“Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer.”
Queen Latifah

Every woman is a queen. Her kingdom is all around her: family, friends, colleagues, admirers, acquaintances, and her significant other. A woman’s world is vast and interesting, no matter how small or big it is physically. And no matter how long you’ve known her, you’ll always discover something new about her.

The Modern Woman Digest is a virtual digest dedicated to all women who are confident about who they are, who know what they want and how they can get what they want.

Created by Dion Diaz, this virtual Digest is an online community for women who want to share ideas & thoughts, offer assistance and support, as well as women who love working together to fulfill dreams and goals. Modern Woman Digest focuses on topics and issues related to a typical woman’s life, particularly those that focus on skin care and products for women.

This is your online library of valuable woman-related information, including special features, tips & tricks, how-tos, discussions and forums, and news/updates on products made for women. From time-to-time, we also feature videos and, in the near future, podcasts. We believe that this is the ideal way to reach out to women and those who play the roles of women in their lives.

Modern Woman Digest is also where you will meet like-minded women; women who share the same passion, ideals, goals, and advocacies. Here, we encourage everyone to join in the discussions. In fact, we accept article contributions from our Modern Woman Digest community members and visitors.

Modern Woman Digest is for the woman who has many different things to offer. It is for the queen who is confident about her place in the world.