Disturbing New Trend: Kids Are Now Smoking Bed Bugs To Get High

images (1)Just when us adults thought that the children of today couldn’t get any more stupid, they come up with a new and amazing way to get high, rewriting the definition of “probably a bad idea.”

This fad originated in Arizona, where a group of anonymous kids thought up the bright idea of capturing bed bugs, crushing up the bodies, and inserting the pieces into what are referred to in the pot-head community as “bongs” and “hookas.” Once inserted into these devices, the children then light the bongs up and inhale the fumes created by the burning pieces of bed bug bodies.
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College Is No Place For Women, We Must Re-Learn How To Be Wives & Mothers

downloadAmerica is facing a nation wide crisis, a build up over generations of children who have grown up motherless, neglected, or otherwise without the maternal influence a strong female figure brings to a household during healthy development. I went in to great detail over this particular pandemic in an earlier article, titled “New Study Reveals Damaging Psychological Affect On Children Not Raised By Stay-At-Home-Mothers.” In it, I described the issue in the point of view of the stay at home father, and the effect it caused on young, developing children. But that is not the only side to this issue.
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Public Reaction To Fred Phelps’ Death Proves People On The Internet Are Hypocrites.

1897002_10201530944780512_152051112_nToday, the news of Fred Phelps death was announced to the media, due to still yet to be released causes, but at the age of 84, it’s safe to say that it was most likely due to natural causes. Although he had been excommunicated by his own church and family late last year, we can safely assume his passing has still affected many of his family, friends, followers, and fans. We’d like to offer our prayers and condolences to the Phelps family and church during their time of mourning.

It’s no surprise to anyone when I say that Fred Phelps was a hated man while he was alive. His raw-cut truths and honesty that he attempted to preach to the world was met with defiant rebuke and vitriol. Everyone around the world, of all religions, even Christianity, defied his word and made a mockery of his church and his family. Regardless, their resolve never wavered in the face of this aggression, infact, it’s safe to say that it was strengthened, as was their bond between each other.
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Femen Demeans Feminists The World Over By Reducing Them To Breasts

FEMENWelcome to the twenty first century. This just in: women are not, I repeat, women are not just a pair of boobs for you to ogle over in your spare time. As much as I hate having to explain this to men, I never thought I’d have to explain this to my fellow feminists.

I am, of course, referring to Femen.

For those not in the loop, Femen is a Ukrainian feminist organization fighting against female oppression by paying models to flash their boobs in protest. Despite prior insistence to the contrary, the group was founded and is run by Victor Svyatski, Femen’s sole patriarch quietly arranging everything behind the scenes.
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