Jacksonville, Florida Teacher Suspended After Shocking Sex Ed Demonstration

jacksonville-florida-sex-education-teacher-suspendedA substitute teacher in Jacksonville, Florida has been suspended from her job this week after a student captured photographs of the educator wearing a phallic apparatus and pantomiming graphic, adult-oriented scenarios during class. Sharon Mercer is the 39-year-old substitute teacher who was hired to present a course in sexual education for a group of 6th grade students at Clinton Middle School. The School, which is located in Duval County, five minutes outside of Jacksonville, FL, is occupied by over 200 students, and teaches grades 5 to 9.

The disciplinary action occurred after several photographs of Ms. Mercer’s questionable demonstration was posted onto the popular image site, imgur. The pictures, taken with a student’s cell phone, clearly depict Mercer mimicking lewd gestures of questionable legal, ethical and educational value.

Mercer, who identifies as a bisexual, gender-queer woman, is a proud member of the LGBTQ community, claims she did nothing wrong by portraying these acts for her class, and that the students left school far more enlightened than they had been prior to the days lesson.
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Children And Hunting: Could It Spawn A Serial Killer?

jeff-dahmer-huntings-poster-childJeffrey Dahmer was an innocent child when he took the life of his first victim; A bright-eyed doe, shot while hunting with his father. It was during these weekend trips that appalling acts of animal cruelty were committed, warping his young psyche to the point of no return. The seeds of ruthlessness which were planted on these bloodthirsty excursions would eventually kindle a desire within the young Dahmer to murder human beings. The result was a lust for sadism that went on to claim the lives of 17 men between the years of 1978 to 1991.

After the onset of puberty, adolescent Dahmer’s interest in slaughter melded with his budding sexuality. His mother’s indifference and his father’s overbearing attitude forged the boy into a full bore homosexual by the time he reached 13 years of age. This farrago of violence, self-hatred and confusion quickly gave way to severe depression and problems with alcoholism early in life. These issues would continue to plague him until his death in 1994.
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Disturbing New Trend: Kids Are Now Smoking Bed Bugs To Get High

images (1)Just when us adults thought that the children of today couldn’t get any more stupid, they come up with a new and amazing way to get high, rewriting the definition of “probably a bad idea.”

This fad originated in Arizona, where a group of anonymous kids thought up the bright idea of capturing bed bugs, crushing up the bodies, and inserting the pieces into what are referred to in the pot-head community as “bongs” and “hookas.” Once inserted into these devices, the children then light the bongs up and inhale the fumes created by the burning pieces of bed bug bodies.
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College Is No Place For Women, We Must Re-Learn How To Be Wives & Mothers

downloadAmerica is facing a nation wide crisis, a build up over generations of children who have grown up motherless, neglected, or otherwise without the maternal influence a strong female figure brings to a household during healthy development. I went in to great detail over this particular pandemic in an earlier article, titled “New Study Reveals Damaging Psychological Affect On Children Not Raised By Stay-At-Home-Mothers.” In it, I described the issue in the point of view of the stay at home father, and the effect it caused on young, developing children. But that is not the only side to this issue.
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