found the cause of my tormented life. I remember growing up in small town USA, a captain of the football team and all round jock. Nothing gay about my upbringing. No sir. I remember Pac Man coming out and my little sister (now a fully committed lesbian) showing me how to play it on a trip to old man Bushel’s arcade. I remember watching that little ball gobble down those little balls and a feeling of gayness stirring in my loins. At prom that same week I remember dancing with my then (last) girlfriend but not being able to take my eyes off my coach. I pushed these thoughts down to the bottom of my tortured soul and tried to get through the night. I see now that Pac Man was a gateway game onto the harder stuff. I finally gave in to these feelings when I played Super Mario 3. Something about that little Italian stallion in his little overalls just awoke all my new found homosexuality and I couldn’t help myself. Since then my life has just gone from worse to worse. I can’t help myself. I’ve done some terribly gay things. My parents never saw the link and just kept getting my new consoles, new games. Each would coincide with a new gay milestone in my life. With this new generation coming out I’m not sure what I’ll do. I don’t think there’s many taboo’s left for me and my gayness to break. Thank you for helping me work out the route of my woes. Maybe now I can start to clean my life of this menace and get my hetrosexual life back on track. God bless you.

    • Peter,
      God bless your honesty. My own son went through a similar phase in his life. He was deeply troubled for many years after playing a game called Zelda. Seeing that little green fellow in those tights just awoke something in him. Satan got ahold of him and just wouldn’t let go. Fortunately he feels safe enough with his ma and pa that he came to us to talk about it and we arrange to send Gary to a help camp.
      Those three months were the best help we could get for him. He came home happier than I had seen him in years. They taught him there how to pray to our good lord for guidance, and that’s just what he’s done. We couldn’t be more proud.
      He’s now committed to staying pure of thought and has moved into a new place with a friend he met a camp. He says that being together helps them stay strong. I’m so proud of my boy.
      Peter, I hope you manage to turn your life around just like my Gary did. x

  38. At first I would’ve belived this to be a joke, but then I saw the website name, and know I actually just feel sorry for the ignorant piece of shit woman who wrote this.

  39. The only thing funnier than this article are the horrific amounts of commenters believing it to be real and calling the author stupid. Look in the mirror you morons.

    Adora you’ve got a new loyal follower in me and my heterosexual life partner Johnathan, fuck these godless freaks.


  41. “With her heterosexual life partner, Janet.”


    Firstly; A video game is a video game, It does not teach people to be homosexual. Homosexual is not a lesson which is taught. You cannot teach people to be a certain sexuality.

    This is complete and utter rubbish. All of you homophobic arseholes are just trying to find someone or something to blame for the fact YOU cannot simply acknowledge that there ARE homosexual people.

    Stop trying to send us all back into the black ages and grow a damn backbone and accept people for WHO they are and not what sexuality they are.

    And if we’re going into specific christian terms here.

    God created us to have ‘Free will’.
    Free will to love whom we want, You cannot choose who you fall in love with.

    “A man shall not lay with a man like he would lay with a woman.”
    I do believe that just counts the intimate moment, never anything about love. And what does it matter? We have -free will-.

    “Homosexuality is caused by the Devil.”
    Please. Lets ACTUALLY look at the facts here.. People get raped, abused, murdered and commit child abuse, They get away with it. And what is ‘god’ doing about it, hm? Nothing.

    I’m not in any way a satanist or anything along the lines, but look at the facts here. You’re blaming video games… -video games- for someone’s sexuality. Man up and learn to live with everyone else and have some damn respect for people who are brave enough to open up about their sexuality.

  42. You are one of the most idiotic people on earth good for nothing piece of ________ senseless moron

  43. You do realize that homosexuality has been around since AT LEAST the times of ancient Greece… Right? probably even before.
    This article is absolute garbage and provides ZERO actual facts and only opinion. But i guess being able to sway people with only (wrong) opinion and buzz words is nothing new.
    Also, i don’t get why people think that homosexuality is a BAD thing. Two people in love is 2 souls mingling. The outer shell of the soul should have absolutely nothing to do with how that soul wishes to be loved or display affection of any kind for that matter.

  44. Well, ignoring the complete lack of examples to back up the claims, where exactly do you go where you find cross-dressing in video games? RPGs and MMOs usually do not allow female clothing to be worn by males, and I’ve seen just as many burly men as I have seen effeminate ones. So… cross-dressing? Really?

    FYI, those “dresses” worn by the magic users? Those are robes. Know who else wears robes? Priests.

  45. And all this time I thought DUMB C.U.N.T. was a bad word. It’s simply an acronym for those who.’t U.nderstand N.ormal T.hinking.

  46. Lol either trolling for attention or an out of touch, moron/bible thumped. The best part is where she says gays are a recent thing, like it’s some kind of fad. Homosexuality has been around since humans have. It’s been proven with genes. They have been suppressed with public shaming and death threats. Even if this is satire, it’s annoying and offensive. Aorta bull your a huge douche bag

  47. People shouldn’t take this seriously. Any idiot now can write garbage like this. It’s equivalent now to the village outcast shouting crazy delusions, you take it with a grain of salt

  48. the hell is this bull feces, I am astonished by the sheer stupidity I read and I feel I should’ve gouged out my own eyes weeks ago so I wouldn’t be able to read this pile of feces

    if you want to say video games are evil this and that please watch Extra Credits before saying all this crap

    , Extra Credits is a youtube weekly show that talks about the good games can do and I highly recommend everyone here to watch to help the gaming world


  50. … Are we being punked?…
    …This has to be fake?…
    That, or whom ever wrote this needs to go and get some education…
    I dont think Oscar Wild was getting thrown into jail because he paid video games O_O… I dont think ancient Japanese history is littered with famous gay samurai who played video games…
    Me thinking TROLL to get us all hot and bothered… only thing is, some ignorant twats are gonna think this is true :S.
    Sad, so very sad.

  51. Homosexuality has only been around for 40 years? Have you heard of the Roman Empire? Ancient Greece? The myriad of other ancient civilizations with open homosexuality? So if playing a sports game could make someone gay, how could playing and/or watching those sports not have that same effect? Are you insane or just a moron? I think maybe you should apply more logic to your arguments or maybe just stop writing completely.

  52. Okay, so I am a woman who is very into MMO games, online gaming, and gaming in general. You sound totally ignorant. Since you ARE a gay person, I would hope that you would have a little bit more knowledge of life, but clearly you do not. Video games do NOT promote homosexuality. I’m not a sexual predator. I started online gaming when I was 14. I did not become a victim of any online sexual crimes, or any crimes period. American sports do NOT promote homosexuality. At all. The fact that you think that makes you sound even more ignorant than you already are. You obviously have never played an online game. Most pointedly, you have obviously never played World of Warcraft or Soul Caliber. If anything, young impressionable boys buy these games because of characters like Ivy, with their boobs hanging out, and bounce at every slight movement.

    Get an education before you spout any more bullshit online or offline.

  53. Whoever posted wrote this article is a fucking retard. To those of you who agreed with it or saw some sought of sense in it, im sorry to say you are fucking retarded as well. I love video games and i HATE faggots… plain and simple. There are so many wrong facts in this article I wouldnt know were to start quoting so I am not gona bother,.. but seriously you should be ashamed as to how stupid you are…

  54. Wooooow! How ignorant is this woman? Seriously homosexuality is a 20th century invention? Get over yourself! If it wasn’t for some of the greatest “homosexual” inventors and scientists you wouldn’t be where you are today. So my suggestion to you is to stop looking for attention and start working on your black soul in order to become a better person.

  55. Considering that I just read an article entitled ‘how video games are turning your children into homosexuals’ written by a ‘proud American woman’ who is part of a homophobic racist xenophobe sub cult called ‘goths for Christ’ which has a follower base smaller than that of my local Mosque on a site called ‘Modern women digest’, I’m going to take this with a pinch of salt. Or a handful.

  56. Really great article 😀

    Only I’m asking myself how much of the raging commentators are just carrying on the satire and how much are really taking this for serious …

  57. I’ve been playing video games for years and all that I have on my mind is sucking a big juicy cock!

  58. I enjoyed this.But seriously what is wrong with me, tetris changed me ” oh wow that shape does it for me”
    and Goths for Christ
    I can only imagine its Emo Boys for the Pope

  59. Oh yea guys I’ll tell you what, after playing Mario and Pokemon all my life I literally can’t stop myself from sucking dick. By the time I got into MMORPG games I was already at the point of no return.

    P.S.: That was sarcasm in case you didn’t pick that up. This article is shit. Also homosexuality goes back to ancient Greek times if not even further.

  60. You are really desperate to write such trash. Your picture makes you look like a dike

  61. Miss Adora has opened my eyes. And the thing I saw is that she’s an utter moron. She either wants a flamewar, or, she’s just so stupid, that I can’t even find words. To present an example: I’m a 19 year old HETEROSEXUAL male. I’ve been playing all kinds of games for 14 years. Just a few examples: Remember Me, Metro: Last Light, World of Warcraft, TERA, Alice: Madness Returns, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, all the GTAs, Thief, Mirror’s Edge, just to mention my favorites. Also I’m an animefan. So howcome I’m not homosexual? No, I’m not looking femine, have never, AND will never cross-dress. The only possible conclusion I can make is that this article, among with all the others are complete bullshit. The writer is the reason, why europeans think, that americans are ignorant and stupid, and also, I start to think, that theese stereotypes are not always exist whithout a reason.

  62. Ok im gonna pretend for a moment that this is not a troll article and start off my saying where are your sources??? Where is the research you did that proves that video games cause homosexuality??? Until I see that, this article and your argument is invalid.

    Secondly I would like to point out that you forgot to mention how that there are half naked girls in these games also. Dont just refer to the men in the games. And also dont forget GIRLS PLAY VIDEO GAMES TOO!!! Video games arnt just for boys.

    Also these games I’m sure are rated to what age children should be playing them. So if you’re buying a game thats rated m for mature to a 8 year old regardless of if they want it or not, you’re an idiot. You’re in control of that.

    If this is a troll article, congrats. Ya got me :/

  63. Quote… ‘Video games, as well as homosexuality, was an invention of the early 20th century-‘

    Stop there, we’re gonna have a problem. Homosexuality has been around for years, even in BC times. (Look at Alexander the Great and all those guys out there.) I can tell by this that the Author has not looked up her facts. The screencaps, I can only assume, are from those ‘League of Angels, 18+’ games that I personally can’t go on to.
    Knowing these two things, I’m not even going to give this a read. It’s just another one of those Homophobic articles that personally make me sad to witness.

  64. To sympathize with homosexuaLITY, is to blindly accept the quality of life that homosexuality brings the world. It’s anti-creation and rebellion against natural law. Which is basically Genocide and rebellion to what the original man and woman intended for the universe. Rebellion to God…People want these gays to feel good about destroying the human families of the planet earth, when they are truly chemically imbalanced people, and if you pay close attention, they have no reason ability to prove it. Their mind does not function reasonably AT ALL. They force acceptance from the people because people do not NATURALLY accept them. They are an abomination in nature, and for the person who made the claim that gays are responsible for building “this” civilization, be mindful that that is a reference about CAUCASIAN WHITE PEOPLE. They are the origin of GAYS AND HOMO’S BECAUSE THEY ARE UNNATURAL PEOPLE, SAVAGES! Caucasians want to destroy all races of people because they are truly gay as hell and cannot fathom pro-creation anyway. They cannot even accept having come last on the earth, so they are born prone to homosexuality! Caucasians are anti-creation.

  65. WTF is this? They’re ANTI LGBT. Watch this: Game Theory: Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?

  66. OMG, this has to be one of the most hilarious articles I’ve read in a long time. I can only hope she wasn’t being serious. Dear glob, stumbling upon this made my day. If she was joking, it was brilliant. If she was serious, it’s still bloody hilarious. The only problem I have with this is that I’m certain a grand amount of the population are probably operating under the same delusions.

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