Top 7 Things That Women Always Carry in Their Bags

One of the most important accessories of women is their bag. It is where they carry their every day essentials. A bag is essentially a woman’s take-anywhere cabinet. Inside it, you’ll find a variety of items: wallet, makeup, lotion, and gadgets, among others. Most of the time, however, what’s inside one woman’s bag is not what you’ll find in another’s. Some women have small bags while others have really big ones. This is proof that every bag has a different purpose; no two bags are the same.

Here are the top seven items that women carry in their bags, day in and day out:

1. Cash and Credit Cards

Of course, all women make it a point to bring enough cash when they go out of the house, especially if they are with their families. Usually, the money is inside a wallet, although some women prefer to keep their money tucked in between the pages of their small planner or diary, and even tucked and folded inside their makeup bags.

Aside from money, some women also carry credit cards or debit cards in their wallets. They feel safer carrying the plastic rather than big amounts of money.

2. Makeup, Makeup Kit, or Makeup Bag

Whether a woman uses only basic makeup – lipstick, eye shadow, and compact powder – she is bound to carry makeup, or a makeup kit, or makeup bag inside her main bag. The makeup or cosmetics bag is an important accessory for a woman because it does not contain only her makeup; it can also carry other essential items like pocket-sized lotion, nail cutter & nail file, dental floss, gum, prescription medicine, keys, feminine products, and other similarly essential items. Most makeup bags are considered emergency kits as they can contain practically anything a woman needs, even safety pins.

3. Mobile Phone

Like the wallet, a mobile phone is a necessity for women, especially for moms who need to be constantly in touch with their children. Additionally, women regard their mobile phones as an extension of their planner. It makes them feel secure, because their mobile phones allow them to remember appointments, events, and errands, among many other things. Since most of today’s mobile phones come with cameras, women bring them to all the parties and events they go to, especially to their children’s schools. While the mobile phone can be tucked safely inside your jeans pocket, a lot of women to put them inside their bags for better comfort and security.

4. Hair Brush, Comb, and Other Hair Accessories

The makeup bag is not the only item inside a woman’s bag that symbolizes her vanity. There’s also the hair brush (or comb for some). Of course, everyone needs to look their best no matter where they go, and this is especially important for women. This is why the hair brush is always on the list of essential things inside a bag. Would you want to go strolling in the mall with your hair flying off in different directions? No, right? This is why hair brushes, combs, and other hair accessories are almost always found inside a woman’s bag.

5. Hand Sanitizer, Tissues, Wet Wipes

A lot of women like to stay clean and safe even when on-the-go. This is why their bags are filled with hand sanitizers, wet wipes, tissues, hand towels, and other similar items that are essential for their good health and hygiene. Sometimes, they also put in a facial blot or oil control paper. This paper is used on the face to remove oil. Some women use the wet wipes to clean or remove makeup from their face.

6. Breath Freshener or Mint Gums/Candies

Although not all women do so, but there are quite many who always make sure that they carry around a breath freshener or some minty gums or candies. This is especially important if you have an appointment or date to look forward to. Freshen your breath without having to look for toothbrush at the pharmacy. All you need to do is pop a mint bum into your mouth, and you’re good to go!

7. Pen and Paper

Bring a pocket notebook and some clean pens so that you can immediately write something you need to. It may be something you found or discovered recently, or some new idea or plan of action that suddenly popped into your mind. Your pens and notebooks can also be used for grocery lists, phone number list, and appointment list. Keep them inside your bag the whole time and take them out only when needed.