10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

What men fear

In today’s society, equality is the keyword. Women are becoming more accepted in today’s world, able to vote, get jobs and can choose whether or not to marry. Yet, if we look at the statistics, the genders are hardly equal, but in what way? While I believe both sexes should have equal rights and opportunities, there are clear indicators that women are just the better and safer gender. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a look.

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Gamergate Once Again Proves Majority of Male Gamers Are Rapists

Grr! Me hate women!

I honestly didn’t assume any other outcome for this. I had a little inkling in the back of my brain that said maybe it wouldn’t happen, but I knew. My scathing article on gamergate and its supporters has, once against, shown male gamers for the rape supporting scum they are. Another female who dared to have an opinion other than “what should I make my man for dinner” has been targeted by the indignant masses of gamergate (or what I like to call ‘rapegate’ and will be referring to it as such during the rest of the article). That female? Myself.

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Gamergate Proves Majority of Male Gamers Are Rapists

girlgamer-621x1024Turn on your television or check out any news website and what do you see? Females in the gaming industry being chased out of their homes en-mass due to threats of rape, torture, mutilation, death, violence and harm. Why? For daring to speak up, for daring to even speak for that matter. In this male dominated gaming industry, females should not be seen nor heard unless they are offering sex or dressing like skanks, otherwise they must be punished with rape and death. What does this say about the majority of male gamers? It clearly says they are rapists and rape supporters.

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Male Member Size: The Dangers Of A Small Partner

2940013143791_p0_v1_s260x420Is your husband or boyfriend’s member small and unsatisfactory? Do you feel guilty for not enjoying the size you got stuck with? Do you often wonder if there are other women out there who share your same dissatisfaction with their partner’s love stick? Well ladies, I have some good news, you’re not alone!

Almost every man out there loves to boast that they have a giant member, but ladies, let’s be honest, we all know that the ones who brag the most, usually have the least to brag about. Most women ages 18+ have had intercourse with at least one man with a small member, but what is a small member to women you ask?

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